H&M Collective Haulage (November 2020) Part 1

November 4

Another month, another H&M haul.

I loved the Green Parka that I’d gotten earlier so much (here) that I just had to get it in other colors!

While I was at it, I picked up some more Jeans, a few T-Shirts and a few Shirts.

I also got several Jumpers and two adorable Scarves for Winter.

All in all, yet another excellent haul from H&M!

Light Purple Fringed Scarf – KD 3/990
Old Rose Fringed Scarf – KD 3/990

How darling are these Scarves?

I will forever associate a long scarf with Rikku from Final Fantasy lol

Also, I tend to wear a lot of Black, which means sweet pastel-y colors, like these, just pop!

Dark Grey Push Up Curvy Jeggings – KD 12/990
Black Denim Push Up Curvy Jeggings – KD 12/990
Dark Denim Blue Push Up Curvy Jeggings – KD 12/990

The Denim Blue Push Up Curvy Jeggings that I’d gotten earlier (here) fit me perfectly and wore like an absolute dream!

That’s why I decided to repurchase them in Dark Denim Blue and Dark Grey and Black.

Now that I had them in a variety of colors, my options truly were endless!

Dark Denim Blue Jeggings – KD 12/990

Honestly, I only got these Jeggings to compare them with the Push Up Curvy Jeggings.

They both fit the same. They both wore the same. They both washed the same.

As far as I could tell, there was no difference. They were both equally great!

Black Wide High Jeans – KD 12/990

Loved the style! Hated the length, ugh!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I hate ankle-length jeans or trousers!

Aside from very few exceptions, ankle-lengths just look weird! Also, I really hate sitting down and having my Jeans or Trousers or whatever, ride up to show my socks. So annoyin’!

Black Knitted Trousers – KD 7/990

So comfy and chic!

There’s just something about these Black Knitted Trousers that just makes me feel so classy when wearing them!

I feel like I should be nestling a coffee mug, perched on the edge of my coach, by the window, in my apartment, while watching the lights on the high rise buildings of Kuwait City, in the evening… as you do (or at least, that’s what they do in Anime… also it’s usually a dude) lol

All that aside, I mostly wear these when I’ve got my friends coming over to hang out. They’re comfy enough for the home, but put-together enough for company. Love!

Black/Light Purple Waist Shaping Yoga Tights – KD 10/500

I will not shut up about the H&M Sports Leggings because they are just that awesome!!!!

They look great! They feel great! They wear great! They wash great!

They’re not like the cheapy kinds, that are see-through or worse, get easily destroyed after just one wash. These last and last!

They’ve got so much stretch to them and they’re just sooo flattering on!

I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on them all those years!

In short, go getchu’ some!

Purple Star Wars Print T-Shirt – KD 6/500

Ignore the print (ugh, Star Wars), I just really liked the color.

I mostly wear this at home though and wouldn’t be caught dead wearing it outside (because yuck, Star Wars) but like I said, I really liked the fun color lol

Dark Purple Oversized Modal Blend T-Shirt – KD 3/990

I got this for the color, but fell in love with it, once I tried it on!

It’s light and airy enough that I’ll typically wear this straight out of the shower (to cool down).

It’s also nice and loose (oversized) which makes it great when I’m doing housework or curling my hair or whatever else and don’t wanna’ deal with something too constrictive.

Obviously, it’s also comfy enough to wear to sleep but I think it’s too pretty for bed lol

Mostly though, it has my heart because of the gorgeous dusky color!

White Rhinestone Button Shirt – KD 3/990

Got this on sale and promptly returned it.

In theory, it should’ve had this Victorian-esque/Vampire vibe. In reality (when I tried it on), it looked like the collar was swallowing my neck. No bueno.

White Wide-Collared Shirt – KD 7/990

Wide-Collared Shirts were having a moment. In fact, many stores were selling detachable collars, separately.

H&M had this particular shirt in a bunch of colors, so I decided to pick it up in White first, to see how I liked it.

It’s not my typical style (the collar looks too frou-frou for me, as I prefer something sharper and more pointy) but I figured it might look cute peeking out from underneath my Jumpers or whatever.

Burgundy Fine-Knit Collared Jumper – KD 7/990

You know when you get something and you love it… and then over time you hate it?

When I first got this thing, I wore it. All. The. Time.

It was comfy and looked flattering! It also had that collegiate vibe that I adore!

More importantly, it paired well with Blue Denim Jeans/Joggers (my go-to). What more could I want?

I even wore it on Valentine’s Day 2021 (when my friends came over and we watched a movie in the Cinema Room, pretending we were at the movies, because the movie theaters were still closed because of the pandemic).

Now, for whatever reason, I just can’t stand it anymore lol Even just looking at its picture is getting me all worked up.

Dark Grey Fine Knit Jumper – KD 7/990

It’s just a basic Grey Jumper.

Bit itchy and not the most flattering, but whatevs. I usually wear something underneath it anyway (for example, the White Wide Collared Shirt shown above) to make it less boring lol

Pale Pink Fine Knit Polo-Neck Jumper – KD 6/500

So cute!

It kinda’ looks more mauve-y in real life.

The stretchy fabric has a slight sheen that although pretty, coupled with the light color, makes it very unforgiving.

Basically, this top highlights every lump and bump, every crinkle and dimple. It highlights everything!

I don’t care though because I love this top!

It’s not warm enough for the dead of Winter (light fabric), but I’ll wear it with a Jacket over top and throw on one of my adorable scarves to finish off the look.

In fact, I wore it again just last night to a rooftop café in the city. Every time I wear this thing, I’ll match my eyeshadow to it (I know, I know).

It’s not warm, it’s not flattering and it doesn’t wash well, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Despite all that, I personally love it and I’m glad I got it lol

Beige Marl Knitted Polo-Neck Jumper – KD 7/990

I didn’t have a Jumper in this color so I picked it up just for the sake of variety, but have gotten so much use out of it already!

The lovely color pairs so well with so much!

I usually pair it with either one of the lighter colored Faux Leather Crease Leggings from my previous haul (here).

It’s also oversized yet looks very put-together and quite flattering!

Grey/Black Polo-Neck Jumper – KD 14/990

Warm and chunky!

I got this for those lazy days when I have to go out, but want to feel comfortable and just blend in (be invisible).

Blue Cotton Twill Parka – KD 16/990

The reason for this entire haul!

Like I said, I loved the Green on so much (here), that I had to repurchase it in other colors!

I got it in the gorgeous dusky Blue (as shown) and the bright and fun Burgundy (shown below).

Burgundy Cotton Twill Parka – KD 16/990

As soon as the temperature drops, these 3 babies (Green – Blue – Burgundy) are in constant rotation! Despite whatever I’m wearing underneath, I’ll just throw one of these on, over top.

I’ve worn them to outdoor gatherings. I’ve worn them to the movies. I’ve worn them to the desert trips. Basically, I wear them all Winter!

At this point, they’ve practically payed for themselves! Such a good purchase!

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