Bath and Body Works Second Quarantine Haul

Bath and Body Works were having a sale and not gonna lie, my previous haul (this) was kinda’ disappointing, so on July 8 2020 I placed another online order with them.

A lot of stuff was missing (out of stock, because of the sale) but they refunded me (my money was back in my account) in a little under two weeks.

Everything arrived individually wrapped in bubble wrap and there was no breakage nor leakage.

Fragrance Mists were reduced from KD 7 to KD 1/750 – KD 2

Since it had been a minute since I had sniffed any new Perfumes in-store (in any store, on account of the lockdown) and the Perfume & Makeup Exhibit was canceled (on account of the pandemic), I was going through withdrawal symptoms.

As a result, I tried to feed the need, by picking up some Fragrance Mists. Their lasting power is not the greatest and many of them turn out to be duds, but every now and again, I’ll find one or two that I really enjoy!

Papaya Paradise Cove (Crystal Cove Collection)

A sweet seaside breeze of fresh papaya, starfruit water, honeysuckle, passion flower & amber

Dive into an underwater paradise where an iridescent world awaits.

From the 3 scents in the Crystal Cove Collection, I’d picked up Underwater Oasis in the form of a Micellar Body Wash (here) and a Fragrance Mist (here) earlier.

With use, I found the scent of Underwater Oasis to be a bit too masculine for me. Although fresh, coupled with the hot water in the shower, the Micellar Body Wash was kinda’ overpowering. The Fragrance Mist, less so, but still quite masculine.

That said, the other 2 scents in the Crystal Cove Collection kept getting rave reviews and the Fragrance Mist was on sale, so I decided to try Papaya Paradise Cove.

The packaging was beautiful! The scent however was quite young and fruity (as I’d feared). However, once it dried down, it became quite nice! Once it dried down some more, it turned sour (lolwut). So… I dunno’.

It’s a fruity and somewhat sweet scent (people around you will find it nice) and I don’t hate it, but it’s not that great, ya’ feel me? I should’ve stuck to my instincts and skipped it lol

Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain (Rainbow Collection)

A joyful blend of rain-kissed berries, jasmine blossoms & birch water

Morning sun showers, dewdrops on the grass & breathing in the fresh air. It’s time to dance in the rain!

From the 4 scents in the Rainbow Collection, I’d picked up Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain and Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky, both in the form of Shower Gels (here) earlier, both of which I loved dearly!

Since I loved their scents so much, naturally I was inclined to pick them up as Fragrance Mists, but unfortunately Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky went out of stock pretty fast, leaving only Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain.

The packaging was beautiful! The scent was as described, dewdrops on grass! It’s very light unfortunately and definitely not long lasting, but the “dewy” note really comes through! I’m so happy I got this baby!

Not everyone is going to find it appealing, but I personally love it!

Lily & Green Tea (Floral Collection)

A lush blend of lily of the valley, green tea & white amber

This true-to-life fragrance embodies everything wonderful about classic florals.

The packaging was pretty (jungle vibes) while the scent was quite interesting!

Typically, I can’t stand any form of Lily (especially Cala Lily, ugh) and actually have to remove myself from the vicinity. However, I simply adore Green Tea notes in fragrances. Together, the Lily and Green Tea come together to create something… interesting!

You definitely get the Lily of the Valley but it’s not nearly as obnoxious when coupled with the Green Tea. In fact, I actually find it somewhat pleasant. It does get a bit sour at time and it definitely isn’t one of those lighter scents either, but there’s just something about it that I find appealing.

Oh, I know! It reminds me of those Floral Perfumes from Marks & Spencer! All in all, it can get irritating at times, but I like it!

Midnight Peony (Floral Collection)

An enchanting blend of raspberry lychee, sparkling prosecco & toasted vanilla

This true-to-life fragrance embodies everything wonderful about classic florals.

Oh. My. God.

Sexy bottle! Sexy scent!

I was a bit wary of the notes because usually I can’t stand Raspberry (smells too synthetic) or Prosecco (hurts my nose) in Fragrances, that’s why I’ve sorta’ been avoiding Midnight Peony, but I’m so glad I finally took a chance on it!

It smelled way more expensive than it was! It smelled gorgeous! It smelled musky and sweet and oh-so-sexy! It kinda’ reminded of Into The Night actually (here).

The sillage was excellent and it even smelled great when spritzed on clothes! The Prosecco still hurts my nose, every now and again but… worth it!

Basically, this is the scent you wear on “Date Night” (not that there was much of that going around during the lockdown lol) and I highly, highly recommend you go out and get Midnight Peony for yourself!

Cactus Blossom (Wild Wonder Collection)

Bright. Floral. Sweet. With notes of bright cactus petals blended with sun-kissed coconut & vanilla.

Not gonna’ lie, when I first got Cactus Blossom in the form of a Shower Gel and Body Scrub and Aloe Lotion (here), I was a bit disappointed by the scent, because it was so light!

