H&M Collective Haulage (July 2020) Long Post

July 10

I’d been ordering pretty consistently from Taw9eel (here) during the lockdown and while Taw9eel did meet my cooking needs, and most of my personal care and hair care needs, it just wasn’t cutting it for the other stuff.

Since I’d already ordered from Bath and Body Works (here) and Centrepoint (here) and even American Eagle (here) and they’d all arrived safely to me, I figured why not just go ahead and try my hand at ordering from H&M.

I hadn’t put on the Quarantine 15 yet, so everything I got was in a Size Small or Size 8 bar the Silver Oversized Mesh T-Shirt which I got in 3 sizes and loved so much that I kept all 3 lol

4 Pack Jute Coasters – KD 3/500
White Broderie Anglaise Tie-detail Scrunchie – KD 2/500
25 Pair Rose Gold Stud Earrings – KD 5/500
6 Pack Gold Ear Cuffs – KD 3/500
Gold Hoop Earrings – KD 3/750
Seashell Necklace – KD 1/990
3 Pack Gold Anklets – KD 3/750

These cute little Jute Coasters caught my eye from the H&M Home Section. Like I said before, I just can’t resist straw or jute or anything woven (so summery and fun)! They came in 4 per pack, so I grabbed two packs (making a total of 8) as if I was having big get-togethers during the pandemic lol

The rest were all from the Women’s Section.

How precious was this White Scrunchie with a tie going down the back! You can’t see the broderie anglaise detailing but it’s adorable!

I also picked up 25 Pair Rose Gold Stud Earrings because Stud Earrings are my fave (all dainty and cute)! Plus, this particular pack included a crescent moon and stars and a whole bunch of cool geometric designs. Plus, it was rose gold. Plus, it felt like a good deal!

I got 6 Pack Gold Ear Cuffs because I think Ear Cuffs are just so cool! That said, the designs weren’t the nicest (ugh, pearls), but beggars can’t be choosers.

Like I said, I’d been craving Hoop Earrings for whatever reason, so I had to snag a pair.

The Seashell Necklace… well, seashells, nuff said.

Lastly, I picked up 3 Pack Gold Anklets because just like Ear Cuffs, I think Anklets are just so cool!

Dark Blue Seamless Sports Bra – KD 6/500
Khaki Green Seamless Sports Vest – KD 6/500
3 Pack V-Neck Strappy Tops – KD KD 6/500
Light Blue Padded Lace Bra – KD 5/500
7 Pack White Trainer Socks – KD 3/750

I also picked up some Basics.

The Sports Bras was for working out, obvs.

The Strappy Tops felt like a good deal.

The gorgeous Light Blue Lace Bra was absolutely gorgeous! It was perfect for lounging around the house in (with a T-shirt over top, obviously) during quarantine.

The Socks were for my non-Hi-Top Sneakers lol Typically, I prefer more colorful socks or ones with funny stuff printed on them, but these were meant to match with my White Shoes.

White V-Neck Cotton Strappy Top – KD 1/990
White Ribbed Vest Top – KD 2/990
White Rib-Knit Top – KD 6/500

Now this is where I start veering into crazy territory.

The White V-Neck Strappy Top was for wearing underneath some of my see-through White Shirts. I’ve gotten so much use out of this thing already!

I’ve always found Blue Denim Jeans and a Wife Beater aesthetically appealing so I had to get the White Vest Top. I got it in Black too (shown below).

Lastly, the Rib-Knit Top was just too gorgeous! You can see it here from the front and back. I got it in White (shown above) and Black (shown below).

Black Lace-Trimmed Strappy Top – KD 3/990
Black Ribbed Vest Top – KD 2/990
Black Rib-Knit Top – KD 6/500

Some more Tank Tops… (don’t ask)

I’ve always, always had an aversion to lace. It just seemed kinda’ frou-frou to me, but during the recent years I’ve grown to find it, dare I say, pretty!

