Carrera Curling Tong No.537

A longer curling tong means a bigger surface area that can style thicker strands in one go.

The result?

Dream curls, 25 percent faster.

Inspired by the success of the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron (hauled and reviewed here), I decided to get another Curling Tong.

I mean, read that description. How could I not get it?

On July 12, (during the lockdown), I placed yet another order on taw9eel, which included the Carrera Curling Tong (No.537) for KD 19/750

It came in a big black box with a removable sleeve.

It looked so sleek!

Also, this thing was huge!

The top layer had the Curling Tong encased in cardboard packaging while the bottom layer housed a Storage Pouch and the Instructions Manual.

Unfortunately, all the photos turned out blurry, but I’ll go over the specs below.

The silver tip at the top or the Cool Touch Tip as they call it was heat-insulated for safe handling (somewhere safe to touch while twirling the Curling Tong).

Unlike the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron where the clamp was quite short (here) the clamp on Carrera Curling Tong went all the way to the top (shown in the very first pic).

Also, unlike the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron which was 25mm, the Carrera Curling Tong was slightly bigger at 26mm.

The main reason I got this baby though, was because it was substantially longer than the average Curling Iron/Curling Tong.

Since my hair is a bit on the longer side, I figured this would save me more time (and effort) ‘cuz it was longer too.

The heat-resistant Storage Pouch which I’ll probably never use.

Lastly, the Instructions Manual.

It only had the – and + tabs to increase and decrease the temperature and the on/off tab meaning it was pretty simple to figure out. Unlike what it says in the video though, 210 Celsius was the highest it went up to (bummer).

Also, between the 26mm which made my curls less defined (as opposed to 25mm) and those yellow strips (safety ceramic to protect the hair from the heat), I wasn’t able to properly fry my hair to perfection lol

All in all, I like the Carrera Curling Tong No.537, but I don’t love it.

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