Quarantine Hair Dye

On May 8 2020, a month after cutting it (myself), I dyed my hair (also by myself)!

Basically, I was still unhappy with my hair. As you can see, my roots were pretty dark, while the middle was all brown and the ends were much lighter in comparison.

The contrast looked nice when I curled my hair or braided it or whatever, but if I haphazardly blow-dried it (as shown in the photo) or completely straightened it, the overall effect wasn’t as nice.

All those colors were seriously annoying me, but also, I’d never dyed my own hair before… because I have this fear of the dye getting in my eyes and blinding me forever lol

That’s why, when I saw an ad for Gloss Salon on Instagram, I contacted them right away and they put me in touch with their Hair Color Specialist on Whatsapp.

She asked to see a bunch of pictures of my hair in natural daylight and afterwards, promised she’d talk me through the whole thing (which she didn’t lol).

I payed KD 80+ and once she got payed, she texted me the instructions (mix this with that and leave on for this long) and that was that. I never heard from her again only until after I dyed my hair.

Two days after I’d payed, their driver delivered a paper bag (their was only a certain time deliveries could be made on account of the lockdown) which had the stuff that I’d payed for inside.

There was a Ziploc Bag that had a cute little jar that contained the “Milkshake” (which I had insisted on because it was supposed to remove the brassiness, according to their Instagram Account) and two tubs of Hair Dye labeled 1 and 2.

There was also the Plastic Mixing Cup (to mix the dye) and inside it was the Hair Dye Brush and a Purple Hair Clip (it was all wonky and bent) and a Plastic Cape (to protect my clothes) and a Plastic Straw, all wrapped in Saran Wrap or rather Plastic Wrap.

I got a pair of Gloves and some Plastic Spoons and set up camp in the Guest Bathroom.

I followed her instructions to a T. There was a lot of mixing involved

Before (warm toned)

Like I said, I was pretty much living in Oversized T-Shirts and Pajama Bottoms during the lockdown lol hence the need for proper Loungewear.

After (cool toned)

Muuuch better!

My hair looks significantly shorter cuz it’s wet and I let it air-dry, but it was actually just as long as the previous photos (even after my Quarantine Haircut).

I was very pleased with the result! My hair looked darker and was more cool-toned. I wouldn’t say it was KD 80+ worth but whatever, it was during the lockdown and I had the money and I needed the change.

To this day, I never dyed my hair again (nor have I gotten it dyed at the salon). I’m just sorta’ letting it do it’s own thing lol

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