As such, I picked up the Black Lace-Trimmed Top. I figured it would look sweet peeking out from under a Blazer and matching Trousers, but it would look equally good paired with Pajama Pants. Versatile!

I got the exact same Wife Beater in Black and White, because it just looked cool, especially paired with Blue Denim!

Lastly, I had to pick up the Rib-Knit Top in Black and White because it’s stun-ning! It looked so good from the front and back! It’s super flattering too! Such a good purchase!

Light Grey Marl Ribbed Jersey Strappy Top – KD 2/990
Blue Lace Trim Vest Top – KD 2/500

Even more Tank Tops

I figured I’d get the Light Grey Marl Top for variety (to switch it up from Black and White).

The Lace Trim Vest Top came in several colors but the one in Blue looked so fun! This specific shade not only felt unique (cornflower blue) but also complimented my olive complexion beautifully!

White Lace Thong – KD 3/750
Pink Lace Brazilian Panties – KD 2/990
Black Lace Hipster Panties – KD 2/990
Black Lace Brazilian Panties – KD 2/990

I also picked up some undies in a variety of designs ranging from a White Lace Thong (it looked pretty in the pictures and pretty in real life) and Pink Lace Brazilian Panties (loved the color) and Black Lace Hipster Panties (so uncomfortable because they kept riding up my butt crack and giving me a wedgie lol) and Black Lace Brazilian Panties (so pretty from the front and back)!

Black Hipster Bikini Bottoms – KD 5/500
Black Bikini Bottoms – KD 6/500
White Scrunch Hipster Bikini Bottoms – KD 4/990
Light Blue/White Scrunch Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms – KD 4/990
Light Blue/White Striped Flounce Bikini Bottoms – KD 5/500

They had a lot and I mean a lot of Swimsuits and even more Bikinis over at H&M. I’m talking all kinds of different cuts and styles and colors. You name it, they had it.

Thankfully, you could mix and match the Bikini Bottoms and Bikini Tops (meaning you didn’t have to buy the matching set).

Typically, when swimming with fam, I’d wear Shorts over my Swimsuit or Bikini Bottoms. However, if I was swimming with my friends, I’d just swim in my Bikini.

Since I was going to be swimming with my family the most (pretty regularly), I picked up x2 Black Bikini Bottoms to wear underneath my Shorts. I figured I could alternate between them (when one was in the wash, I’d just switch to the other).

I don’t recall ever owning a White Bikini or even Swimsuit before, but had become besotted with the idea of rocking a tan and wearing a White Bikini to offset the tan. It’s been done (since the age of time probably) but I personally have never done it.

So I snagged the White Scrunch Bikini Bottoms. As an added bonus, they looked super flattering on my butt! lol

I couldn’t decide between the Scrunch Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms and the Flounce Bikini Bottoms, both in Light Blue/White Stripes. They both looked so cute! Naturally, I had to get both.

While the Scrunch Tie-Side Bikini Bottoms were as adorable as shown in the photo and quite flattering when worn, the Flounce Bikini Bottoms were sooo unflattering lol I had to return them (I hadn’t ripped out the hygiene safety sticker thing that’s usually in the crotch area just yet).

Pink Triangle Bikini Top – KD 6/500
White Triangle Bikini Top – KD 6/500
Light Blue/White Striped Triangle Bikini Top – KD 6/500
Light Blue/White Striped Super Push-Up Bikini Top – KD 7/500
Dark Blue Padded Bikini Top – KD 6/500
Black Super Push-Up Bikini Top – KD 6/500

Again, I try to dress more modestly around the family, so if there’s too much cleavage going on, I’d just wear an Oversized Tank Top over my Swimsuit or Bikini Top, but when I’m with my friends (most of whom have already had boob jobs) I don’t dress as modestly.

The Pink Triangle Bikini Top and White Triangle Bikini Top were the exact same design, only in different colors. They were effectively shapeless and offered no support, but I’m a bit on the smaller side up top, so they looked quite flattering on me.

