Etude House Haul (Sept 2020)

On September 28, Mera came over and brought lunch. Afterwards, I got dressed in my H&M Grey Mom Jeans (hauled here) and we went to The Avenues.

We were going to check out the new Hilton Garden Inn (which had just opened up at the time), because we were thinking of taking the kids and spending the night there. We wanted to pretend we were traveling abroad (because traveling for fun wasn’t a thing anymore, on account of the pandemic).

The rooms were pretty basic and the view was abysmal (you can see the room and what I was wearing, here) so we opted out. Instead, I suggested we make dinner reservation at Trapani, one of my favorite restaurants in Kuwait.

While we waited for them to call us for our reservation, we browsed around the mall. We hit up Boots (tiny store), but didn’t get anything from there. Then we went to Etude House, which I knew had opened up some time ago, but had never gotten a chance to visit.

The place looked like it had been ransacked! Shelves were half-empty. Everything had been picked over. Just what exactly had happened here? Undeterred, I managed to snag a few items.

Wonder Pore Deep Foaming Cleanser – KD 4/000

This Cleansing Foam effectively cleanses accumulated dead skin cells and impurities from pores.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Initially, this thing caught my eye because of the funny-punny name and cute packaging, which was reminiscent of Soap & Glory. It also listed 10-in-1 on the side and had a picture of a Mint Leaf (or Mentha Arvensis Leaf rather).

Back home, when I squeezed some on my hand, not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed by the paste-like texture. Nevertheless, I rubbed my hands together (to spread the paste) and ran them under some water and much to my delight, the paste lathered up beautifully!

It was all frothy and bubbly and had a delightful peppermint scent to boot!

I rubbed this stuff on my face and then washed it off, expecting an extreme cooling effect, but it was actually subtle yet refreshing nonetheless. Now here’s what won me over, it left my face feeling squeaky clean!

Typically, I’d have to use a high-end Face Scrub to achieve this level of squeaky clean! This stuff wasn’t a Scrub, so I’m not quite sure how it managed to do all that, but I’m just gonna’ chalk it up to Korean Magic!

I’ve been using this stuff in the shower ever since and will deffo’ repurchase once I run out. Obsessed!

My Beauty Tool – Lash Comb – KD 1/500

Eyelash Comb for clump-free and defined lashes.

The sturdy and dense comb teeth made out of steel help you get clean and natural lashes by removing clumps.

This very, very dangerous tool (effectively tiny steel spikes) is meant to comb the lashes while they’re still wet from the Mascara to remove any clumps.

Personally, I like the clumpy lashes look (aka spider lashes) lol However, I also enjoy playing around with Makeup Tools.

What differentiates this particular Lash Comb from others, is that you can fold it in half and take it on the go with you. I don’t know why I’d ever wanna’ leave the house with it, but it’s nice to know that I can, if I wanted to.

Another difference is that most of the other Lash Combs I’ve come across happen to be plastic, whereas the comb on this is actually steel (we’re not playing around here).

It’s not really a must-have, but more of a nice-to-have.

Dark Gray Drawing Eye Brow – KD 1/000
Gray Brown Drawing Eye Brow Slim (1.5mm) – KD 2/000

Anyone can draw perfect eyebrows using a Triangular Brow Pencil that applies smoothly and evenly.

Last but not least, I picked up some Brow Pencils.

What has always stood out to me in Japanese/Korean Brow Products was their extensive shade range.

They’ll have the usual light brown and medium brown and dark brown, but they’ll also have light greys and dark greys and ashy browns!

Naturally, I had to get one in Dark Gray and another in Gray Brown to play around with, because I just love me some cool-tones!

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