Sultan Center Haulage (Souq Sharq) (Sept 2020)

After hitting up Debenhams (here) and Bath & Body Works (here) and The Body Shop (here), I finally made it to Sultan Center.

Between my brother and his wife’s weekly visits to the local co-op, and my online orders from (My Pantry), we were all set on groceries.

So, this haul was mostly snackage (stuff I couldn’t find online) and personal care stuff (face wash, cotton pads, etc…)

Americana Mini Oregano Croissant
Amexicana Nachos (Corn Chips)
Mexita Sweet Chilli Pepper Tortilla Chips
Mexita Sweet & Sour Tortilla Chips
Pringles Salt & Vinegar

The Pringles (repurchase) were for me. The Mini Croissants (repurchase) were for my nephew. The Nachos and Tortilla Chips were strictly reserved for the Cinema Room lol

La Costena Salsa Dip (Medium) (repurchase)
Snyder’s Chunky Salsa (Medium) (repurchase)

My favorite is the Old El Paso (repurchase), but I can’t always find it, so I just grab whatever, to go with the Tortilla Chips.

It has to be Medium though, because Mild has zero kick to it, while Hot feels like more of a punishment.

MF Mild Chicken Wing Sauce

Although it’s listed as Mild, it feels like more of a Medium (has some kick to it).

I really enjoy how tangy this stuff tastes! So good with some fried chicken wings!

Maggi Chinese Noodles Mix
Maggi Kabsa Mix

For future recipes (when I’m in the mood to tinker around in the kitchen).

Alalali Baking Powder

Cook was constantly finishing up my Baking Powder (I could only find minis online), which was why I pretty excited when I found a huge thing of Baking Powder (well, huge in comparison to what we had been using).

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve entered the kitchen, planning to make something for the family, only to find that we were out of Baking Powder. I could find a substitute for a lot of things, but Baking Powder was not one of them.

Mak-C Instant Strawberry Drink
Mak-C Instant Honeydew Drink

I like trying out different flavors of Powdered Drinks. The kids liked them too. The staff less so.

Golden Fresh Juice Blackberry Juice
Lily Fresh Pure Mangosteen Juice
Lily Fresh Mangosteen Lychee Mulberry Juice

I quit my psuedo-coffee drinks (on account of my heart palpitations) and soda drinks (Sprite, Fanta, Coke) while I was at it too.

My drink of choice had been KDD Powerfruits and then Sunkist Pineapple, but I was kinda’ over them at this point and was looking for something new.


I clocked these at the fresh produce aisle (by the entrance) and immediately grabbed two.

While I will always love Lebanese Plums aka Greengage (here), the ones I’d been getting recently were soft and mushy and worse, flavorless. They tasted mostly like water. Gone was the delightful crunch and tart sour taste.

The next best thing was Jujube, which was a completely different flavor all together. Not knowing if I’d ever come across this stuff again, I stocked up. Some of our household enjoyed it while others didn’t.

Rockit Apple (5pc)

I’ve always been partial to Apples (for real) but I thought these babies were just stupid cute!

Apparently, they were the world’s first Miniature Apples (as recognized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe).

Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but my mom has been buying tiny apples for us (usually yellow so I wanna’ say Golden Delicious) ever since I could first remember. It’s even called “Bu-Fswaywa” in Arabic lol

Still, these babies were quite cute and they were red too (which was different). They were a blend of Gala Apples and Splendour Apples, in case you were wondering. Sweet and crunchy!

They were great for kids (my nieces were constantly polishing these off and I was constantly repurchasing more lol) but they were also great for people like me, who enjoyed the occasional Red Apple (for the sweetness) but got tired of it halfway through (because I prefer the tartness of Granny Smith Apples). This way, I could get my fix without committing to the full size (commitment issues much? lol).

I liked that they came in a clear tube because I could check for bruises (there was never any) and it kept them fresh for longer and just felt all around more hygienic (you didn’t have to worry about people coughing or sneezing on them).

Previously, they only came in the 5pc tube but now they come in either 3pc or 4pc (can’t remember) and most recently I clocked them in a 2pc tube.

Go to their website for more info

Almarai Sour Cream
Actimel Strawberry Dairy Drink (repurchase)
Actimel Mixed Berries Dairy Drink
Movenpick Premium Moments Yogurt (Strawberry – Blueberry – Cherry)

Aside from Actimel Strawberry (mah fave!), everything else was new to me.

I was super stoked that we could finally buy actual Sour Cream in Kuwait, as opposed to substituting it in recipes with Labna, which was what I’d been doing, up until now.

The kids finished up the Movenpick Froyo before I got a chance to try any but they assured me the taste was great lol

McVitie’s Digestive Milk Chocolate Biscuits

The plain ones I used specifically for dessert recipes but these Milk Chocolate ones were purely for snacking on. I’d legit polish off an entire box in a single sitting!

Once my younger brother witnessed said polishing off, he asked me if I knew how many calories was in this stuff (we checked the back) and I swore off them for good lol Truthfully, it had been months and I was kinda’ bored of them.

