Cream Silk (Gifted to me by Mera)

I’ve written up an entire post dedicated to Cream Silk (Best Hair Conditioner Ever) a few years back, but I’m still just as obsessed with the stuff!

I’m very, very dependent on Cream Silk because it detangles my hair like no other!

I have to take this stuff with me, whenever I’m sleeping over or going to the chalet or traveling abroad.

As such, during the lockdown, my stash was running low and I was starting to hyperventilate. Since she had no prob flitting from one co-op to the next, I’d asked Mera (former friend) to pick up one or two for me, but instead she showed up with ten (which I thought was very sweet of her)!

These are Cream Silk Hair Conditioners that she’d picked up for me (as mentioned, here). I have repurchased more since then, because I go through this stuff like water.

There are several different Cream Silk Conditioners, each in a different color, catering to different hair needs. Also, they come in the regular size (as shown) and a much larger size. I prefer the regular size for many reasons.

Thankfully, Cream Silk Conditioners are readily available in most supermarkets in Kuwait and even at the Al Nasser Hypermarket (at the chalet). Try it!

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