BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron C625SDE

On July 2 (during the lockdown), I placed yet another order on taw9eel, which included the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron (model number C625SDE) for KD 14/900

If you enlarge the picture, you’ll see at the bottom it says 160-210 Celsius. The fact that it went all the way up to 210 Celsius was mainly why I chose this particular model.

I learned early on that my hair cannot and will not hold a curl, unless I use extremely high heat.

In the past, I’ve tried using tools from some of the more cheap-y brands (low heat) and although they did curl my hair, the effect barely lasted for an hour. The curl would fall loose and sorta’ become shapeless (which is not what I wanted).

Although it’s not healthy (at all), my personal preference is extremely high heat. The higher the better lol While 210 Celsius was not that extreme (for my hair), it was still pretty hot, so I took a chance and it payed off!

Another reason I chose this particular model, was the size of the barrel, which was 25mm.

I wasn’t looking for tight corkscrew curls (which you can achieve with a smaller barrel) nor was I looking for big bouncy waves (which you can achieve using a larger barrel). I was looking for something in between and that’s where this baby comes in.

In fact, the 25mm (1 inch) is known as the “universal” barrel size because of it’s versatility.

Model Number : C625SDE

On the back of the box, the diagram shows

LCD Screen that displays the temperature.
SSS Protection Switch.
+ Switch to increase the temperature.
– Switch to decrease the temperature.
Power Switch to turn it on/off.

Here’s what they look like on the side of the Curling Iron itself.

Inside the box was the Curling Iron wrapped in plastic and a dinky Heat-Resistant Insulated Mat and an Instructions Manual.

Instructions Manual

As you can see from the cover, this particular model came in several sizes, ranging from 19mm (tighter curls) all the way to 38mm (looser waves) but I went with the 25mm (perfect curls) because that’s just what I wanted.

Heat-Resistant Insulated Mat

Aside from certain rooms, most of our home isn’t carpeted, so I don’t really need this thing.

I’d just plop down in front of a full length mirror and set the Curling Iron on the marble floor (ceramic floor? I dunno’) when I wasn’t using it.

Unlike other Curling Irons that I’ve used in the past, the clamp on this specific model was quite short. It didn’t go all the way to the top, let alone halfway through.

At first, I found that a bit awkward, but with use, I’ve grown to love that about it!

That could be a problem if you’ve got super long hair or really thick hair. However, for my hair, I feel like the shorter clamp gave me more control.

For reference, here’s a photo of the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron (C625SDE) in my hand.

You can sorta’ get an idea of what the 25mm barrel looks like in comparison to my hand.

Once I post a photo of my hair after I’ve curled it using the BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron (C625SDE) I’ll definitely link it (here).

I’ve got a ton of use out of it already and think it’s such a good bargain! Highly recommend!

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