Quarantine Haircut

On April 9 2020, I cut my own hair!

I was one of the ones (one of the ones?) that cracked early on lol

We hadn’t been in lockdown for all that long, but in hindsight, I suppose with my heart palpitations (dis) and quitting smoking (dis) and everything else that was going on, maybe I felt like I needed something I could control.

I watched a few YouTube Videos and stumbled upon something called a Unicorn Haircut (where you tie your hair in a ponytail and flip it upside down and snip away) and decided to go with that.

My hair was down to my hips and although I cut a significant amount of length, it was still pretty long.

Not yet satisfied, I cut some layers, to give my hair some movement and swing!

Lastly, I decided to cut some bangs. Only then was I satisfied.

Naturally, I documented the whole thing on Snapchat and was consequentially flooded with a bunch of crying emojies (my friends and family are all advocates for longer hair and didn’t have much faith in my chopping skills lol) but I ignored them until I was completely finished and although they chastised me afterwards, they saw for themselves that the end result was not a disaster (which in my book was a win)!

For the record, I’m not one of those people who has a knack for cutting hair. It was all based on a whim. I got the urge to cut and went for it. The rest was pure luck (whatever happens happens).

Basically the new length was where the picture cuts off. You can also kinda’ see the layers and of course the bangs.

Thankfully, I got that out of my system early on lol

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