Eyeko Haulage (Nov 2020)

I was sick of all my Mascaras (aside from the ones from Essence and Lancome) not working for me!

I could get as creative as I wanted with my Eyeshadows and Eyeliner, but it was effectively pointless if my lashes were not on point.

That’s why I decided to revisit an old-school favorite (reviewed here)!

Rather than purchase it from a third-party seller, I decided to check out the official Eyeko website.

As luck would have it, apparently Eyeko were having this promo at the time (if you spent $40 online you got a Free Gift).

The Free Gift was the Lash Alert Cushion Curler & Lash Alert Mascara Duo (Worth $28.00) which retails for $25

The ultimate duo when it comes to wide-awake, curled eyelashes.

This kit includes our best-selling Lash Alert Mascara renowned for its ability to curl lashes thanks to a botanically-infused formula and our cushioned Eyelash Curlers to banish straight lashes.

Lash Alert Eyelash Curler

Achieve long-lasting, maximum curl with our game-changing cushioned Eyelash Curler.

With a plumped cushion for extra comfort, expect the perfect wide-eyed look without worrying about damaging your lashes.

Lash Alert Mascara

Wake up on the right side of the bed with our Lash Alert Mascara.

A botanically-infused formula, this mascara will give your lashes instant energy thanks to caffeine, biotin and fibres.

Black Magic Mascara & Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner Duo (Worth $46.00) retails for $35

I wasn’t in the market for a Liquid Eyeliner, but I figured I’d grab this Duo (since it came with the Mascara that I wanted), to help me qualify for the Free Gift.

I don’t know what it is about the Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner, but I pretty much can’t stop using it! It’s so good!

While I’ve always believed using a Pencil Eyeliner is easier (less of a chance at messing up) and faster, this particular Liquid Eyeliner is just as fast and easy!

I’ll use it when I’ve applied an extra metallic Eyeshadow (or any textured Eyeshadow really) and a Pencil Liner just won’t cut it.

I’ll use it when I’ve popped on some False Lashes and need something to fill in the gaps.

I’ll even use it when I’m short on time and just want to do a quick “Liner and Lashes Look” (small wing + one coat of Mascara) and run out the door.

All in all, I was delightfully surprised by the ease of use and performance of the Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner!

Our best-selling range, Black Magic is our darkest formula yet.

Guaranteed to transform your eyes with the power of Black Magic, this duo creates after-hours drama and definition with its intense black pigment.

Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Inspired by traditional Japanese calligraphy, our Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner makes winged eyeliner effortless no matter your skill level.

Smooth, fluid, single-stroke colour glides on and lasts for an all-day finish.

The flexible, calligraphy-inspired nib means any eyeliner look is at your fingertips.

Black Magic Mascara

Designed for after-hours volume, this mascara combines drama and curl with a deep black finish to intensify your lashes.

With a curved brush, this intense black mascara coats every lash to perfection.

Black Magic Mascara retails for $19.20

Lastly, the entire reason for this haul, Black Magic Mascara!

While I could’ve just picked up x2 Black Magic Mascara, it still wouldn’t have been enough for the Free Gift.

That’s why I went with the Black Magic Mascara + Black Magic Eyeliner Duo (shown above).

As I said, I’ve written up an entire post about it earlier (here).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as wet as I remembered it being.

While the brush was still just as lovely (beautifully curved to lift and fan out the lashes), it took a lot of building up to achieve the effect I wanted.

Basically, it didn’t look as good on me, as it once did. Kinda’ disappointing but whatevs.

That settles it. I suppose I’m going to have to start using Revitalash.

Either that or just give up on Mascara (I’d rather die) lol

Transform your eyes with the power of Black Magic Mascara.

Designed for after-hours volume, this mascara combines drama and curl with our darkest black finish to intensify your lashes.

The curvaceous brush mimics the lash line shape for 90-degree curl, and the keratin and shea butter-enhanced formula keeps lashes feeling conditioned, supple and defined.

Why You’ll Love It:
– Enriched with keratin and shea butter to help condition lashes
– Intense black finish for added drama
– Volumizes and lengthens

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