3 Question Personality Quiz

Super fast, super easy and the results will surprise you! The only thing is, you have to be completely honest.

Basically, you have to give 3 or more traits or descriptions, for each question (there are only 3). That’s it!

1 – Which animal do you admire the most?

Owl – cute, wise, nocturnal.

2 – What’s your favorite article of clothing?

Havaianas Brazil Flip Flops (these) – fun (color-wise), super comfy, durable, chill vibe

3 – What’s your favorite body of water?

Pool – Clean (no fish or other creepy things swimming around), accessible (you can swim whenever you want, unlike the beach which is scary at night and also further away and needs a car to get to), sooo pretty especially when the sunlight is refracting off the surface of the water!

That’s it!

Oh and as for the answers, the animal doesn’t have to be your pet. It could be any animal. The article of clothing could be anything from your favorite pair of jeans to your favorite robe or whatever else. The body of water could be a bathtub or even a puddle of water or a lake or ocean, etc…

You’re supposed to let your potential partner take this quiz before you date them because their answers will supposedly alert you to any red flags. That said, I’ve given this quiz to most of my friends and family and we’ve all howled with laughter at the results. So, I figured I’d share it on my blog (something different and fun)!

Gotta’ give credit where credit is due, I first heard this quiz on the Whitney Cummings Podcast called Good For You.

Never really done this before, but I suppose you could write your answers in the comments sections and I’ll reply back with the results or maybe I’ll just update this post after a day or two.

Don’t try to guess what each question means. Just answer as truthfully as possible. The result ends up being more accurate that way. Also, the more characteristics or traits you can think of, the better.

6 thoughts on “3 Question Personality Quiz

  1. Lol here goes nothing…

    1 – Which animal do you admire the most?
    Dog. I find them to be extremely loyal, very loving and selfless.

    2 – What’s your favorite article of clothing?
    My HnM pajamas. Comfort over anything. :)

    3 – What’s your favorite body of water?
    Bathtub. Am hydrophobic so a bathtub filled with water is the only thing i can enjoy. I know that nothing is going to creep up on me and I won’t drown coz i cant swim to save my life. Lol..

    Cant wait to see the results. :)

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  2. Hi Sonia! Thanks for playing along hehe

    Great answers but can you please add 2 more for traits for the 2nd and 3rd question? The minimum has to be 3 characteristics.

    Dog – Loyal, loving, selfless. Perfect answers!

    H&M PJs – Comfy, what else? How do they make you feel? Warm or Cool? What do they look like? Fun bright colors or dark and sexy or light and innocent? Would you call them cute or sexy or dependable lol That sort of thing. Why are they your faves besides being comfy? The more characteristics, the better.

    Bathtub – Safe. Very good answer. What else? What do you feel when you look at the bathtub filled with water? What do you feel when you’re in the bathtub? peaceful? happy? calm? etc… How does the bathtub filled with water look to you? Inviting? Exciting?


  3. Ah ok.. Let me add some more characteristics then..

    2 – H&M PJs – Comfy for sure. They also make me feel cute and playful coz of the prints on them such as avocados, burger & fries.. so cute! :) At the end of the day when i get into my PJ’s, i feel at peace. This is my fav time of the day.

    3 – Bathtub – Safe. Very inviting especially if i have a bath bomb in there. Being in a bathtub also makes me feel romantic. Just coz i don’t have a man in my life doesn’t mean i cant fantasize about one ;)

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  4. Perfect!

    Okay, so the first question is how YOU view yourself. The actual animal doesn’t count. It’s the characteristics. So basically you, Sonia, see yourself as loyal, loving and selfless.

    The second question is how OTHERS see you. So basically others see you as cute and playful and comfortable to be around and they feel at peace when they’re around you.

    The third question is how you view sex lol Again, the body of water doesn’t matter. It’s just the characteristics that you chose that actually matter. According to your answers, you view sex as safe (maybe safety in the arms of a loved one?), inviting and romantic or at least those are the characteristics you look for in a relationship.

    Dare you to tell me any of these don’t match up with you! It’s so accurate, right? Oooh I’m so excited I can’t wait for your response haha I wish I could see your face when you read the results lol


  5. I’m so glad you enjoyed it hehe

    Most girls chose either dog (loyalty) or cat (cute) but more than a few chose lion (powerful) including Mera and a bunch of my cousins lol while a few girls chose peacock (attention-grabbing) lol Most guys chose dog (loyalty) or lion (powerful) as well but a few chose wolf (intelligent) as well.

    Basically the first question is supposed to warn you to any red flags. For example, if a guy or girl chooses a snake, then pay careful attention to the characteristics or traits that they admire in the snake. If they say sneaky or whatever, that’s a red flag. If they say deadly, then you know you gotta’ get the hell outta’ there lol

    The second question provides insight on how others see that person. If they chose negative traits about their favorite item, than that person clearly has issues.

    Mostly everyone chose either sea or ocean for the last question. The part that had my friends and I howling with laughter was the characteristics or traits they chose, especially when taken literally. For example, one friend who is let’s say very adventurous in the bedroom chose the sea because “it offers many activities”. It was spot on lol Another friend was more specific and chose “fishing” which was hilarious because she’s always, always, always on the hunt for her next husband (read: fishing).

    Mera was the only one besides me who chose a pool. The traits she chose were aesthetically appealing (looks good) and easy to control (she meant the temperature, as opposed to the sea) and she used the arabic word for pleasurable. When you taker her answers literally, well, her and I were dying with laughter. In fact, a lot of women chose the arabic word for pleasurable as one of the traits. The much older women chose the trait peaceful.

    The men chose the sea or ocean as well, but they went mostly with looks, “beautiful”, “stunning”, “gorgeous”. Typical men, so superficial lol Also, a lot of them chose “mysterious” so don’t believe them when they say they want someone who is an open book.

    The last question is supposed to alert you to what the other person is looking for in a partner or more specifically in sex. For example, if a guy chooses the sea because “there’s plenty of fish in the sea”, then you know he’s not interested in one-on-one relationship or if he chooses the trait “stormy” or “dangerous” etc… then you’ll know the man enjoys drama.

    Thank YOU for playing along Sonia!


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