Hair Removal during the Lockdown

It’s not the sexiest of topics, but Hair Removal during the Lockdown was an issue and as such, I feel the need to talk about it now lol

First of all, if you haven’t already, check out my post on Hair Removal (here). I feel like it’s an interesting read, if I do say so myself (I do!) lol

As I said earlier in My Story: Shaving (here) typically I’ll use Gillette Blue II Disposable Razors (reviewed here) in conjunction with Nivea For Men Cool Kick Shaving Foam (reviewed here) to shave my underarms and legs.

As for my bikini area, I prefer to shave it dry (sans shaving foam). For my brows, I used my trusty Tweezerman Tweezers (the ones from Boots were absolute garbage lol). None of those areas were an issue. I could find disposable razors and shaving creams and foams and even tweezers all on (My Pantry).

The issue was with the upper lip area. Typically, I’d get my upper lip area waxed and then for the invisible tiny hairs, a once over with thread, all at the salon. During the pandemic, there was no salon.

I called up all my friends and family (even the ones abroad) to see how they were handling the situation and not one of them was helpful! lol

Apparently, they were all between sessions of laser hair removal when the pandemic hit, meaning they only had the whiskers on the sides to contend with, which they just shaved off every few days. I was definitely not going to do that (slippery slope with an unknown end).

Some of my more self-sufficient friends had taught themselves how to thread their own face (and even provided me with a How-To Video on YouTube). There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that I was ever going to learn how to do that (my hand-eye coordination was not up to par).

That’s when I remembered my own post (Hair Removal) and asked my sister-in-law to pick up a box of Wax Strips on her next run to the cooperative (you had to schedule your visit to the supermarket during the lockdown so my sister-in-law and my younger brother were taking turns buying groceries and whatnot for the house).

She couldn’t find Face Strips but did find Body Strips. Aside from the difference in size, I figured they were both effectively the same. So that’s what I used, up until the salons opened back up again!

x4 Perfect Finish Wipes
x20 Wax Strips

The box came with 20 Wax Strips and only 4 Wipes

There was a bit of a learning curve with the strips. The first time I pulled one apart, my thumb accidentally smushed the blue wax, making the blue wax less sticky and therefore ineffective.

That was my only issue really, where to place the second half of the Wax Strip, while I used the first half of the Wax Strip on my upper lip. I couldn’t set the Wax Strip face-up because it would curl in on itself and the blue wax would get smushed again.

I placed the Wax Strip on my upper lip, smoothed the wax strip and pulled, and that was that! It was fast, effective and somewhat painless lol

It did not get rid of the tiny invisible hairs (you need to get those threaded) but it did get rid of the fine (thin) hairs.

That said, I couldn’t wax my upper lip again until the hairs were a certain length (which took about two months or so) otherwise the wax wouldn’t latch on to anything.

If you’ve got thicker hair, then you could definitely get away with waxing once a month though.

Unfortunately, getting the blue wax off my hands and off my face and off everything that it touched (my bathroom sink) was not as easy as I’d hoped. This stuff refused to get off!

The only way to get it off was to wipe it off using one of the Perfect Finish Wipes. Sadly, they only provided me with 4 (meaning I had to ration them).

No matter how many times I washed my hands and rinsed the sink, the waxy residue would not wash off!

I actually had to resort to using my Hair Serum (because it contained Oil) in an attempt to get the blue wax off my bathroom sink and everywhere else that I’d touched when I’d had the wax on my fingers.

Here’s what it said on the back

Step 1 + Step 2

Step 3 + Step 4

As you can see, my face did not love the Veet Wax Strips lol

For starters, after waxing my upper lip area with the Wax Strip, the whole area would feel inflamed.

The alcohol and perfume and whatever else was in the Perfect Finish Wipe only made it much worse. It felt like my upper lip was on fire buuut I have a pretty high threshold for pain and I figured it was only a for a lil while anyway.

I couldn’t not use the Perfect Finish Wipe because then I’d get worried about licking my upper lip and accidentally ingesting the wax and ending up with an upset stomach (now that I cannot handle).

Also, the wax made my upper lip area pretty sticky and you know how crazy I get with any form of residue let alone something on mah face lol

After a few hours, my upper lip area would still be pretty red, but it’d also start to swell up. The final step was when the scabs would start to form (so pretty!) lol and what’s more, is that they would stay that way for about a week or so.

Everyone who saw me would ask me what was wrong lol

Eventually, I managed to get my hands on Veet Face Strips but the result was still the same. As such, I limited my waxing to once every 2 months.

Thank God, the salons opened back up again because this was not fun lol

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