Good riddance 2021

I’ve been through a lot in my life – lots of ups and lots of downs – but MY GOD 2021 was the worst year of my life!

I started getting sick in January. Of course the Doctors over here were a joke and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. By March, I was actually praying for death.

Two things that kept me sane were walking (it kinda’ turned into an obsession) and podcasts (namely Bad Friends with Bobby Lee and Andrew Santino).

I still felt horrible during Ramadan as a side effect of the meds, but was slowly getting better.

For Eid, I had my long hair cut short, again. It was so short, I couldn’t even tie it up in a ponytail (which was exactly what I needed).

Other bad things happened too (family stuff), but once all that was settled, I bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max (makes me feel like such a traitor).

At some point, I started taking Jiu Jitsu lessons (my “coach” would come over and train me twice a week) which I loved! As hard as I trained though, my “coach” kept reiterating how I needed to be stronger and she suggested I start lifting weights, ugh.

My dad was in the hospital for most of September and needed surgery. That seriously sucked! I was so stressed out, that after a year and a half of quitting smoking (dis), I went right back to chain smoking again.

In October I got sick, again. There was also a cancer scare. Thankfully, everything turned out okay. So to celebrate, I got lip fillers and kittens.

One was a fluffy white Persian male which I named Moon and the other was a Grey Striped Scottish female which I named Sugar. I couldn’t decide between them so I got both!

I figured they’d keep each other company, when I was too busy to play with them. That said, caring for them has been an absolute joy!

I got sick again in November and went on another round of antibiotics (third time) and finally, to close out the year, got sick again in December and went on yet another round of antibiotics (my last day was Dec 30) which makes a total of four rounds of antibiotics in the same year. Good times.

All in all, 2021 was the worst year of my life, absolute garbage of a year.

2 thoughts on “Good riddance 2021

  1. Thank you, love! Same to you ♥

    Don’t mind me, lol I’m very thankful and more so grateful and appreciative of all my blessings (namely health) but it’s just a bit of complaining on my part hehe


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