H&M Collective Haulage (November 2020) Part 2

November 14

I wasn’t planning on purchasing more stuff from H&M so soon after my previous haul (here).

However, some of this stuff (bottom of this post) went on sale.

Ice Grey Knitted Polo Neck Jumper – KD 7/990

The Beige Marl Knitted Polo Neck Jumper (previous haul) was exquisite!

It was loose but not frumpy. It was warm but not stuffy. It looked great tucked in a short skirt and equally great tucked out of a pair of jeans! Like I said, exquisite!

Naturally, I jumped at the chance to get it in different colors. Since the previous one was Beige (warm-toned), I picked it up in Ice Grey (cool-toned) and Black (shown below). Such a great purchase!

Black Knitted Polo Neck Jumper – KD 7/990

Obligatory Black because… me.

The length, the cut, the everything was just *chef’s kiss* lovely!

Light Grey Marl Fine Knit Polo Neck Jumper – KD 6/500

I did purchase the Pale Pink Fine Knit Polo Neck Jumper earlier (here) and while I did claim it was unflattering and not warm enough for Winter, I still loved it regardless.

On its own, it was whatever. However, paired with other stuff (worn under Jackets and Blazers and such), is when it truly shined!

So, I snagged it in a whole bunch of other colors, from Light Grey Marl to White to Beige Marl and of course Black, in addition to the Pale Pink from earlier.

White Fine Knit Polo Neck Jumper – KD 6/500

The White was for some color-blocking action. I mean, it just pops when paired with anything Black!

Also, aside from the White Rib-Knit Jumper (hauled here) I barely had any White Wintery Tops and I kinda’ needed some, to pair with my gorgeous White Pointed Toe Ankle Booties (hauled here).

Beige Marl Fine Knit Polo Neck Jumper – KD 6/500

A nice classic color!

It also happens to match a certain coat that I picked up from H&M earlier (but never hauled because it was a different account and I lost the password and had to delete the cookies and it was a whole thing).

Personally, I think it’s more of a Fall/Autumn color, but we don’t really get that season in Kuwait lol

Black Fine Knit Polo Neck Jumper – KD 6/500

Obligatory Black, again lol They all had that slight sheen to them, which I kinda’ liked (it was… different).

It goes without saying, but the Black was the most flattering, while the Pale Pink was the least flattering.

I stocked up on these, namely for the purpose of layering and so far, they’ve been great for that purpose!

Black Wide Collared Shirt – KD 7/990

Picked this up earlier in White (here) and liked it enough to repurchase it in Black (as shown).

Cream Oversized Modal Blend T-Shirt – KD 3/990

Picked it up earlier in Dark Purple (here) and absolutely loved it!

I just had to get it in whatever colors they had left, which happened to be Cream (shown here) and Black (shown below).

The Cream is a bit transparent but whatever. Typically, I’ll wear it to bed with a pair of shorts. It’s so light and airy!

Black Oversized Modal Blend T-Shirt – KD 3/990

The Dark Purple I got earlier is my favorite (so pretty!), but the Black is pretty handy too!

Unlike the others, I can pair the Black with any of my Sports Leggings and leave the house (for errands or a walk or whatever).

Honestly, these Oversized Modal Blend T-Shirts were a fantastic purchase and I can’t believe they only cost barely 4 KD !

Dark Grey Push Up Curvy Jeggings – KD 12/990
Black Push Up Curvy Jeggings – KD 12/990
Black Push Up Jeggings – KD 12/990
Black Wide Satin Trousers – KD 18/990

I was obsessed with finding out the difference between the Push Up Curvy Jeggings and the Push Up Jeggings and the regular Jeggings lol

As far as I could tell, there was no difference. They all fit and wore great!

I repurchased the Dark Grey because I wanted a tighter fit (because it was a lighter color).

The Black Push Up Curvy and Black Push Up were literally the same, but I liked them both equally. When one was in the wash, I’d just slip on the other, which happened more often than you’d think because I live in Black.

As for the Black Wide Satin Trousers, like I said earlier, I like to channel James McAvoy in Children of Dune (here) lol

Beige High Waist Joggers – KD 7/990

I got really, really sick in March 2021 (mentioned here) and these Beige Joggers got me through it!

Initially, I was disappointed by how baggy they were on me, but they just felt so soft that I didn’t have the heart to return them, especially since they had no more sizes left.

These babies kept me warm while sleeping in the Guest Room during Winter.

These babies kept me comfortable when I got sick and couldn’t stand the idea of anything touching my skin (even clothing).

Now, I wear them when I’m sick or it’s the first day of “that time of the month” or when I’m feeling cold.

Basically, these babies turned out to be a God-send!

Khaki Green Camo Yoga Tights – KD 10/500

So. Much. Yes.

For me, H&M Sports Leggings were top notch!

The length, the cut, the fit, the variety, they were perfection!

