Gucci GG Marmont Pastel Pink Matelassé Leather Mini Shoulder Bag

Like I said in my post Chef LuLu Part 8 (here) an ex-friend and I went to The Avenues on Nov 27 2020.

The plan was to hit up Sephora but instead she ambushed me by parking at Prestige so we could grab dinner at Joe’s.

Afterwards, rather than wander around aimlessly, I decided to check out the Boots over at Prada and Chanel.

I was actually thiiis close to purchasing a Chanel Boy Bag, but it had way too many scratches on it and for that price (KD 1,000), I definitely needed a new one (not available), therefore hard pass.

It was kismet though because over at Saint Laurent, I ended up getting the gorgeous Medium Niki Crinkled Leather Shoulder Bag in Fog (here) – with a 30% discount I might add – and the adorable Baby Lou Quilted Grain De Poudre Embossed Leather Shoulder Bag in Noir (here).

Next, even though there was a very long queue, I made it a point to hit up Gucci (because of my beloved Gucci Boy).

They had a display of newly arrived pastel-y GG Marmont Shoulder Bags which stole my heart instantly! I kinda’ wanted them all lol but at KD 600 a pop, I only got the one.

While my friend plopped down on one of the cushy chairs and asked for some mineral water (basically, milking the experience) and scanned the crowd for a potential husband, I had the sales assistant help me select a bag for myself (my very first Gucci Bag)!

Product measurements:

Width 10 in
Height 6 in
Handle 12 in
Depth 3 in
Strap 22 in

Product measurements:

Width 25.4 cm
Height 15.24 cm
Handle 30.48 cm
Depth 7.62 cm
Strap 55.88 cm

Since my Saint Laurent Medium Niki Bag was huge and my Saint Laurent Baby Lou was tiny, I decided to get something that was between those two sizes.

I was surprised to find that this medium sized thing was classified as a mini and said as much to the sales assistant.

Then, I took out my newly purchased Baby Lou (hauled here) and showed her what a real mini was.

She gushed over the cuteness and even held it up to show her co-worker/friend that she’d called over!

We talked and talked and talked and I had such a pleasant overall experience with the sales assistant (I could feel Mera’s eyes burning holes through the back of my neck because she was not a part of this and probably wanted to leave… because she was bored… because this wasn’t about her lol).

GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag

Pastels push the color focus throughout the Pre-Fall 2020 collection, in soft, vibrant hues.

Made in matelassé chevron leather with a heart on the back in a light shade of pink, the now recognizable Mini GG Marmont chain shoulder bag has a softly structured shape and a flap closure with Double G hardware.

Designed to be worn multiple ways, the chain strap slides to change between a shoulder and a top handle bag.

  • Pastel pink matelassé chevron leather with heart
  • Palladium-toned hardware
  • Double G
  • Flap with spring closure
  • Microfiber lining with a suede-like finish
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with 22” drop, as a top handle with 12” drop or as a cross body bag.
  • Made in Italy

As you can see, I decided on the GG Marmont Mini Shoulder Bag in Pastel Pink.

Out of all the pastel-y colors, I had to go with the Pastel Pink (obvs) because it was the cutest!

Needless to say, the packaging was superb (foncy, foncy)!

It came in a Dust Bag inside a beautifully packaged box (not lovin the green but whatevs, you do you, Gucci).

The inside was long but not wide, which felt a bit constricting.

That said, it was a mini after all, so less space was to be expected.

I’m not quite sure what palladium means, but as long as it wasn’t yellow gold (can you imagine? pink and gold, yuck) I was happy.

Also, I really appreciated the leather on this baby, which was textured but not fussy (unlike suede or velvet or whatever else). It was smooth to the touch and easy to clean. A++

I could carry this baby around as a Top Handle Bag.

Or I could carry it with double strap around my shoulder as a Shoulder Bag or as a longer single strap down to my waist or looped across as a Crossbody Bag.

While this baby wasn’t as easy to pair with my outfits, because it wasn’t a neutral color, I could not have loved it more!

Appropriately enough, when I asked about the adorable heart (on the back), the sales assistant said it was because it was part of the “Beloved Collection“. I mean, how cute!

The first time I took it out for a spin, was actually a year ago on Feb 4 2021, when Abby and Bibi and I had Hot Drinks at a Rooftop Cafe and finally had dinner at Liv Up (pics here).

I wore my not-so-warm Pale Pink Polo Neck Jumper (here) paired with my Coated Black Skinny Jeans which were fire (here) and channeling the Volturi, my Black Hooded Coat over top (here) all from H&M.

To match my outfit, I wore ColourPop Earthshine Powder Shadow on my lids – which the girls ooh’s and aah’d over once they saw how it beautifully it sparkled in the incandescent lighting – (here) and MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick on my lips (here). Oh and Green Colored Contacts to make my makeup pop!

While I do wholeheartedly love my Gucci Marmont Pastel Pink Matelasse Leather Mini Shoulder Bag, as I’ve said earlier, I’ve become practically inseparable from my Saint Laurent Noir Baby Lou (here) and literally wear it all. the. time.

In any case, this was my first Gucci Baby, but certainly not my last!

In fact, before I left, I exchanged numbers with the charming sales assistant, so she could help me out with my future purchases.

I actually went back on December 13 and picked up a gift from Gucci for my Korean bestie (pics of me carrying it at the bottom) but didn’t get a chance to hand it to him until December 21 at Shaheed Park (while dealing with a nasty bout of food poisoning).

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