If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you’ll see that they both had some smocked detailing going on, which made them all the more flattering! So cute!

Sadly, the Striped Triangle Bikini Top was not so flattering (had to be returned). I’d gotten it to wear with the Striped Bikini Bottoms (matchy-matchy). Thankfully though, the Striped Push-Up Bikini Top was a much better fit.

The Dark Blue Bikini Top offered the most coverage out of all of them, which is why I wore it the most around my family (with a sleeveless tank over top because it was very… booby). The Black Super Push-Up Bikini Top was nice too.

Unlike the Triangle Tops (I had to have a friend help tie them in the back for me, usually Mera) I liked that I didn’t have to keep tying and untying the Dark Blue Bikini Top or the Black Bikini Top or even the Stripe-y Bikini Top. I could just throw them over my head and be done with it.

Silver Oversized Mesh T-Shirt – KD 6/500

It was love at first sight! In fact, I loved this thing so much, I picked it up in 3 different sizes and kept all 3!

I mean it’s a beautiful silver with a slight sheen (metallic?) and it’s oversized and it’s transparent! Could it be any cooler?

One caveat, they arrived with the security tag still on them, which meant I had to visit H&M – which was still not open yet – to get the tags removed.

Harry Potter T-Shirt (for toddlers)

I couldn’t resist picking up this top for my 3 year old niece! I mean, how cute!

Obviously she has no clue who or what Harry Potter is, but she will, soon enough ♥

That concludes my first haul from H&M during the pandemic.

Star Wars Motif T-Shirt – KD 3/990

Same day, different haul, I picked up this Star Wars T-Shirt because I liked the retro vibe. I wanted it to wear to bed, but it seems to have disappeared.

That said, not a fan of Star Wars, still.

Friends Motif T-Shirt – KD 3/990

At the time, I didn’t know what was up with all these brands coming out with Friends merch, but I guess it was for the upcoming reunion.

I picked this up to sleep in as well or rather, just to wear around the house. I liked the back.

Not a fan of Friends, but unlike Star Wars, I don’t hate it lol

White Cotton T-Shirt – KD 1/990
White Long T-Shirt – KD 3/500
White Cotton T-Shirt Dress – KD 6/500

For whatever reason, during the Summer of 2020, I was fully obsessed with wearing White, ergo dis.

I picked up a basic White Cotton T-Shirt (you can see the front and back) and then a Longer White T-Shirt and finally a White T-Shirt Dress.

I figured they’d pair nicely with Leggings, among other things.

Black Slub Jersey T-Shirt – KD 3/990
Khaki Green Slub Jersey T-Shirt – KD 3/990

I love these Slub Jersey T-Shirts from H&M!

They’re comfy, they feel great (fabric-wise) and they come in a variety of colors! In fact, I’ve managed to accumulate a pretty big collection of them, over the years.

You can dress them up (pair them with Jeans and a Leather Jacket for example) or dress them down (pair them with Pajama Bottoms and sleep in them). So versatile!

At almost KD 4/000 a pop, you really can’t go wrong with these. Highly recommend!

Pink Stretch Shirt – KD 6/500

It’s pink. ‘Nuff said.

Powder Pink Off-The-Shoulder Top – KD 6/500

One of my fave silhouettes is a fitted top with flared sleeves! It just looks so pretty to me!

That’s why, even though I’m not one for Off-The-Shoulder Tops, especially since this particular one was sorta’ cropped (which I avoid, since I have a shorter torso to begin with), I just had to have it.

Between the smocked bodice and the wider sleeves, not to mention the sweet powder pink color, this top just looked so romantic and feminine!

Powder Pink Spotted Tulle Skirt – KD 7/990

Not my style nor my vibe. Lockdown made me do it.

For starters, I would’ve preferred it to be a full-on maxi rather than this awkward length.

