Bath and Body Works Third Quarantine Haul

On July 23 2020 I went to The Avenues to return/exchange some stuff that I’d purchased online from Centerpoint (here) and H&M (here).

Aside from that one time Mera and I went to the Starbucks Drive-Thru before swimming (June 19) and the day after, when we went to Five Guys to grab some food before the nationwide curfew (June 20), this was my first real outing since the lockdown!

It felt so strange being back at The Avenues after everything that had gone down.

For starters, everyone including myself, was wearing a mask. It felt so surreal!

There were long queues of people waiting their turn outside every store.

As an added bonus, it was an extra humid day and the ACs were not working, meaning every store at The Avenues was basically a sweat lodge lol

After I’d gotten my Centerpoint stuff sorted out (and I was no longer wheeling a huge shopping cart around the mall) I decided to take a quick peek inside Bath and Body Works (the branch facing Carrefour) and ended up getting a few things from there (on sale).

Full disclosure, my previous order (this) still hadn’t arrived when I picked these babies up.

3-Wick Candles were reduced from KD 8 to KD 4

I could smell these babies with my mask on!

Vetiver Sandalwood – Dubai

Vetiver Grass, Velvety Sandalwood, Warm Musk

Vetiver Sandalwood smelled exquisite! Also, how fun did it look?

Not quite sure what collection this is from, but it had Dubai sprawled on it and the packaging reflected the name.

There was a skyline silhouette of their city (that went all the way around the candle jar) and it was pink! Their was a depiction of a camel and an eagle and some palm trees among other things. So fun!

The scent was beautiful! It was undeniably Arabic and actually reminded me of Teeb! So happy with this baby!

Island Margarita – Mexico

Sweet Mandarin, Island Mango, Sea Salt

Obviously from the same collection, based on the packaging, was Island Margarita. It had Mexico sprawled on it and the packaging reflected the name as well.

There was a skyline silhouette of the city in blue and a depiction of Chichen Itza and a pinata and a sombrero and some maracas. So fun!

This was the only Candle that I did not smell. I just got it based on the name.

Unfortunately, the scent was baaad! As I keep reiterating, I got Island Margarita way back in the day and it smelled amazing, but sadly the newer versions all have that obnoxious “grass” note which I find so annoying!

Check it. So I set my candles out on my table, to take pics of them for my blog the next day, and every time I’d walk past the table, I’d get a whiff of an unpleasant sharp and musky grassy scent. I actually had to isolate this thing (social distancing lol) straight after taking pics of it.

Tropical Banana

Fresh Banana, Creamy Vanilla, Hint of Tropical Coconut

The packaging was whatever on this thing but I couldn’t resist getting it because of the scent!

They don’t make that many banana-scented candles and this one actually smelled delightful!

Sometimes banana-scented stuff can tend to smell overly synthetic (artificial, fake, etc…). Other times, banana-scented stuff can tend to smell… off.

Tropical Banana smelled like a nice smooth creamy banana dessert!

Blueberry Pie

Juicy Blueberries, Flaky Crust, Sugar Crystals

This fruity, just-baked treat will make your guests think you’re serving pie later.

I’ve been dying to get my hands on this particular candle (for the scent), in this exact same gorgeous blue ombre packaging, ever since I first spotted it months ago on the U.S. website (it was always out of stock) so imagine my delight when I randomly found it over here!

As a consolation for missing out on this baby the first time around, I picked it up as a Jar Candle (here), but I’m so glad I got the larger 3-Wick Candle now too!

For the record, it smells deelish! You truly do get that yummy bakery note in addition to the blueberry! So good!

The rest of the haulage was a bunch of Shower Gels and a single Fragrance Mist and a single Body Lotion.

Floral Collection

This true-to-life fragrance embodies everything wonderful about classic florals.

I’m not really sure what this collection was actually called but it had a botanical theme and they all had matching descriptions (aside from the notes).

The full-size Shower Gels were reduced to KD 2
The travel-size Shower Gel was reduced to KD 0/750

Lily & Green Tea

A lush blend of Lily of the Valley, Green Tea and White Amber

The packaging was pretty (jungle vibes) but the scent was not-so-pretty.

It wasn’t quite I was expecting, based on the name. The scent wasn’t particularly fresh nor uplifting nor any of the stuff I usually go for.

It smelled green but there was also something sharp and worse still, something sour. All in all, do not like.

I’d already purchased the matching Fragrance Mist which was on the way too (here).

Midnight Peony

An enchanting blend of Raspberry Lychee, Sparkling Prosecco and Toasted Vanilla

The packaging was whatever but the scent was so damn sexy!

I was a bit wary of the notes because usually I can’t stand raspberry (smells too synthetic) or Prosecco (hurts my nose) in fragrances, that’s why I’ve sorta’ been avoiding Midnight Peony, but I’m so glad I finally took a chance on it!

It smelled gorgeous! It smelled musky and sweet and oh-so-sexy! It kinda’ reminded of Into The Night actually (here).

Not only did I love the Shower Gel but I even wish I’d gotten a back-up (or ten)! Highly recommend!

I’d already purchased the matching Fragrance Mist which was on the way too (here).

White Jasmine

A soft blend of White Jasmine, Apple Blossoms, with a kiss of Cedarwood

Awww how cute is the little baby?

Honestly, I wish all the Shower Gels from each and every collection (even the limited edition ones) came in these cute little travel sizes. That way, I could get to test drive the scent before committing to the larger size (I’m lookin’ at you, Lily & Green Tea Shower Gel).

The packaging was whatever on this thing too. The scent however was actually pretty nice!

