Pandora Haul (Nov 2020)

I was on Instagram (even though I’d asked her several times not to, Mera was constantly sending me videos of very graphic surgeries) when an ad for Pandora popped up.

Since my eldest niece’s birthday was coming up (she was turning 14), I figured I’d check out their site. That’s when I stumbled on – what I thought – was the perfect birthday gift!

Harry Potter Spinning Time Turner Pendant Charm

Follow Hermione’s lead with the Harry Potter, Spinning Time Turner Pendant.

This hand-finished 14k gold-plated design includes spinning inner circles and a disc with a raised hourglass detail surrounded by cut-out stars.

Engravings on the pendant read: “I mark the hours, every one, nor have I yet outrun the Sun”; “My use and value, unto you, are gauged by what you have to do.”

Wear with other 14k gold-plated styles for a spellbinding tonal look.

Since my niece loved Harry Potter (the movies, but thankfully, also the books), I figured she’d get a kick out of this Spinning Time Turner Pendant Charm! I hoped she’d find it pretty, but also, meaningful.

We celebrated her birthday outside in my dad’s garden, where we got her a TikTok Cake and I made her fave, Tacos for dinner and my sister-in-law made bomb Dynamite Shrimp (pics here). That was all in 2020.

For 2021, when my niece turned 15, I got her a KD 50 Al Shaya Gift Card so she could buy herself whatever she wanted from any of the stores affiliated with Al Shaya. I also got my sister-in-law a KD 100 Al Shaya Gift Card and I got another KD 100 Al Shaya Gift Card as an anniversary gift for my brother and his wife.

Typically, I pride myself on hunting down what I believe to be the perfect gift, specifically catered to that person, but like I said 2021 was a horrible year (Good Riddance) and I just didn’t have the energy. Plus, with Al Shaya Gift Cards, there were plenty of stores to choose from and you didn’t have to spend it all in one place.

Silver Bead Stud Earrings

Channel simplicity and shine with this pair of sterling silver stud earrings, shaped as spheres to resemble bubbles.

The signature pair are sure to become your new go-to.

I got these because my previous pair of studs (Call It Spring Gold Stud Earrings) had gotten all tarnished and unwearable, and needed to be trashed.

I figured since these were sterling silver, I wouldn’t have that problem in the future. Also, they looked cute!

The Studs cost KD 15 and the Harry Potter Charm cost KD 35 and as you can see, everything arrived well packaged and just in time for my niece’s birthday.

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