Also, I didn’t realize this until it arrived, but it was actually dotted with little white spots (click on the photo to enlarge) which I didn’t like either.

Worst of all, it was high-waist (my nemesis lol).

Aside from that, I liked that it was a Tulle Skirt (so I can twirl around in it and pretend to be a ballerina) and I liked the powder pink color (which in my mind is the perfect ballerina pink color) and I liked that it was flared.

So, y’know, pros and cons.

Black Maxi Skirt – KD 7/990

Now this was more my style (or rather, easier to wear).

Maxi length. Check.

Solid Black. Check.

Unfortunately, it was also high-waist, but at least it had a drawstring (to control how tight or loose I wanted it to be) with tassels on the end of the drawstring (to keep the skirt from looking too casual, on account of the drawstring).

Also, I lurrrved the gathered tiers, which added width to the Maxi Skirt and made it not only more flattering, but stepped it up from being too plain (read: basic).

It was even lined with a short jersey skirt underneath (for some reason). I was definitely getting this in another color!

Black Maxi Dress – KD 6/990

I love this Black Maxi Dress!

I loved the way it was styled on the model! It looked cool, but also had this chill, laid-back vibe. I just realized I used both cool and chill to describe it lol

I loved the side slits! I loved the fit! I loved that it was Black!

The neckline seemed a bit iffy (it could go either way), but I’m happy to report that it looked equally flattering when worn.

Since we’re in Kuwait though, I couldn’t wear this and just walk out the door. Typically, I’d throw on something to cover up my shoulders (for example, my Cropped Blue Denim Jacket) which ruins the beachy vibe lol

Still, all in all, such a good purchase!

Beige A-line Dress – KD 7/990

This was a last minute purchase. I added it to my online cart on a whim (it had just popped up on the newly arrived section).

Super short and extra voluminous dresses (that could fit 3 people in 1) were having a “moment” in fashion and I jumped on the bandwagon. This was to be the first of many.

I could see this style being flattering on some tall, leggy model, but I’m 5’1 (basically, really, really short).

Also, the V-neck was really deep. Too deep, in fact.

In hindsight, I kinda’ regret getting it lol

2 Pack Jersey Dresses – KD 5/500
Light Grey Marl Cotton T-Shirt Dress – KD 5/500

I figured the 2 Pack Jersey Dresses would be great for wearing underneath some of my more sheer or rather transparent dresses.

As for the Grey T-Shirt Dress, it had really cool sleeves!

Black 120 Denier Leggings – KD 3/990
Black Cotton Leggings – KD 3/990
Black Shaping Waist Sports Tights – KD 7/990
Black/Powder Pink Shaping Waist Sports Tights – KD 7/990

I don’t understand why H&M sometimes label their Tights as Leggings and label their Leggings as Tights.

Well, whatever they wanna’ call them, their Sports Tights – which I will refer to from here on out as Leggings – were awesome!

They were nice and tight, but also, stretch-y (I know, I know, I have a gift with words). They just sucked in all the wobbly bits (for me, it’s namely my thighs) resulting in a more streamlined look, somehow without completely flattening my butt lol

Provided you got them in your correct size, they were quite flattering too! I’d suggest trying them on beforehand though, because I got them in a size Medium and they were a bit baggy so I had to exchange them afterwards for a size Small.

Unfortunately, not all branches carry their Sports line (for example, Marina Mall), but their Flagship store (the largest one in Kuwait) located at The Avenues, has a good selection for you to try. Once you’ve figured out your size, I’d suggest sticking to ordering online.

Their Sports Leggings are not only awesome but also available in a variety of beautiful designs, which is why they sell out so fast! Thankfully, they keep coming out with new ones (as you’ll see in a future haul).

Black Cotton-Blend Joggers – KD 3/990
Black Washed Super Skinny High Jeans – KD 7/990
Black Super Skinny High Jeans – KD 7/990
Black Super Stretch Treggings – KD 6/500

I also picked up up some Jeans and Joggers, all in Black this time.

