Nyx Haul (Sept 2020)

On September 28, after hitting up Etude House (haulage here), Mera and I walked over to Nyx.

While browsing in-store, we got the call telling us our table was ready, so we payed for our stuff and headed to Trapani for our dinner reservation (pics of us here).

Aside from my health issues, we were supposed to wear a mask (pandemic rules), so I kinda’ didn’t see the point in getting a bunch of makeup. That’s why my haul was more of a mini haul.

San Paulo Soft Matte Lip Cream – KD 3/250

Envelop your lips in this high-pigmented, plush matte formula in colors inspired by cities of the world.

In statement-making matte colors, our nude-based shades of Soft Matte Lip Cream deliver a burst of creamy color that sets to a stunning matte finish.

Durable, lightweight and delightfully creamy, it’s no wonder this sweetly scented formula is a NYX Professional Makeup fan-favorite.

I looove the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams!

Before the MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick and ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip and so on, there was only Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams.

Although highly pigmented, they have this sorta’ diffused effect on the lips, which I absolutely love!

Other than certain colors looking prettier that way, I also found the diffused look, just all around more flattering! With certain colors, it could be quite forgiving too! It applied wet but dried to a beautiful demi-matte finish!

Looks aside, this stuff felt so comfortable on the lips! It felt so smooth and creamy, and dare I say, moisturizing! Despite all that, it somehow never felt thick on the lips!

As an added bonus, it had a sweet scent to it, kinda’ like vanilla macaroons!

Over the years, they’ve only added more shades to the range, but I went with a tried and true favorite, San Paulo.

Back home, when I applied it to my lips, I was surprised to see it was such a dark pink. I kinda’ remember it being lighter and more reddish.

That said, I used to be a heavy smoker, which consequentially darkened my lips to a sorta’ bluish shade, but once I quit (this), they slowly reverted back to a light pink, which might explain why San Paulo looked so dark on me now.

In any case, it’s still a pretty shade and I’ve been enjoying wearing it (under my mask lol).

Ash Brown Precision Brow Pencil – KD 2/750

Totally slay the sculpted look with our all-new Precision Brow Pencil.

Available in eight natural-looking shades, this dual-ended pencil has a flat tip for outlining your arches and filling them in with detailed, hair-like strokes.

The other side features a flexible spoolie-brush for seamless blending and getting your eyebrows into place.

Let’s get those brows in formation!

Glad to see western brands jumping on the bandwagon by extending their shade range!

I would’ve killed to have found an Ash Brown Brow Pencil on Cherry Culture (now defunct online store, that used to sell Nyx, waaay back in the day) during my early 20’s.

Instead, I had to resort to using MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow (powder) – which I still use, to this day – to fill in my brows lol

Why, you may ask, did I feel the need to own a zillion Brow Pencils? It’s because brows and eyes were the only things showing, when you wore a mask. Logic!

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