H&M Collective Haulage (August 2020)

August 16

I enjoyed shopping online from H&M during the pandemic!

Their website sucked, but most websites in Kuwait suck (regardless of the brand) so it’s to be expected.

Aside from that, their deliveries didn’t take too long (considering) and everything arrived well-packaged and properly organized (unlike Centrepoint) and their returns were relatively easy (unlike Centrepoint). More importantly, I didn’t start itching uncontrollably, while trying on their clothes (unlike Centrepoint).

Moving on, this haul was more bottom-centric. I picked up a whole bunch of those Wide-Leg Trousers (so comfy) and a few Ankle-Length Trousers and Calf-Length Trousers, while I was at it.

I also got a pair of Jeggings, a pair of Mom Jeans and Sweatpants. I had to pick up a few more of those awesome Sports Leggings that I now love so much too!

Lastly, I purchased a few more Dresses or Kaftans rather, a Hoodie and some T-Shirts and Sweatshirts to round everything out.

Black Lyocell Blend Kaftan Dress – KD 18/990

Like I said in my previous H&M Haul (July), these ultra-short super-voluminous Dresses were having a moment.

This one looked so cool on the model and I loved the neckline, or rather the standup collar!

However, it was way too expensive for something from H&M, especially when you factor in the shorter hemline (which in a conservative country like Kuwait, was pretty restrictive).

As you can see, looks won out and I got it anyway lol

Black Balloon-Sleeve Dress – KD 7/990

Same thing but at a much more reasonable price point. Between the round neckline and 3/4 sleeves, this one was a bit more casual and therefore easier to pair/wear.

I believe this takes the count up to 5 Voluminous Dresses (3 from my previous haul and 2 in this one, not counting the ones from Centerpoint).

Purple Ombre Kaftan – KD 12/990

Now this baby was a beaut!

The lilac to purple ombre gradient other than being lovely, also complimented my skintone and hair color beautifully!

It was loose and airy, but also, had a wrap-around tie belt to accentuate my waist (so I wouldn’t drown in fabric). It seemed perfect for our family meal during Ramadan and I was not wrong! It was just the right amount of dressed-up, while also being quite comfy!

I wore it a couple of times during Ramadan (I wanna’ say once a week) and even wore it on our daily neighborhood walk (when we went under the second lockdown). Needless to say, it was a constant compliment-getter! Such a good purchase!

I’ve designated this baby specifically for Ramadan (can’t wait to wear it next year), but I highly recommend you keep an eye out for Kaftans from H&M in the future, because some of them (like this one) are absolute gems!

Petrol Blue Landscape Cotton Blend Kaftan (DESMOND & DEMPSEY x H&M) – KD 12/900

The previous Dress I got from the Desmond & Dempsey collab turned out to be a dud (here), but I was obsessed with the Landscape Print hence my insistence on getting something (anything) from the collection.

This turned out to be even worse than the previous one lol It wasn’t even the pretty blue color I had my heart set on. Obviously, it had to go back.

Light Brown Jersey Kaftan Dress – KD 6/500

I thought this was so me and didn’t even bother trying it on (so dumb) until the window to return it had already closed.

While it might look fun and beachy on the twig-sized model, it made me look straight up pregnant lol

The sleeves cut off at the widest part of my arms, making me look like a wrestler.

The fabric clung to my body all weird and gave me a pot belly lol and made the tops of my thighs look huge!

Even the light brown color just clashed against my skintone.

Overall, definite regret lol

Black Hooded Top – KD 7/990

It’s a basic Black Hooded Top. Personally, I prefer ones with a zipper, but it’s nice to switch it up from time to time.

As long as H&M keeps churning these out, I’ll probably keep buying them because I kinda’ live in Hoodies year-round (always freezing).

Black Collared Sweatshirt – KD 10/500

I thought the idea of a Sweatshirt with a collar was pretty cool!

The dropped shoulders (so unflattering) and the 3/4 sleeves (puff sleeves, at that) was less so.

Still, it was something different to wear (other than my usual Slub T-Shirt under a Jacket) once the weather cooled.

White Collared Sweatshirt – KD 10/500

I thought it was so unique and different, that I even got it in White too! Also, I’d kinda’ been having a moment with all things White (so pretty with a tan), all Summer.

Unfortunately, both the White and Black were all kinds of awkward on me lol The dimensions, the low-cut V-neck, the 3/4 puff sleeves, were all wrong on me.

Dark Grey Looney Tunes T-Shirt Dress – KD 6/500

Can’t go wrong with a T-Shirt and by extension a T-Shirt Dress lol

I guess this was meant to coincide with the upcoming Space Jam Movie? I don’t know. I haven’t watched it and have no interest in watching it (not my thing). I wasn’t the biggest fan of Looney Tunes either.

I just thought that the image depicted was quite cute and I liked that it had Tokyo and some Japanese sprawled on the side. That said, I only got this to sleep in.

I picked this up in size small and medium (both of which were quite oversized) and loved them enough to keep both!

Lavender Sweatpants – KD 6/500

Honestly, the gorgeous lavender color was what caught my attention, but the model’s nice behind was what sold me on this thing.

I saw how her butt looked in these Sweatpants and wanted my butt to look like that lol and let me tell you, the way these Sweatpants were designed, well, they’re clearly magic, because they actually did make my butt look like that!

These aren’t the usual Sweatpants you wear when you’re sick with the flu, as these were less loose and baggy and more restricted and fitted (which I guess is how it makes the behind area look so good) lol

All that aside, I can’t get over the beautiful shade of lavender! For that alone, this baby was a win!