Unfortunately, I was no longer a size 36 and most of those Jeans had to be exchanged. In fact, the Black Washed Super Skinny High Jeans wouldn’t go up past my thighs lol (thanks, covid).

Both their Jeans and Joggers are quite nice over at H&M, but again, provided you buy them in the proper size lol

Black Wide Jersey Trousers – KD 5/990
Cream Stretch Trousers – KD 7/990

I also got these really cool Black Wide Jersey Trousers, because I’ve been obsessed with Wide-Leg Pants, ever since I was a tween and saw James McAvoy sporting them on Children of Dune (like I said earlier). They just look cool!

I also got some Cream Stretch Trousers because I wanted to pair them with my White Kicks. Sadly, they turned out to be too tight and had to be exchanged lol

As it turns out, between the lockdown (being stuck at home) and Mera (who lives to eat), I’d put on some weight.

Black Pompom-Trim Kimono – KD 6/500

I love, love, love this Kimono!

I got the exact same one (not almost identical, but actually identical) from Express, a couple years back, when Express was where Boots is now, at The Avenues.

I loved that thing, so much! Still do! So, when I saw it’s twin available for purchase at H&M, I just had to get it!

For starters, I’m always freezing (regardless of the season) and this Kimono was light enough to wear even during the hottest months of the years.

Second of all, it just elevated a basic Jeans and T-Shirt look to something more dressy, especially when paired with Heels.

Third, it’s just mah vibe! No buttons. No zippers. A cross between hippie chic and boho chic. Just light and airy!

Lurrrve it!

July 26

I’d placed my previous 2 orders on July 10.

It took them a while to get delivered. Then, I had to leave them out in the hall for a few more days (because covid).

I only got around to trying them on until much later. The first order was fine, but the second order had a bunch of stuff that needed to be returned (namely Jeans and Trousers lol).

When I went to exchange the Centrepoint stuff (here) at The Avenues, I took my H&M stuff to get exchanged too.

I only placed another order with H&M after confirming that I could exchange/return the stuff that didn’t fit lol

Dark Blue/White Striped Knot Headband – KD 1/990
Black Cotton Jersey Headband – KD 1/990
25 Pair Gold Stud Earrings – KD 5/500
White/Black Straw Hat – KD 3/990
Black Heart Buckle Belt – KD 2/990
Light Beige Elastic Waist Belt – KD 5/500

Starting with the Accessories, I picked up a White Straw Fedora that I’d been eying up for a while now.

You don’t typically see straw in White. It’s usually a Light Beige. It also had a black grosgrain band going all the way around, which offset the white. I thought the hat looked pretty cool and unique and perfect for the pool, so I got it!

I also picked up some Headbands in a plain Black and a Blue/White Stripe-y one (I’ve got a thing for stripes, if it wasn’t already obvious).

I got some Belts, one in that woven detailing I’m so fond of (straw?) and another that had a heart-shaped buckle (which I admit was tacky, but kinda’ cute so I couldn’t help myself).

Lastly, I picked up another pair of 25 Gold Stud Earrings to play around with (the previous pair were Rose Gold and had completely different designs). I just think you really get a bang for your buck with these sets!

Black Hipster Bikini Bottoms – KD 5/500
Dark Blue Tanga Bikini Bottoms – KD 5/500
Light Blue/White Scrunch Bikini Bottoms – KD 4/990
White Scrunch Hipster Bikini Bottoms – KD 4/900

I also got some more Bikini Bottoms. The Black Hipster and Blue/White Scrunch were repurchases (the previous ones were a size 8 so I repurchased them in a size 10).

I got the Dark Blue Tanga Bikini Bottoms to wear with the Dark Blue Padded Bikini Top that I’d picked up earlier. I mean they were both Navy, but okay H&M, let’s call them Dark Blue.

