Pilot Pens (Japan)

Like I said at the end of my 2020 First Half Post (here), it was very interesting how we (as humans) cope with certain situations (like the pandemic).

For example, I went through my shopping spree (spiral?) early on and got it out of my system early on.

I ordered everything from Hair Accessories and Jewelry (I felt the inexplicable need to own Hoops) to Shoes and Clothes from Centerpoint (20+ orders here).

Then, I ordered more Clothes from American Eagle (here) and more Bikinis from Voda Swim Bikinis. Starting from July 2020, I ordered from H&M, almost monthly (here).

I also bought a ton of toys and floaties for the pool (not all of them for the kids heehee) from Fantasy World. I even placed a few orders with the local online Bath & Body Works store (1 and 2 and 3).

At one point, I got several sets (not to mention the singles) of bright and cheerful pens from Pilot Pens, as shown.

Pilot Frixion Ball Clicker 10 Color Set BLRT-FR7-S10 retails for KD 5/500

At the risk of sounding basic, like most girls, I do enjoy writing stationary and all that it entails. It’s not to the extent where I hoard washi tape or whatever, but my heart does melt when I see cute writing stationary!

I only collect aesthetically appealing notebooks (like the one here) and colorful pens. Pretty but also practical. However, I can’t resist novelty sticky notes (heart-shaped or cactus-shaped or whatever)! I find them sooo cute!

In any case, I picked up this 10pc Frixion Ball Clicker Set because it had a nice variety of colors.

You get a bright blue and a darker blue. You get a green and a darker green. You even get a grey, which I don’t see as often. Then there’s the pink and purple, orange, red and black.

Like I said earlier, I was seriously delving into cooking (skills, yo), which meant I was constantly tweaking my recipes. That’s where these different colored pens came in handy.

Also, I’m the designated scorekeeper for any card games we play as a family (of which there were many, during the lockdown lol).

Also, I love making lists! I hate doing it on my phone. Jotting stuff down on a notebook is faster, easier and just feels better.

Pilot Hi-Tec BX- V5-S7 retails for KD 2/700

Although the previous set was prettier, I had to get this set because Pilot Hi-Tec are the classics. They’re readily available in most bookstores in Kuwait. Heck, you even find them in certain baqalas (not as a set).

This set came with the basic black, red, blue and green, but also a pretty pink and purple and a lighter blue.

Truthfully, I prefer these pens over any others because they’re more liquid-y (the ink doesn’t run out mid-letter, disconnecting the letter, making me have to go over the same line again).

Pilot Gel Pens Neon G2 BL-G2-7 retail for KD 0/400 a pop

Lastly, I picked up a few more fun neon colors. They performed the worst but that’s because they’re Gel Pens and they’re not meant for writing on white sheets of paper (at least I don’t think they are). They look much prettier on my black post-it sticky notes lol

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