Bath and Body Works Haulage (Nov 2020) Part 1

They were having a sale and it had been a minute since my previous haul, so on Nov 12 2020, I placed another online order with our local Bath & Body Works store.

Aside from the fact that I wanted to pick up a few more things for myself, I was horrified to find that Mera (my friend at the time, but we have since parted ways) was using expired products.

“I don’t believe in expiration dates”, was a direct quote from her.

It’s not that she didn’t have the means. She just genuinely didn’t believe in expiry dates. Also, she was a bit stingy (okay, very stingy) with her money.

Worse still, her stuff (shower gels, lotions, makeup, hair stuff) had expired years ago and she was still completely fine with using them.

Not on my watch! No, sir!

I’d already given her Mon Guerlain EDP (dis) as a Birthday Gift earlier and a full sized Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion (dis) and Summer Tiramisu Foaming Hand Soap (dis) at some point.

In this haul, I picked up some Shower Gels for her (well, just the two) and demanded she get rid of her expired Shower Gels, immediately.

Shower Gels were reduced from 5/500 to KD 1/750
PocketBac Holders retail for KD 2/750

Everything arrived quickly and properly packaged (no breakage, no leakage). Kudos!

These PocketBac Holders weren’t on sale but how stinkin’ cuuuute are they!

I got one for myself and picked another one up for Mera.

Fox Pom PocketBac Holder

This PocketBac Holder gives your hand sanitizer a fuzzy, foxy makeover.

The convenient gold tone clip attaches to your backpack, purse and more so you can always keep your favorite sanitizer close at hand.

Mera was the sort that wears Fur Stoles and whatnot out for dinners in the UK (wouldn’t/couldn’t shut up about London).

She also thought of herself as foxy, so for those reasons, I figured she’d find the Fox Pom to her liking. I was not wrong.

Owl Pom PocketBac Holder

Hoooo’s about to have the cutest PocketBac Holder ever?! (Hint: it’s you.)

The convenient silver tone clip attaches to your backpack, purse and more so you can always keep your favorite sanitizer close at hand.

For myself, I couldn’t resist picking up the Owl Pom! Sooo cute!

‘Dunno if I’ve mentioned this before, but I used to collect anything and everything owl-related (way before Harry Potter). I’ve just always had a thing for owls!

Twilight Woods

The warmth & mystery of an enchanted forest. Soft glowing light shining through the trees. Nothing stirs the soul like a stroll through Twilight Woods!

An enticing blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals & Tuscan cypress

A classic! A beauty! A favorite! A must-have!

Arguably one of the best scents that Bath & Body Works make! So, of course it got discontinued.

They’ll mess with the scent, tweak it a little bit, update the packaging and bring it back, from time to time though.

One of my earliest B&BW posts was a review of the Twilight Woods Body Lotion (here)! Aside from the updated packaging, the notes are completely different now as well.

I bought the latest travel-size version during the 2019 Holiday Season (haulage here) to test out, but even then, there were two different versions of Twilight Woods.

One version had the reddish purple ombre packaging with gold leaves, which I did not like, because aside from being ugly (too much going on), I will forever associate the dark purple packaging with Dark Kiss. Also, that version of Twilight Woods had a lot of negative reviews.

The newest version was released in the Autumn 2019 Collection and had beautiful blue packaging with foiled gold leaves (as shown). The scent had much better reviews.

I still prefer the comforting brown packaging of the original, out of all of them, because I feel like it was the best reflection of the name Twilight Woods.

Initially, I thought the blue version was a watered down version of the brown version which was the original and I still stand by that. However, it’s still quite lurrrvely regardless!

Ignore the fragrance notes. Twilight Woods is a delicious warm and cozy scent, backed by addictive woodsy notes, that everyone can appreciate (crowd-pleaser)!

It’s a long-time favorite of mine and as such, if I know you in real life, chances are you’ve gotten some form of Twilight Woods from me, at one point or another.

In fact, I picked up two Shower Gels in this haul, one for myself and one which I gave to Mera.

Snowy Citrus Swirl

Christmas smells like a merry & bright twist of chilled tangerine, whipped marshmallow, creamy tonka bean & fresh vanilla

Oh, snow delightful! This cream orange gift is a Christmas dream come true!

Perfect combination of citrus-ness and sweetness (same family as Agave Papaya Sunset and Peach Citrus)!

This was from the Holiday 2019 Collection, which I purchased on November 30 2019 (hauled here) and just like I predicted, was released in Kuwait an entire year later, November 2020 (time of this haul).

The packaging was adorable, but I already went through all that earlier (here).

The scent is not for everyone, but I personally really, really loved it and since it was limited edition, I wanted a back-up. Plus, it was on sale! Score!

Sunset Glow

A glowing blend of sparkling cherry seltzer, coconut & moonflower

Appealing name, gorgeous packaging, even the fragrance notes sounded lovely (moonflower? wut?)

However – I’ve mentioned this before – I don’t do cherry. It just comes across as medicinal and off-putting to my nose.

Once this baby went on sale, I took a chance and went for it and wouldn’t ya’ know it? It smelled delightful!

The cherry on this thing was quite sweet (just the way I like it)! In fact, I found it so nice and calming that I reserved it specifically for night-time showers (before bed)!

Sunset Glow is nowhere near as gorgeous as Lavender Clouds (hauled here), but it’s definitely a runner up.

I didn’t expect much from Sunset Glow, but was pleasantly surprised by the scent!

Lavender in Bloom

A soothing, sun-soaked blend of lavender fields, lily of the valley & sun-washed driftwood

As soon as I spotted lavender listed in the notes, I knew I had to get this for Mera.

The girl was very high-strung, so between the lavender in Mon Guerlain and the lavender in this thing, I was hoping to chill her out.

Clearly, that didn’t work lol

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