I got the White Scrunch Hipster Bikini Bottoms to wear with the White Triangle Bikini Top that I’d picked up earlier.

Light Beige Self-adhesive Bra – KD 6/500
White Lace Push Up Bra – KD 5/500
2 Pack Black Light Shaping Briefs – KD 6/500
3 Pack Microfibre Thongs – KD 5/500
Black Cycling Shorts – KD 3/500
Black Cotton Leggings – KD 3/990

Figuring I could pair it with my Off-The-Shoulder Tops, I picked up a Self-Adhesive Bra. I also got a White Lace Push Up Bra which turned out to be gawjus! I was definitely going to have to get more.

I got a 2 Pack of Black Light Shaping Briefs. Didn’t seem to notice them doing much of a difference really. Maybe they’re meant to be the no-show kind you wear under tight skirts? Dunno’.

I also got a 3 Pack of Microfibre Thongs which were pretty cute and super comfy! Again, was definitely going to have to get more.

I got Black Cycling Shorts (which I wore under some of my Dresses that had ultra-high splits) and lastly some Black Cotton Leggings. So, just some basics.

Black Snakeskin Print Leggings – KD 10/500
Black Seamless Sports Tights – KD 10/500
Black Low Waist Push Up Jeggings – KD 12/990

This was so stupid. I picked up the gorgeous Black Snakeskin Print Leggings (they truly were gorgeous) in a size Medium, based on the fact that I had to exchange some of the stuff from my previous haul for a bigger size, only to find out that the Medium was too baggy on me (not a little, but way over the top baggy). Make up your mind, H&M. Am I size Medium or a size Small?

In any case, I exchanged those for a size Small later on and picked up some back-ups while I was at it. Yup, I loved them that much!

The Sports Leggings were awesome, as we’ve already established and the Black Jeggings weren’t available in-store when I’d tried to exchange them earlier, so they refunded me and I re-ordered them online.

Black/White Striped Ankle-Length Wide Trousers – KD 6/500
Light Beige Wide Trousers – KD 7/990
Black Wide Trousers – KD 7/990

H&M came out with Wide Trousers in the regular-length and ankle-length and calf-length, in a ton of different colors and designs for the Summer!

Typically, I find anything other than regular-length annoying, but I just have this thing for stripes, so I couldn’t resist picking up a pair of Black/White Striped Ankle-Length Wide Trousers. I just find them aesthetically appealing!

From the regular-length, I picked up the Light Beige Wide Trousers and of course Black Wide Trousers.

I especially enjoyed tucking my White T-Shirts into the Black Wide Trousers and pairing them with White Hi-Tops, which I think is such a cool look!

White Ribbed Vest Top – KD 2/990
Black Ribbed Vest Top – KD 2/990

Like I said, I kinda’ went crazy with Tank Tops during the Summer and out of the blue decided I needed about saaaay a million.

These two were repurchases and although the size Small which I’d purchased earlier fit fine, I’d decided that I needed Wifebeaters (don’t look at me, I didn’t name them) in a size Medium as well.

I mean, look at how cool the White one looks on the model paired with her short curly hair and shorts!

Light Pink Linen T-Shirt – KD 5/500 reduced to KD 2/000
Dark Mole Airy T-Shirt – KD 2/990
Black Long T-Shirt – KD 3/500
Black/Yellow Tiger Striped Jersey Top – KD 10/990 reduced to KD 3/500
Red Off-The-Shoulder Top – KD 6/500 reduced to KD 3/000

I also picked up some more T-Shirts and Tops. A lot of them were significantly reduced in price.

The Light Pink Linen T-Shirt looked so cute (pink!) and the Dark Mole Airy T-Shirt looked so cool (love this color sooo much!) ♥

The Black Long T-Shirt (missing the “r” changes the entire word lol) I paired with Leggings and wore a lot when walking the kids around the neighborhood (during the second lockdown lol).

