Matches Fashion Haul (October 2020)

Every single one of my friends had a Balmain T-Shirt and despite myself, I was starting to feel left out.

A quick google searched turned up a UK website called Matches Fashion that sold designer brands.

It didn’t make sense to pay crazy shipping fees just for one expensive t-shirt, so I added a pair of expensive jeans lol and on October 18 placed my first order with them.

Balmain Black Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt – Size Large – $327.00 reduced to $294.30
Raey Stride Indigo Wide-Leg Jeans – Size 30 – $216.00 reduced to $194.40

Everything arrived beautifully packaged in a huge floral box with magnetic closure (ooh foncy, foncy)! The clothes were carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I mean, the florals were hideous but A+ for presentation!

The Balmain T-Shirt was available in Black and White but obviously I went with Black. The print was available in Silver and Gold but obviously I went with Silver. I think it’s meant to be unisex as well. Dunno’.

In any case, I got it in a Large and the fit was nice and loose (for tucked in looks), but I decided that I also wanted it in a Medium as well (for a more fitted look).

Raey Stride Wide-Leg Jeans

Raey’s indigo-blue Stride jeans are fittingly named after the bold wide legs that define them.

They’re made from cotton denim contrasted with yellow topstitching, silver and copper-tone metal hardware, then finished with the classic five pockets and a buttoned front.

Looove these Jeans! Hands down the coolest pair I own!

Unit total $543.00
10% off -£54.30
Delivery FREE
TOTAL $488.70

Dunno’ why the invoice is different but here’s what it says on the website (order history).

Whoops, almost forgot to mention that I used a 10% off coupon code for my first order.

Balmain Black Logo-Print Cotton-Jersey T-Shirt – Size Medium – £250.00
Raey Loon Indigo Wide-Leg Jeans – Size 28 – £165.00

On October 30 I ordered a second Balmain T-Shirt, same color, same everything, except a size smaller. I also got another pair of Raey Jeans, which were a newfound love!

Again, everything arrived swiftly, safely, and beautifully packaged!

Raey Loon Wide-Leg Jeans

Raey’s laid-back appeal is infused with 1990s nostalgia in these indigo-blue Loon jeans.

They’re constructed to a classic five-pocket style and shaped to a high rise with a V-shaped back yoke for a natural fit, then are finished with raw hems.

These were big enough to fit me, the kids and our entire neighborhood lol I loved them!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find pictures of them in Indigo online anymore (sold out) so this was the next best thing. Just imagine the ones shown, except much darker. Same with the Balmain T-Shirt which seems to have sold out.

Unit total £415.00
Delivery FREE
TOTAL £415.00

Not quite sure why my first order was in $ and the second was in £ but whatever lol

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