Personal Care

A mish-mash of hair, face and body care.

Nivea Cool Kick Shaving Foam (repurchase)
Gillette Blue II Disposable Razors (repurchase)

I prefer Foam over Cream because it’s faster, easier and less messy and the Nivea Cool Kick Shaving Foam (For Men) happens to be my favorite. It’s just a personal preference.

I’ve tried many, many, many Women’s Razors over the years, but there’s just no comparison. These Gillette Blue II Disposable Razors (For Men) give my pins the closest shave ever!

I’ll use other stuff in a pinch or if I’m in the mood to experiment, but these two are my ride-or-die!

Lady Care Cotton Cloud Cotton Pads (3 pack)

Awww Cotton Cloud, how cute!

Honestly, I only got this stuff because it seemed like a good deal (value pack), plus it had a really cute name!

However, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality (they didn’t immediately disintegrate in my hands, upon coming in contact with any liquids or creams, unlike Cotton Pads from other brands).

Apparently Lady Care is a Lebanese brand (I thought for sure it’d turn out to be German). Well, they clearly know their stuff because these Cotton Pads are great! In fact, I’ve been repurchasing them (in bulk) ever since!

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Facial Wipes (repurchase)

There are plenty of Facial Wipes out on the market, from every brand, catering to all kinds of different needs. I personally prefer the Hydro Boost Facial Wipes though. In fact, I adore most of the products in the Hydro Boost range!

Clean & Clear Deep Action Makeup Remover Milk (repurchase)

This stuff is my holy grail! I can’t exist without it!

Other Makeup Removers make my face feel unclean, because they leave behind some sort of oily “hydrating” residue that refuses to wash off. Worse still, is when the oily residue gets in my eyes and gives me foggy vision.

I also really dislike the sensation of oily residue on my lids. It makes my lids feel heavy and weird, like I can’t open up my eyes fully.

Also, if I wanted to remove my morning makeup (light makeup for work) and apply a fresh coat for the evening (more dramatic makeup for going out at night), my makeup would go on all patchy, due to the oily residue.

With the Clean & Clear Deep Action Makeup Remover Milk, I don’t have to deal with none of that! I just wipe my makeup off, splash some water on my face and I’m done!

Simple Water Boost Hydrating Sheet Mask
Garnier Hydra Bomb Eye Tissue Mask (repurchase)

Popping on a Sheet Mask (multitasking) makes me feel better about binging shows on Netflix lol

That said, the Garnier Eye Tissue Mask is bomb, Hydra Bomb lol You can’t watch anything when it’s on, but it’s worth it! Plus, it has a fun cooling effect to boot! Highly recommend!

Face Stuff

St. Ives Hydrating Watermelon Daily Cleanser

So cuuute! How could I not?

Aside from the bright and playful packaging, it also had a delightful watermelon scent that made this stuff a joy to use!

Honestly I’m not really picky when it comes to Cleansers. They just gotta’ cleanse my skin efficiently, have a pleasant scent and look appealing, and this baby ticked all my boxes!

Pond’s Mineral Clay Cleanser
Johnson’s 1 Minute In-Shower Face Mask with Rose Water

I picked up the Pond’s Mineral Clay Cleanser in the hopes that it’d be as abrasive as my beloved Bath & Body Works Clay Scrubs. I mean, this was for the face while that was for the body, but a girl can hope lol

That said, it had a clay consistency (kinda’ like fine wet sand) that cleansed my skin and left my face feeling so fresh and so clean, clean! It also had an inoffensive cream scent (kinda’ like what a Face Cream would smell like). All in all, it was surprisingly nice, in its own right!

As for the Johnson’s In-Shower Face Mask, I got got lol What can I say? I’m a sucker for gimmicks and an In-Shower Mask was pretty gimmick-y, nevermind the 1 minute claim. It had nice scrubby bits that did in fact leave my skin feeling quite soft afterwards! Unfortunately, the scent was just awful (old lady floral) which is why I don’t use it as much.

Nivea Glowing Rice Scrub (bio raspberry)
Nivea Purifying Rice Scrub (bio aloe vera)
Nivea Smoothing Rice Scrub (bio blueberry)

So cute! I couldn’t decided between the Glowing Raspberry and Smoothing Blueberry and Purifying Aloe Vera… so I got all three! Also, how beneficial to the skin does Rice Scrub sound?

I’ve only opened up the Glowing Rice Scrub (raspberry) so far, because I wanna’ finish each one up, before moving on to the next. Sadly, there’s nothing about this thing that made it feel like a Scrub. It’s way too gentle for me. Worse still, the scent smells like sweet rotting fruit.

It’s basically scented water, dotted with tiny little balls that don’t really do anything, not unlike the Nivea Water Lily Shower Gel (here).

However, if you look at the photo, at the bottom of each one, there’s 3 little dots to denotate the intensity. Apparently, the Glowing Rice Scrub (raspberry) is the least intense whereas the Smoothing Rice Scrub (blueberry) has medium intensity and the Purifying Rice Scrub (aloe vera) was the most intense.

