Ivy Babies

Ivy Babies – https://ivybabies.com/

My youngest niece’s birthday was coming up (mid July) and we were still under lockdown (2020) so I found this really cute online store that sold baby clothing and accessories and picked up a few things for her from there.

I got her a White Tutu Dress and a Pink Tutu Dress, as well as some sparkly Angel Wings (which she wore along with the White Tutu Dress on her birthday)!

You can see her wearing them on her birthday at the bottom of this post (here)

I also got the cutest little Pink Onesie which also had Angel Wings on the back for my bestie’s newborn baby (Cook is kindly holding it up in the picture).

I even found an adorable set of Weather Cookie Cutters!

I figured the kids would get a kick out of the shapes. That said, we never got around to using them. Still, they’re nice to have.

I wasn’t sure what these were, but they looked fun, so I picked up just the two (to try out).

Each pack came with 4 little cubes (and each color had a different name, Blair was blue and Lumi was purple, etc…). You just tossed them in water and they’d automatically light up. As soon as you shook them dry, the light would turn off right away. They were so much fun!

Everyone got a kick out of playing with them whenever we swam in the pool! The kids, Mera, my brother, everyone! Even when we weren’t swimming and I’d invited a few friends over pool-side, I’d toss them in the water for some “ambient lighting” lol

They were such a vibe!

Lastly, for myself, I couldn’t resist these adorable little scrunchies (it’s the lil bows that get me)!

We hope you enjoy unpacking it as much as we enjoyed packing it up for you.

Much love from our family to yours.

Awww cute touch!

Also, their customer service was excellent! I’d accidentally picked up the wrong sizes (the Tutu Dresses were too small) but they were promptly exchanged for the correct size, even with the national curfew in play!

Also, everything arrived beautifully packaged! Also, their prices were quite reasonable!

All in all, I’d definitely order from them again and would highly recommend them to anyone with kids.

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