The Black/Yellow Tiger Striped Jersey Top was hideous… but alas, I just can’t say no to stripes. So I got it. I mean, if anybody could make it work, it was me. Also, it was on sale.

Lastly, I snagged the Red Off-The-Shoulder Top because it was a pretty color and was also on sale.

Grey/Black Motel Jersey T-Shirt – KD 3/990

The photos do not even begin to do this baby justice! It looked so awesome in real life!

I ordered this baby in several sizes and loved it so much that I kept all of them!

I felt so cool strutting around the house in this Grey T-Shirt paired with my Denim Shorts, when much to my dismay, my teenage niece showed up wearing the exact same top! lol

Cream Hooded Jacket – KD 7/990
Light Greige Hooded Jacket – KD 7/990
Light Grey Marl Hooded Jacket – KD 7/990

Not quite sure why H&M were selling Hoodies during the Summer, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. What’s more, the sizes sold out pretty fast (you get what you get).

I could only find the Light Grey in a Small (had to be returned) while the Cream (pretty!) and Light Greige (gorgeous!) I got in a Medium.

Black Knitted Jumper – KD 3/990
Powder Pink Knitted Jumper – KD 3/900 reduced to KD 2/000
Black Fine Knit Cardigan – KD 9/990 reduced to KD 6/000
Black/White Knitted Jumper – KD 7/990 reduced to KD 4/000

Most of these Jumpers were in the Sale Section, so I snagged a handful for the upcoming Winter.

The Black and Pink were the same design, different colors. The one all the way at the end had some contrasting colorblocking action going on, which made it interesting and the one next to last was a handy Cardigan (to wear over my million and one Tank Tops lol).

Light Grey Marl Calf-Length Jersey Dress – KD 6/500
Dark Mauve Calf-Length Jersey Dress – KD 6/500
Black Calf-Length Jersey Dress – KD 6/500

I simply adore these Dresses! They’re so light and airy!

As you may have noticed, I love Black! So, I got one in the obligatory Black and one in the gorgeous Dark Mauve (this color is everything) and a Light Grey Marl (didn’t love it, but got it for variety).

– Black Maxi Skirt – KD 7/990
– Light Pink Maxi Skirt – KD 7/990

I got a back-up of the Black Maxi Skirt that I’d picked up previously and I got the exact same design in a Light Pink.

You can see all the details I talked about earlier more clearly on the Light Pink Maxi Skirt. That said, I kinda’ didn’t love it in Pink.

Daisy Print High-Split Skirt – KD 7/990 reduced to KD 3/000

It’s literally named High-Split Skirt lol which virtually makes it unwearable (at least in Kuwait), but I couldn’t resist picking up this lil cutie!

For starters, it had a Daisy Print and although I despise flowers (like, truly hate them), I find Daisies absolutely adorable!

Second of all, it was on sale for less than half price (62% off according to their site).

Dark Blue Landscape Linen Blend Dress (DESMOND & DEMPSEY x H&M) – KD 7/990

No clue when this collab dropped, but I really liked the Landscape Print and this particular shade of Blue, both of which were available on several kinds of Dresses in this collab, all of which had sadly sold out.

So I picked this particular style (not my fave) because it was one of the few left. Although I got a Medium, it fit like an XXL :/

Beige Trench Coat – KD 24/990 reduced to KD 12/000

I couldn’t believe my luck when I spotted this Trench Coat in the Sale Section!

I mean, sure, I wish it was longer but whatever. It still looked super cool!

It wasn’t some wacky color either. It was just a regular Beige. Classy!

Silver/Glittery Pink Unicorn LED Flashing Trainers – KD 12/990

I got this as part of the Birthday Gifts for my niece who was turning 10 (we celebrated by the pool).

They were iridescent-y and glitter-y and had Unicorns on them and flashing LED Lights that lit up with every step!

What 10 year old wouldn’t love them?