The Jasmine made it smell sweet, while the Apple Blossoms made it smell masculine and the Cedarwood made it smell fresh and uplifting. All in all, it was a pleasant scent (nothing special, but not bad either).

Sweater Weather

Golden Autumn Leaves, Bright Blue Skies and Crisp Apple Slices

Based on the packaging, I believe Sweater Weather was from the same collection as Autumn Nights and Pumpkin Picking (here).

Just like the rest of the Shower Gels and Fragrance Mists in the Fall 2018 Collection, this baby came in the same boxy packaging and had the same reflective copper lid. It also had foiled designs on the front, this time depicting a Sweater and some leaves denoting Fall/Autumn.

It even had the same nonsensical fragrance notes : golden autumn leaves, bright blue skies, lolwut

The scent was so good! I can’t believe I skipped this baby the first time around! In fact, I don’t even know why I’ve always had a personal vendetta against Sweater Weather (in any and every form) from Day 1 lol

It definitely smelled like apples but the scent didn’t hurt my nose. Better still, it smelled fresh and a touch masculine!

I loved showering in this stuff during the cooler months of 2020 and early 2021, and only switched it out when there was a little bit left. Consider me a newly converted advocate for Sweater Weather now!

Oh and I picked it up for only KD 1

Peppermint (Aromatherapy Collection)

Using an artisanal craft to extract essential oils from plants, we’ve captured the natural therapeutic power of pure peppermint.

It promotes focus & encourages positivity.

Clear your mind with this fast-foaming aromatherapy body wash infused with pure peppermint essential oil.

Conditioning aloe & nourishing bamboo extract gently cleanse your skin while therapeutic peppermint promotes focus & encourages positivity.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted this baby chilling all nonchalant on the shelf! I’ve had my eye on it ever since it first popped up on the U.S. website!

I love Twisted Peppermint in the form of a Shower Gel! I love how it smelled fresh and minty but also sweet! Sadly, they only release it in the Holiday Collections.

That’s why I was pretty stoked when they released a Peppermint Body Wash in the Aromatherapy Collection! It was pure peppermint, without any weird additives like ginger or sage or whatever else they like to squish in there!

Even better, for some reason, it’d been reduced to KD 0/750 for this huge thing! Score!

Despite the fact that it’s associated with the Holidays, I personally prefer reserving Peppermint (and Twisted Peppermint) for the hot summers of Kuwait! Super refreshing!

Coconut Pineapple

A fruity, bright blend of Shaved Coconut, Fresh Pineapple and Sugar Cane

I believe there was also Coconut Palm and Coconut Hibiscus in addition to Coconut Pineapple in the Coconut Collection. I skipped the others for obvious reasons (because eww Palm and eww Hibiscus).

Both the Shower Gel and Fragrance Mist had been reduced to KD 1/500 each

Coconut Pineapple

A fruity, bright blend of Shaved Coconut, Fresh Pineapple and Sugar Cane

Every now and again, I’ll crave a proper coconut scent to shower with, but the ones I own, all have other stuff mixed in with them, which although delightful, not quite what I need to satisfy my craving.

That’s why I was pretty excited when I saw Coconut Pineapple! It had a pretty straightforward name (which in this case, I liked) and whatever packaging, but the scent was perfect!

It smelled like sweet, sweet, juicy, tart pineapples and musky coconuts! So pretty much a Pina Colada (which I love)!

I thoroughly enjoyed showering in this stuff all throughout the year, only switching it out to ration it (I never wanted it to run out lol)! Obviously, I’d definitely repurchase this baby if I ever saw it again. So good!

Coconut Pineapple

A fruity, bright blend of Shaved Coconut, Fresh Pineapple and Sugar Cane

In for a penny, in for a pound. I figured since I was getting the Shower Gel, might as well double down and grab the Fragrance Mist, especially since it was on sale.

Again, the packaging wasn’t all that exciting but the scent was pretty good! I’d say great, but that’s reserved for my beloved Bahamas – Pink Passionfruit & Banana Flower Fragrance Mist (here).

Initially, when I first spray it on, I get a hit of sweet pineapple, but once it dries down, I keep getting whiffs of tropical coconut.

For a cheapie scent, this sucker lasts pretty long too! Such a delightful scent! If you see it, grab it!

Cactus Blossom (Wild Wonder Collection)

Bright. Floral. Sweet. With notes of bright cactus petals blended with sun-kissed coconut & vanilla.

Last but certainly not least, I stumbled upon Cactus Blossom in the form of a Body Lotion. It had been reduced to KD 2

I’d already purchased it as a Shower Gel and Body Scrub and Aloe Lotion earlier (here).

I cannot stress this enough, the scent on this baby was absolutely wonderful! The more I used the Body Scrub, the more I wished I could own it in the form of a Fragrance Mist, but figured that ship had already sailed (since it was no longer a newer collection).

That’s why I super stoked when it was not only available but also on sale as a Fragrance Mist (here).

Typically, I don’t do florals (despite what this post might lead you to believe lol), but Cactus Blossom was light and delicate yet sweet and fresh and just all around wonderful! Although a delicate scent, it smelled as lovely in the air as it did on my skin and clothes!

Once, I spotted it in-store, in the form of a Body Lotion, I just had to get it! Even the packaging looked pretty cute!

I thoroughly enjoyed layering this baby (showering with the Shower Gel and moisturizing with the Body Lotion and spritzing on the Fragrance Mist) all throughout the Summer of 2020.

In fact, I still enjoy doing all that, because Cactus Blossom is one of those scents you’ll never get sick of! Love!

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