With use (during the lockdown), I grew to love the scent on Cactus Blossom, particularly the Body Scrub and more than once, found myself wishing I had it in the form of a Perfume or Fragrance Mist! It was a beautiful sweet floral!

So imagine my delight when I saw this baby was up for grabs! I could not purchase it fast enough! The packaging was whatever but the scent was everything!

I wear this on myself for myself, but as an added bonus, I always get a ton of compliments whenever I have this on! It’s definitely a people-pleaser! Highly recommend!

P.S. Bath & Body Works please bring back the Body Scrub!

Gardenia & Fresh Rain

A garden party blend of gardenia, spring rain & bergamot

I was reeled in by the promise of Spring Rain in the notes and the fact that I typically adore Bergamot in Fragrances.

The packaging was straight up ugly lol The scent however was quite pleasant! It’s definitely a floral but I like it, even more so than Lily & Green Tea!

You get the powdery quality of the Gardenia and that magical Spring Rain note (whatever that means) that I love, coupled with the citrus from the Bergamot and the end result is a rather pleasant floral!

Body Lotions were reduced from KD 7/250 to KD 2

I picked up a few Body Lotions for my brother. The packaging sucks but the scents are nice. Not much else to say about them (since I’m not the one using them).


Add an air of mystery with this exotic blend of Black Cardamom, Smoky Vanilla and Hint of Musk


A refined blend of Cedarwood, Orange Zest and Hint of Musk

Whitewater Rush

A captivating rush of Fresh Whitewater, Aromatic Bergamot and White Cedar

I believe this was a repurchase (here).


A cool splash of Italian Bergamot, Mountain Springwater and Oakmoss

Shower Gels were reduced from KD 5/500 to KD 1/750

The Summer 2020 Collection was kinda’ disappointing (repeat scents, not all of which I liked) so I figured I’d take a chance on the rest of the Rainbow Collection, despite being wary of the fragrance notes listed in both.

As I said, from the 4 scents in the Rainbow Collection, I’d picked up Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain and Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky, both in the form of Shower Gels (here) earlier, both of which I loved dearly!

That left only Peach Sunset – Soak In The Sun and Daydream both of which were up for grabs. The packaging, consistent with the rest of the collection, was aesthetically appealing to me!

Peach Sunset – Soak In The Sun (Rainbow Collection)

A beaming blend of sun-ripened peach, pink prosecco & blonde woods

It’s time to soak in the sun!

I hate the scent of Peaches and Prosecco hurts my nose, as does Blonde Woods. Basically, the notes for this thing sounded horrible.

In reality, Peach Sunset was actually a nice citrusy Peach that I enjoyed using during the Summer!

Due to the fact that it was citrusy, I actually liked it more than Bora Bora – Citrus Surf (here). It wasn’t as sweet as Peach Citrus which was gorgeous (here), but it was somewhat similar to Pretty as a Peach (here).

All in all, Peach Sunset wasn’t a must-have, but it was a nice-to-have!

Daydream (Rainbow Collection)

An optimistic blend of fresh raspberries, sparkling pear & pink lily petals

Rainbows fill a clear blue sky, a new day lies ahead & the world is yours. It’s time to daydream!

Out of all 4, I thought the packaging on this one was the least pretty. Also, the notes listed Raspberry again, which I am not a fan of, when it comes to Fragrances. Thankfully, with use, I found the scent to be… not that bad.

The Pear is clearly discernible, which makes Daydream smell fruity and therefore a bit juvenile. In fact, my nieces and nephew all told me (individually) that the new Shower Gel smelled ah-mazing (it wasn’t new, I’d just forgotten it in the outdoor bathroom after showering with it and they’d found it and used it when it was their turn to shower). So I left it there for them to use.

Honestly, it’s not bad. It doesn’t even hurt my nose. I just… don’t like it because it smells too juvenile for me. That’s the problem with Bath & Body Works always adding Pear to everything and making it smell young. At least the kids like it though.

Lastly, since I’d recently purchased Wallflower Fragrance Plugs (here), I picked up a few Wallflower Fragrances.

Blue Ocean Waves

Beach Breezes, Citrus Sea Spray, Sundrenched Wood

I’ve only ever clocked Blue Ocean Waves as a 3-Wick Candle back in October 2018 (here), but actually enjoyed the scent!

Not enough to splurge on a 3-Wick Candle, but enough to give it a shot as much cheaper Wallflower Fragrance.

Tiki Beach

Warm Vanilla Musk, Orchids, Toasted Coconut

I really, really enjoyed the 3-Wick Candle I got of Tiki Beach back in 2014 (here) and the beautiful frosted 3-Wick Candles I got of Tiki Beach in 2016 (here)!

So when I clocked it in the form of a Wallflower Fragrance, naturally I had to get it!

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