Amazon UK Hair Care Haulage (Summer 2020)

On July 20 2020 I placed an online order on Amazon UK for some Hair Tools and Hair Accessories and even Hair Removal Stuff.

I was swimming in the pool with my family almost daily and cooking pretty much regularly (Chef LuLu Part 4) which meant there was no point in curling or straightening or waving my hair, because I was constantly hopping in an out of the shower.

In fact, I relied pretty heavily on the Garnier Ultra Doux Mythic Olive Extreme Nutrition Oil Replacement (haulage here), which I would work into my hair and let it air-dry, until my next shower.

However, I’d really enjoyed the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron (reviewed here) and wondered if I was missing out on any more gems. Not satisfied with the small selection at (it’s not their specialty) I figured I’d check out Amazon UK and ended up with a few hits and a few misses.

Wahl Root Straightening Hot Comb – £29.99 (garbage!)
BaByliss Big Wave Wand – £32.98 (great!)
H2D Magicurl Reverse Waver Hair Curling Wand – £47.25 (great!)
Chopstick Styler Long Curling Wand Iron – £29.99 (garbage!)

I’ve purchased Hair Tools from Wahl before but they always, always turn out to be awful! That’s why, as a rule of thumb, I now tend to avoid cheap-y brands like Black & Decker and Wahl. My gut was telling me to skip this thing, but I ignored my gut instinct and here we are lol

Babyliss rarely disappoints. It’s marketed as a Wave Wand and does just that. No complaints.

Never heard of H2D before but consider me a new fan! Professional packaging (felt like I was unboxing a wand straight out of Harry Potter lol), easy to use, safe to handle and excellent results!

Never heard of Chopstick Styler before either, but decided to give them a try. The fact that their models looked like they’d been hired from Instagram (fishy marketing) should’ve been a dead giveaway. Out of the several Curling Wand Irons they had (Hero – Long – Chunky – Master), I went with Long. Long story short, this thing is a straight up hazard!

I’ll go over each of them individually in a separate post, but for the sake of keeping things moving (got a lot of posts to go through), let’s move on for now.

Spokki 4 Pack Face Wash Hair Band – £9.99
Spokki 6 Pack Headbands with Knotted Bow – £9.58

Finally! I’ve been dying to get my hands on these Headbands (on the right) since forever! What makes these special is that there’s a flexible wire inside the bows, that you can bend into the shape you want! It makes all the difference!

They come in Bright Red and Dark Red and Light Blue and Dark Blue and Black and White.

I’ve been wearing these babies nonstop ever since I got them! I especially love pairing the bright red one (my fave) with some gold hoops, a white button down shirt, blue denim jeans and slapping on a matching red lippie. You’ll find out why in a future post.

Since I was going to be ordering from this seller anyway, I figured I’d check out the rest of their store, which is when I stumbled on some Face Wash Hair Bands (on the left). They’re literally marketed as being suitable for Face Washing/Makeup/Shower/Spa/Massage. Pretty handy, no?

They come in Lilac and Pink and White and Blue.

Invisibobble Nano Crystal Clear – £6.74
Invisibobble Original Magic Mermaid Ocean Tango (3pc) – £7.65
Invisibobble Sprunchie – £4.89

Ugh the cuteness!

If you’re a girl (or a guy with long hair), chances are you’ve stumbled upon these infamous Invisibobbles at one point or another, be it wrapped around someone’s wrist or dangling from their purse or in their hair or whatever else.

While the original is nice and all, the nano is stupid cute therefore a must-have. It’s not really visible because it’s clear so maybe I’ll show you guys in another post (keyword: maybe).

The Magic Mermaid Ocean Tango I had to get because – wait for it – it changes color in the sun! How cool is that! Friendly reminder, I turn 37 next week and yet still get overly excited by this stuff lol

Invisibobble + Scrunchie = Sprunchie. Obviously, I had to get it too.

Cantu Edges Baby Hair Styler – £3.00
Denman D3 Classic 7 Row Styling Hairbrush – £7.50
Tangle Teezer Thick and Curly Detangling Hairbrush – £12.00

I remembered Cantu from back when I was on my Curly Girl Method kick (here and here and here). They cater towards textured hair and have a large variety of awesome, awesome products (which I’ll randomly stumble upon at Sultan Center every now and then).

I’ve been seeing a lot of these double-ended Baby Hair Brushes pop up (from every other brand) and have been wanting to try one for a minute now. I figured I’d try one from a reputable brand like Cantu to start with.

I also picked up the Denman D3 Classic 7 Row Styling Hairbush which is a constant repurchase (ever since I first started ordering online). I could live without all the other stuff, but this baby is life! If you’ve got long curly hair, this is a must!

Now the Tangle Teezer needs no introduction! Everyone who is into hair stuff has probably seen it or used it before (Spotted at Boots).

I’ve really been digging the Vibe Detangling Brush I picked up off (My Pantry) which was a knockoff of the original, but I can’t resist trying out new hair stuff (potential holy grails)!

Tangle Teezer came out with yet another different variation (gotta’ try them all, like Pokemon lol) this time targeted towards “thick and curly hair”, so I picked it up in Salsa Red.

Veet Miraculous Pre and Post Removal Hair Oil – £12.40
Veet Face Cold Wax Strips – £8.66 each

Lastly, I was sick of playing hide-and-seek (out of stock, always) with these Veet Wax Strips on and so I figured I’d just order them in bulk. They were a big help during the lockdown (dis), even though they made me look worse (for a week or so afterwards) lol

While I was at it, I picked up the Veet Miraculous Pre and Post Removal Hair Oil so I didn’t have to rely on those measly wipes (which were never enough) to remove the sticky residue after waxing lol

Aside from the Veet Wax Strips and the Denman Brush which were a necessity, I didn’t actually need to get the other stuff, but it didn’t make sense to pay exorbitant shipping fees for only those 2 items.

That’s why I loaded up my online cart with the other stuff (to even it all out and make it worth the shipping fees), except the Sprunchie ended up being late and shipped separately which meant I had to pay a lot for shipping a single item regardless lol

Aside from the Wahl Root Straightening Hot Comb (which I suspected was for wigs, but got it anyway) and the Chopstick Styler Long Curling Wand Iron (which seemed suspect, but I got it anyway), both of which ended up being duds, I pretty much loved the rest of the stuff in this haul!

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