Grey Mom Jeans – KD 12/990

Ah, the infamous Mom Jeans (you can see me wearing them in Chef LuLu Part 8). I’d been dying to get a pair!

I was so happy when I finally got these and wore them a lot in 2020, but haven’t revisited them at all (not even once) during 2021.

Glean from that what you will.

Denim Blue Push Up Curvy Jeggings – KD 12/990

I’ve been a fan of H&M Jeggings and H&M Jeans for a while now and these babies were no different.

I didn’t notice much of a “Push Up Effect” honestly, which was a bit disappointing, but not that big of a deal.

They fit perfectly and wore like a dream! Best of all, as usual, they paired well with everything!

Light Pink Ankle-Length Trousers – KD 6/500
Light Pink Floral Ankle-Length Trousers – KD 6/500

I don’t know what it is about these Ankle-Length Trousers but they just won’t go past my thighs lol

It’s safe to say that after I returned these two, I swore off H&M Ankle-Length Trousers in this particular style. They’re just not made for me lol

Black Sunflower Ankle-Length Trousers – KD 6/500

How cute!

Typically, I don’t do florals (except for Daisies, which I find adorable). However, when it’s a multicolor print against an all-black background (like my Forever21 Black High-Rise Flared Floral Pants), I’m all about it! Also, if you squint hard enough, these Sunflowers kinda’ look like Daisies (no? just me? ok).

Although these are classified as high-waist (my nemesis) and not paperbag-waist (which is more forgiving), the frill trim on the waist gives the illusion of being a paperbag-waist! As such, it’s quite flattering with a tucked-in top, especially a Black Top (as shown on the model).

I hate, hate, hate the ankle-length though! I’m a bit short, so these are normal length on me while standing, but once I sit down, they ride up a bit and become ankle-length, grrr!

What’s the point of making them both high-waist and ankle-length? Is the objective to make us look deformed?

Regardless, I love these babies and wear them all the time! In fact, I just wore them just recently to dinner with May at OVO! Such a good purchase!

Black Wide Trousers – KD 7/990
Dark Blue/Batik Patterned Wide Trousers – KD 7/990
Light Beige/Black Patterned Wide Trousers – KD 7/990
Black/White Spotted Wide Trousers – KD 6/500

I loved the Wide Trousers from my previous haul (here) that I had get more (before they sold out for good)!

I picked up another pair in Black (identical to the previous one, because I loved it that much!) and a pair in Blue Batik Print (luv me some stripes!) and a pair in Beige that had to be returned (you could see my undies through it) and a Polka-Dotted pair (constantly being mistaken for pjs lol) for variety.

I happened to be wearing the Black/White Spotted Trousers to Sultan Center once and this random dude felt the need to walk up to me and ask me, why was I wearing pajamas lol (which is my fault for choosing to go to the Salmiya branch over the Souq Sharq branch because his type tend to flock to the Salmiya branch).

Cream/Blue Patterned Ankle-Length Wide Trousers – KD 6/500
Beige/Black Patterned Ankle-Length Wide Trousers – KD 6/500

Despite the fact that I kinda’ despise Ankle-Length Trousers (because they’re sorta that awkward in-between stage on me), these were clearly Ankle-Length on me, even while standing.

Also, I loved the Black/White Striped pair that I’d purchased earlier (here) and wanted to get more (before they were gone for good).

The print on the Blue looked like something you’d see on Fine Bone China. Ok, gross. I just googled Fine Bone China and wished I hadn’t.

Ok, scratch that. The print looks very Summer in Santorini or Mykonos. It was a bit see-through (my undies were visible), but I’ll just wear no-show undies or a thong or something, because I like the print too much to give it up lol

The Black and Beige one looked quite dressy in comparison to the others, especially paired with some Black Pumps!

Dark Grey Marl Calf-Length Jersey Trousers – KD 6/500
Black Calf-Length Jersey Trousers – KD 6/500

These two, I got specifically for lounging around the house in (during the lockdown), but I’d wear them on walks around our neighborhood and even for running errands or to the salon (once the lockdown lifted).

They’re light and easy-breezy without being constrictive, which I appreciated because of my health issues and stuff. Heck, you could even wear them to bed, they were so comfy!

Light Brown Seamless Sports Tights – KD 10/500
Light Khaki Green Wrapover-Waist Sports Tights – KD 7/900
Black Patterned Shaping Waist Sports Tights – KD 7/900

Last but certainly not least, I picked up some more of those awesome Sports Leggings!

I couldn’t stop gushing about them in my previous post (here), because they’re just that awesome!

Now, while the Light Brown was ribbed (which was not what I want from my Leggings) and high-waist (blech) to boot, I felt the flesh-y color justified keeping it (I didn’t have any in this exact shade). While I have worn it a lot, to justify keeping it, I don’t have the guts to wear it outdoors (looked too nude).

The Light Khaki Green (bordering on silver) had a beautiful sheen that unfortunately tended to highlight every bump of cellulite lol but I don’t care though because I’ve learned to accept my lumps and bumps early on.

Also, the color was heartbreakingly gorgeous! I just find these sort of shades so appealing! More importantly, the wrapover-waist (very flattering) was my favorite type of waistband!

The Black one had a flattering waist as well (it was a wide waistband, my second fave) and I really liked the design around the calf/ankle area!

I’d actually been eying up this particular design, but it kept going out of stock. So, I waited patiently, hoping and praying that they’d bring it back. Once they did, I pounced!

All in all, love them!

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