H&M Collective Haulage (October 2020)

October 30

Cook had traveled to India, promising to come back in January (which he didn’t and totally ditched us lol) and I had officially moved out of my apartment and into the guest rooms (pics here).

I say rooms (plural), because one room was for my makeup and clothes and whatnot, while the other was for my pc and where I slept.

Between the painter and carpenter and electrician, not to mention having to cook my own meals, I had almost no time for much else.

Rather than dig out my Winter Clothes from storage (everything was stuffed in boxes, stacked on top of each other, in the basement), I figured I’d just place an order with H&M with whatever was left of my money.

As it turns out, this was one of my most favorite hauls from H&M! It was very Winter-themed and focused mostly on Faux Leather and I found so many great pieces! ♥

Black/Coated Shaping Skinny Jeans – KD 16/990

Slinky, sexy and feline! That’s how these Black Coated Jeans made me feel, inasmuch that I practically start purring when I have them on!

Aside from looking impossibly cool and feeling quite comfy (they’ve got some stretch to them), they also paired well with everything! Love!

I mostly wore these out to dinners at fancy restaurants (Chef LuLu – Part 10 coming soon lol)

Black Faux Leather Trousers – KD 14/990

These not so much lol

They were noisy when I walked in them and they were not the most flattering.

I kept them anyway, because I liked the look of them and wanted authentic (well, as authentic as faux leather could be) Faux Leather Trousers.

With the right pairing, they’d look alright, but pairing them was a bit tricky.

Black Faux Leather Leggings – KD 7/990

Black Faux Leather Leggings. Need I say more?

Ugh, so stinkin’ cool!

Black Flared Trousers – KD 7/990

Another pair of gorgeous Trousers! This was shaping up to be one of my best hauls yet!

They were so flattering and had a slight sheen to them which made them look so pretty! The flare made them less easy to pair, but that’s also what made them look so cool!

I paired these babies with the CentrePoint Animal Print Top (haulage here) for Eid 2021 and everyone kept commenting on how tiny (not little, not small, but tiny) my waist looked!

Black Track Pants – KD 12/990

Smidge too long, but also very cool!

I liked pairing these with my Tank Tops (as shown on the model) and strutting around barefoot. I didn’t have the torso for it (too short) but I did it anyway because I wanted to and I could.

H&M was killin’ it!

Purple Wrapover Waist Sports Tights – KD 7/990

Exact same design as the Light Khaki Green ones from my previous haul (here), these babies were even prettier in person!

If I hadn’t said it enough, I loved H&M’s Sports Leggings and was a huge fan!

Dark Khaki Green Crease Leggings – KD 7/990

I was all about faux leather and H&M did not disappoint! They had plenty of offerings!

These faux leather Crease Leggings for example, were available in a variety of colors. I couldn’t help but get two!

While they might look dark in the photo and were named Dark Khaki Green, they were actually much lighter in real life.

In fact, I couldn’t tell them apart from the so-called Dark Grey shown below. Both were quite light, yet equally beautiful!

This particular pair was a stunning shade of seafoam green!

I practically lived in this thing all Winter! It was easy, comfy and looked great!

You can see me wearing one of ’em a the end of this post (Chef LuLu Part 8).

Dark Grey Crease Leggings – KD 7/990

This particular pair was an aesthetically appealing silver, much lighter than shown in the photo.

As I said, between the so-called Dark Khaki and so-called Dark Grey, the two were pretty much interchangeable color-wise.

They were the easiest things in the world to pair! I’d just slip them on, throw a Jumper over top, pop my feet into a pair of Boots and walk out the door!

I got so much use out of both of them, especially on outings with Mera, May, Bibi and Abby (here).

I kinda’ regret not getting them in a darker color though, because I can only pair these two with Beiges and Whites and other lighter colors. Such a good purchase though!

Dark Mauve Fine-Knit Joggers – KD 10/500

I was drawn to these Joggers because of the really cool color, but fell in love with them because of how they felt.

Initially, I got them for lounging around the house in, but they were just so comfy, that I even started wearing them out and about, for example on errands to The Avenues and such.

These Joggers legit felt like I was wearing a cloud! I never wanted to take them off lol

Such a great purchase!