Ever since I picked up my first pair of H&M Sports Leggings during the Summer (here), I’ve been getting at least one more pair, once a month! So good!

Black Fleece Bucket Hat (Men’s Section) – KD 3/990

There’s just something about certain Bucket Hats that I find aesthetically appealing (possibly has something to do with being a teen in the 90’s).

So, when I clocked this baby in the Men’s Section, I added it to my online shopping cart.

It had reflective silver stripes on the front, which I thought was cool. I liked that it was made out of fleece too (to keep my head warm).

During Winter, our weekly family gathering takes place in my dad’s garden and sometimes I’ll barely have enough time to dry my hair. The upper layer would be dry, but the inner layer would still be somewhat damp.

To avoid getting sick, I’d just pop this thing on my head and join them outside. If my hair was too damp, I’d end up with flat hat hair though (never a good look), so I have to time it juuust right.

White Hi-Top Trainers (Men’s Section) – Size 40 – KD 16/990

Also from the Men’s Section were these really, really cool White Hi-Top Trainers!

They were a bit big on me (from the front), but Size 40 was the smallest size they had in the Men’s Section lol

I am not a sneakerhead. I mostly wear Sneakers for practical reasons. I used to be fat and I used to have callouses (full story here) which made anything other than Sneakers feel uncomfortable.

However, I saw a photo of gorgeous girl wearing the most stunning Sneakers ever! After much, much, much digging, I finally found out that they were the Jordan 1’s and now I’m obsessed with Hi-Tops!

Once I spotted these online, it was instant love!

They’re a hassle to put on, in the sense that I can’t just shove my feet in them and walk out the door in a rush.

I have to be properly sitting down and I have to loosen up the shoelaces (every single time) and then I have to squeeze my feet into the narrow holes (with effort) before finally tying the laces.

That said, I’ve found that to be the case with most Hi-Tops (for example, my Punk Rose Hi-Tops here). They’re very fussy but… worth it!

All that aside, I absolutely loved how these White Hi-Tops looked, especially when paired with Blue Denim Jeggings! They were super flattering!

Ironically, they’re not the most comfortable when worn and they get dirty quite easily (feels like I’m constantly cleaning them), but I absolutely love them and I’m so glad I got them!

Dark Grey Pile-lined Slippers (Men’s Section) – KD 6/990

These were also from the Men’s Section. I figured my younger brother would like them for wearing around the house and stuff. So, I got them for him. He seems to like them well enough.

Black Wedge-Heel Sandals – KD 14/990 reduced to KD 8/000

I wasn’t obsessed with these Sandals, but they were on sale. Once I tried them on at home, the fit was all wrong, so I returned them.

Beige Straw Shoulder Bag – KD 6/500 reduced to KD 3/000

I’ve had my eye on this baby ever since it first popped up online during the Summer!

Like I said in my Handbags Post (here), I kinda’ have a thing for woven straw and whatnot.

However, I couldn’t justify buying it, because I wasn’t sure if I’d actually use it.

Once it was reduced to KD 3, I couldn’t pass it up any longer. It was too cute!

It’s been more than a year later and I have yet to wear it once lol

I’m still glad I got it though, because I still find it quite cute and at only KD 3, it was practically a steal!

White Super Push Up Balconette Bra – KD 9/990 reduced to KD 5/000

I got this to wear with my Off-The-Shoulder Tops from my previous H&M haulage.

White Padded Jersey Bra Top – KD 6/500 to KD 3/250

I got this to wear around the house. Aside from being pretty cute, it was also quite comfy!

Red Push Up Bikini Top – KD 6/500

This Red Bikini Top wasn’t on sale, but I got it to match Red Bikini Bottoms (shown below) which were on sale.

Red Cheeky Bikini Bottoms – KD 5/500 reduced to KD 2/000

Apparently the gajillion Bikinis that I’d gotten from H&M earlier weren’t enough and I needed to have one in Red.

Brown Braided Waist Belt – KD 6/500 reduced to KD 3/000

I have a short torso and feel that all Belts look weird on me.

However, that doesn’t stop me from picking one up every now and then (I mean… it was only KD 3 so it felt like a bargain lol).

Gold Long Earrings – KD 2/500 reduced to KD 1/500

Not my usual style, but the boys in BTS (namely the one I dislike lol) wear stuff like this in their music videos so… I figured I’d pick up a pair and give them a try.

Also, this was dirt cheap so it wasn’t like I was breaking the bank or anything.

Shell Bracelet – KD 2/500 reduced to KD 1/500

I got this Shell Bracelet that matches with the Shell Necklace from earlier (dis).

I’ve never worn them together though (because I’m not y’know… 10 years old) but separately, I find them endearing, because they remind of those really tourist-y Souvenir Shops, from my childhood abroad.

Personally, I adore seashell-related accessories, but this was mostly more for nostalgia rather than aesthetics.

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