Al Jarir Bookstore Haul (Sept 2020)

On September 29, a day after we went to The Avenues (Etude House + Nyx), Mera and I went to Al Jarir Bookstore because Mera wanted some coloring books.

While there, I saw a bunch of interesting things (pics here) and consequentially walked out with a small haul of my own!

They had piles of notebooks stacked on top of each other smackdab in the middle of the store.

After way too much deliberation lol I went with a Hot Pink Notebook and a Salmon Pink Notebook because… I love Pink!

Truthfully, the notebook I’d been using to write down my recipes was full and I needed a new one.

Also, like I said in my Pilot Pens Post (here), I thoroughly enjoyed making lists, not to mention jotting down random ideas and such.

How adorable are these Mechanical Pencils!

They came in the cutest pastel colors and the little fans actually spun around!

As a nerd, this just spoke to me!

Whether it was meant to be a Quill or a Feather Pen, either way, it was stupid cute!

Not to mention the gorgeous pastel ombre thing it had going on! I die!

Pink Lip-Shaped Post-It Notes. ’nuff said.

Believe it or not, this was my first Funko Pop! ever!

I’ve clocked a few cute ones in the past (for example, Harry Potter), but always talked myself out of getting any because I figured I was too old.

However, when I came across this baby, I just could not resist!

Also, who knew when (and if) I was ever going to find another Tupac Shakur Funk Pop! again?

Growing up in the 90’s (born in ’84), I pretty much worshipped Tupac. In fact, I can still sing (rap? spit?) Hellrazor, word for word, on command.

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