Nivea Fresh Comfort Deodorant (repurchase)
Nivea Dry Fresh Anti-Perspirant
Nivea Fresh Orange Anti-Perspirant
Dove Go Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea Deodorant (repurchase)

Nivea Fresh Comfort is a delightful scent that I’ve repurchased many, many times over the years! Typically, I’d purchase it in the Roll-On, but the scent is so good that I’ll also grab it (if I happen to spot it) in the form of a Deo Spray!

As for the Nivea Roll-Ons, the adorable rounded packaging gets me every time! They look so cute, so I just assume they’re going to smell great (lol seriously), despite the fact that I’ve gotten some duds from Nivea (and even blogged about them) in the past.

I barely remember Dry Fresh (don’t even recall using it, let alone what it smelled like), but I distinctly remember Fresh Orange, or rather how horrible it smelled lol

Naturally, I’d assumed it would smell somewhat citrus-y, so imagine my disappointment when all I could smell was that horrid baby powder scent (that for some reason, translates to B.O. to my nose). Yet another Nivea Roll-On Deo fail lol

Dove Go Fresh is my all-time favorite! I could live without the others (each and every Deo I’ve ever blogged about), but I couldn’t live without Dove Go Fresh!

Truthfully, the Grapefruit & Lemongrass (here) was my No.1 favorite, but the Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea was a very close second!

Sadly, I haven’t been able to find the Grapefruit & Lemongrass anywhere and it’s been years (discontinued?) so by default, the Fresh Cucumber & Green Tea has become my No.1 favorite!

For starters, I love the way it smells! It’s a little fresh and a little soapy and a little fruity. I can never get tired of the scent!

Also, in addition to doing a good job as an Anti-Perpsirant, this stuff doesn’t burn my freshly waxed or shaved underarms.

Packaging-wise, it twists both up and down (it’s super annoying when Deos don’t twist down). Best of all, it’s readily available for purchase in-stores (not hard to find at all). Love!

Pear’s Soft and Fresh Bar Soap

I actually got the Pear’s Pure and Gentle Bar Soap (transparent) earlier for the Soap Brows Technique (when you scrape a Spoolie against the Soap, then comb it through your brows, to freeze them in place) and liked it!

So, when I spotted the Soft and Fresh in all it’s blue glory, I snatched it up right away. The packaging said it contained mint extracts, which sounded great! I thought for sure it was going to smell awesome!

Yeah… no. This stuff smelled vile! It smelled so strong and medicinal that it actually hurt my nose! Worse still, the scent was so strong, that it lingered on my hands for what felt like forever! Do not like.

It sure does look pretty though!

Hair Stuff

Pretty Velvet Scrunchies (beige & brown)

The Hair Accessories aisle over at Sultan Center is a joke.

It’s either kid’s stuff or outdated stuff or cheap-y no-name brands. About the only thing I do like from them, are their Scrunchies!

With that being said, I do toss these in the washer (along with my clothes) before wearing them for the first time, because as you can see, they don’t come with any outer packaging.

They do hold up pretty nicely though (I’ve gotten plenty, over the years).

Garnier Ultra Doux 3-in-1 Smoothing Hair Food (Coconut & Macadamia)

Saving the best for last, I picked up the Garnier 3-in-1 Hair Food!

So, Garnier released the 3-in-1 Hair Food which could be used in 3 different ways.

1 – Hot Oil Bath – on dry hair, then washed off.
2 – Mask – on wet hair, then washed off.
3 – Leave In Treatment – on wet or dry hair, to tame frizz and style the hair.

Each one catered to a different hair need. There was one for Smoothing (Coconut & Macadamia) and one for Repairing (Papaya & Amla) and one for Nourishing (Banana & Shea) and one for Plumping (Watermelon & Pomegranate).

I’m not sure if the Plumping (Watermelon & Pomegranate) was ever released in Kuwait, because I haven’t seen it online or in-stores, to this day. Instead, we got the one for Moisturizing (Aloe Vera & Coconut) which came in teal packaging.

Some containers had Ultra Doux printed on them, while others had Ultimate Blends printed on them.

I saw these these babies pop up online but couldn’t decide between the Nourishing (Banana & Shea) or the Smoothing (Coconut & Macadamia). Also, I was wary of how banana can tend to smell stinky in certain products. So, I figured I’d wait until I saw them in person to decide.

In person, these suckers were huge (390ml)! The tubs looked quite cute too! I dunno’, I just found them aesthetically appealing!

After sniffing each one, I decided to go with the one for Smoothing (Coconut & Macadamia), because it smelled great! Also, I figured I’d get the most use out of it and I was not wrong.

I really enjoy slathering this stuff on my hair (for a few minutes) before hopping in the shower. Sometimes, I’ll forget to use this stuff before getting in the shower, but that’s easily solved by slathering it on my wet hair while I’m in the shower.

Honestly, I haven’t used it as a Leave-In Treatment yet, so I can’t really provide any input on that.

Cute packaging, pleasant scent and excellent performance (with fast results)! If you haven’t gotten on your hands on this stuff yet (they’ve been out for awhile now), you definitely need to!

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