Powder Pink Heart Shaped Backpack – KD 7/990

I also got this for my 10 year old niece as part of her Birthday Gift.

It was available in Black but I thought the Powder Pink Heart Shaped Backpack was cuter for a 10 year old.

Purple Sequined Cap – KD 3/990

Blech! I thought this thing was hideous!

However, I remembered my other niece’s questionable taste when she was 10 (Jojo Bows lol) and figured the 10 year old would love it and I was not wrong.

July 27

I placed another order shortly after my previous one, mostly to exchange some stuff for the proper sizes.

While I was at it, I picked up a few more things that I’d been eying up.

Red Glittery Tights (14Y+) – KD 3/990

For example, these adorable Red Glittery Tights!

No, I did not pick them up for any of my 3 little nieces. I picked these up for myself… from the Kid’s section lol

I thought they looked so cute and Christmas-y lol

11 Pair Earrings (9 Studs + 2 Earrings) – KD 3/750
16 Pair Gold Earrings (12 Studs + 3 Pendant Earrings + 1 Hoop Earrings) – KD 5/500
25 Pair Gold Stud Earrings – KD 5/500
25 Pair Silver Stud Earrings – KD 5/500

I snagged a handful of Stud Earring Sets too. Like I said before, I felt like these Stud Earring Sets were a pretty good deal!

I mean, those Hoops with pearls and those Pendant-y ones were pretty ugly, but what’s one or two duds in a pack of 16?

You get a variety of designs and if ones starts to rust or tarnish or whatever it is they do, you just toss it out and start favoring a different pair. The inexpensive price point makes it easy to not get too attached lol

That said, how precious are the Silver Feather-y Studs! Ugh, so stinkin’ cute!

Black Leather Scrunchie – KD 1/990

I’d been asking myself if really I needed a Black Leather Scrunchie in my life ever since it first popped up online.

The answer was a resounding YES! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I cannot exist without Scrunchies!

It’s not for aesthetic reasons either. They’re just so handy for keeping my hair off my face.

I’ve always loved them (even when they weren’t as loved by the rest of the world lol) and will continue to love them for as long as I live!

White Voluminous Tunic – KD 24/990
Black Voluminous Tunic – KD 24/990

Last but certainly not least, was this White Voluminous Tunic… and Black Voluminous Tunic.

I spotted the White one in an online haul on YouTube (someone in the UK I believe) and was absolutely smitten ever since, checking and rechecking our local site until they popped up online.

I didn’t wait for them to go on sale, I just snatched them up as soon as they were available.

The YouTuber had gotten them in a Medium and advised us to go for a Small instead (she’d placed an online order as well) so I got these in a size Small and yet you could still fit the entire neighborhood in there!

They’re super short but so cute! I took the White one with me to an all girls weekend at the chalet (towards the end of September this year) and wore them over there.

I even had a mini photo shoot while jumping on a trampoline (my friends took plenty of pics and videos for my Snapchat lol).

Honestly, the White Voluminous Tunic looked bomb against my freshly tanned skin (we’d snuck off to the beach during the day)!

Final Thoughts

Lastly, I did use a Coupon Code (which knocked off a small percentage of the overall price) with every order.

I highly recommend their Leggings or Sports Tights as they call them. I also highly recommend their Slub Jersey T-Shirts. Their Bras and Thongs were pretty great too! They’re all great, across the board!

It’s a matter of personal preference, but I personally love their Wide Trousers and their Stud Earring Sets too! Not to mention the occasional hidden gem, such the Black and White Rib Knit Tops or the Silver Oversize Mesh T-Shirt or the Black Pompom Trim Kimono or the Black Snakeskin Print Leggings or the Beige Trench Coat or the Black and White Voluminous Tunics or the Silver/Glittery Pink Unicorn LED Flashing Trainers (Kid’s Section) or the Harry Potter T-Shirt (for toddlers)!

I mean, H&M should just go ahead and sponsor me at this point.

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