Dark Grey Hot Wheels T-Shirt – KD 6/500

Another colorful print Oversized T-Shirt against a black background (which I find aesthetically appealing) so how could I not?

I liked this so much, I got it in several sizes and kept them all!

Once again, my teenage niece walked in wearing the exact same T-Shirt -_-

Dark Grey Marl Cable-Knit Jumper – KD 14/990

One of my favorite Winter Tops ever is the H&M Grey Knit Roll Neck Jumper (pics of me wearing it, here), so I figured I’d prolly love this Grey Marl Cable-Knit Jumper too.

While they looked kinda’ similar online, they were actually nothing alike in real life. The length was weird (too long) and it just wasn’t my vibe.

That said, I’ve gotten a ton of use out of it and will continue to wear it. I like it because it’s oversized, warm and cozy. I just don’t love it, y’know?

White Polo-Neck Jumper – KD 14/990

So. Much. Yes.

Now this was totally my vibe!

As I keep mentioning in every other post, I had an ongoing love affair with all things White (White Dresses, White Tops, White Accessories) during 2020 (and well into 2021)!

There wasn’t much I couldn’t pair with this White Jumper! It looked equally great with Black Trousers as it did with the light Faux Leather Leggings and obviously Blue Denim! It even paired well with Mini Skirts!

It was chunky! It was oversized! It was perfect! This baby was a keeper!

Black Knitted Polo-Neck Jumper – KD 12/990

While I might’ve had a love affair with White, my true love will always be Black (ever since I first started dressing myself) for obvious reasons.

Black is sexy! Black is cool! Black is mysterious! Above all else, Black is slimming lol

That’s why 99% of my closet consists of mostly Black, but I’m being better about that, in the more recent years, and have tried to incorporate more color into my wardrobe.

In any case, I got this Black Jumper because it seemed a good staple. Once it arrived, I was a bit annoyed that it wasn’t as long as I expected (didn’t cover my butt), but whatever, because it still looked cool and I got plenty of use out of it.

I namely used this for when I wanted to look put together, but still feel comfortable.

You can see me wearing it to the dentist on November 25 (here).

Black Chunky Knit Jumper – KD 12/990

Another good staple for Winter.

Cozy (albeit a bit too warm indoors), comfy and easy to wear!

Black Knitted Polo-Neck Jumper – KD 7/990

I believe this is my millionth Black Polo-Neck Jumper from H&M. As long as H&M continues to make them, I’ll continue to buy them.

Honestly, there’s nothing that makes me feel sexier than a fitted Black Polo-Neck and Blue Denim Jeans combo! It’s just so good! You pair them with Boots and Oh-My-God!

White Collared Rib Knit Jumper – KD 12/990

Now this is where I start veering into questionable taste territory…

It seemed like a good idea at the time, as it looked like something a Kuwaiti would wear and since I’m a Kuwaiti, I figured I might as well buy it.

To this day, I have yet to wear it. So… yeah.

White Puff Sleeve Cotton Blouse – KD 7/990

This Blouse might look crazy on it’s own, but imagine it with a Faux Leather Waistcoat (dis) over-top!

The magic in this baby was what you paired it with, and it could be paired with almost errythang!

Dark Green Cotton Twill Parka – KD 16/990

These popped up online (bit early) in a whole bunch of different colors, but I went with the Green (to match my Gr- Brown Eyes lol).

I got it for the fun color and figured it’d be nice to have in my closet, but I got so much use out of it, that I just had to reorder it in other colors (next haul).

It felt comfy and kept me warm, but was also easy to maneuver around in (for when I was manning the grill or whatever else). Such an unexpectedly great purchase!

You can see me wearing it to The Avenues on Dec 13 (here).

Black Hooded Coat – KD 29/990

*Brace for the old-school reference*

It felt like I was literally channeling the Volturi when I tried this baby on!

Honestly, between the cut, the fabric and the hood, this baby was a deep, deep love at first sight!

A bit expensive for H&M, but you can’t put a price on love.

This piece of gorgeousness was also reserved for dinners at fancy restaurants and other late-night activities (as if there are any in Kuwait lol)

All in all, I was very happy with this particular haul!

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