Bath and Body Works First Quarantine Haul

After months of isolation, on June 27, 2020 I finally caved and placed a small order with the local online store of Bath and Body Works.

They had
– Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Hand Soaps
– Buy 2 Get 1 Free on Travel Sizes
– Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Wallflowers and Wallflower Plugs

I wasn’t all that excited about anything in particular. I just needed to place an online order. Aside from I hadn’t gone shopping neither irl nor online in quite some time and I was going crazy because of it.

I was the teensy bit curious about the latest Summer Collection and figured I’d give the minis a try. If I liked anything, I could always go back and purchase the full size.

Everything arrived safely swathed in bubble wrap. It took forever to get here though (definitely because of the lockdown, I suppose everyone was ordering online).

I’d been meaning to pick up some Wallflower Fragrance Plugs but I didn’t want the Buy 2 Get 1 Free promo that they usually had on these babies. So I waited until the Buy 1 Get 1 Free promo to pick them up.

Although I do wish they’d sell more exciting designs (for example, the light-up mermaid or glow-in-the-dark haunted house or the terrarium ones, etc…) I went with the plainest design available, because the other available designs were all gaudy and tacky (all gold and blingy and just yuck).

I needed some more Hand Soaps (my favorites are from Bath and Body Works) and the notes on these babies sounded intriguing.

Truthfully, I wanted more than just these ones, but I figured I’d just place a small order for now.

Fiji White Sands

White Sands + Vanilla Orchid + Warm Amber

Fiji White Sands was lovely!

The packaging looked aesthetically appealing to me. The iridescent sticker depicted a teaser image of some sort of tropical shoreline, which complimented the clear liquid inside the bottle beautifully!

The scent itself was everything I’d hoped for and more! It was a wonderfully warm sweet scent that was perfectly beachy! Definitely something I’d repurchase in other forms (preferably a Shower Gel, if available).

Best of all, it was a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (my fave type of all the Bath and Body Works Soaps) to boot!

The one caveat was the rusty spring clearly visible in the photos. Gross! Just how old was this thing?

Regardless, I used it all up in a little under a month lol As I said, it smelled great!

Crisp Autumn Air + Heirloom Mahogany + Cedarwood

I’d purchased Flannel in the form of a small Single Wick Jar Candle in my 2nd U.S. Bath & Body Works Haul (here) and promptly fallen in love with the sublime scent!

So, when I clocked it in the form of a Hand Soap, I couldn’t resist snatching it up.

The packaging was simple but I quite liked it. Less is more.

The scent however was gawjus! It was right up there with Bergamot Waters in my book! It was fresh and uplifting but also woodsy with a touch of sweetness. Definitely a unisex if not masculine scent. I was obsessed!

I was more than halfway through this stuff, when a friend who had come over to swim, fell in love with the scent (I’d placed Flannel in the outdoor bathroom by the pool, for my guests to use, but I’d take it back to my bathroom once they left) so I let her have it.

Aromatherapy Passion (Tuberose Absolute + Ylang Ylang Oil)

Tuberose + Ylang Ylang

I’d actually seen Passion pop up on the U.S. online store (just because I wasn’t shopping didn’t mean I wasn’t stalking Bath and Body Works releases) and was dying to give it a try!

Once it popped up online locally, I just had to get it.

The packaging was simple and nice. Even the color seemed exciting!

Unfortunately, the scent was a God-awful floral (you’d think the notes would’ve given it away lol). I could not stand the scent on this thing so I popped it in the Kitchen for the staff to use. Not surprisingly, they loved florals and would not stop complimenting the scent (ugh).

Lastly were the travel size versions I wanted to try from the latest Summer Collection.

None of the scents from the Summer Collection sounded all that appealing to me, especially since they were mostly repeats and I was fully stocked up on the ones that I did like (namely Bahamas – Passionfruit & Banana Flower and Bali – Black Coconut Sands from the previous Summer Collection).

That said, the colorful ombre packaging did entice me into getting a few things.

Bora Bora – Citrus Surf

A fruity, islandy blend of sugared lemon, dewy waterfruit & vanilla bean

Shimmering ocean waves. The scent of crisp, sunny citrus in the air. Bora Bora, your tropical oasis, is calling.

I mean… how gorgeous did this baby look? I’m not one for florals but those flowers on the sticker looked so tropical and aesthetically appealing especially with the gorgeous blue liquid!

The notes sounded lovely too! I’m all about Sugared Lemon and pretty much obsessed with most forms of Vanilla! Heck, I didn’t know what a Dewy Waterfruit even was, but it sounded delightful!

Unfortunately, the actual scent was just too juvenile for me. It strongly reminded me of Sun-Washed Citrus (here).

It smelled sweet like candy. I could detect the Lemon and definitely some Orange in there. In fact, it smelled pretty much like orange-flavored Fanta. I would’ve loved this stuff as a kid or even a teen and possibly even in my early 20’s, but it’s a bit too young for my taste now.

If I use it daily, I find the scent irritating, but if I use it once every few months, I find it somewhat enjoyable. As such, there’s still a little bit of it left in the already tiny bottle.

Tiki Bay – Island Margarita

A whisk-you-away blend of sweet mandarin, island mango & sea salt

When it’s sunset o’clock in Tiki Bay, there’s no better way to end the day than with an Island Margarita.

Island Margarita in the form of a Wallflower Fragrance (haulage here) purchased during the semi-annual sale, was one of my earliest loves from Bath & Body Works!

The scent was pure deliciousness! It was all sweetness and limes… and actually reminded me of Skittles! I loved it!

Sadly, I never saw Island Margarita again, bar that one time I stumbled on it in the form of a PocketBac (reviewed here).

Several years later, also during the semi-annual sale, I picked up a bunch of Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in the scent Island Margarita (here). Sadly, they did not smell nearly as pleasant as the previous version. They smelled… grassy.

More recently, I repurchased a single Island Margarita Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in my U.S. B&BW Spring Haul (here) hoping it would smell more pleasant (like Skittles) and less grassy. It smelled grassy as well.

While Tiki Bay – Island Margarita did smell sweet and fruity, it also included that grassy scent that I found so annoying. I suppose that would be the Sea Salt. At this point, I think I should just give up on Island Margarita and never repurchase it again because it’s always going to include that grassy note and I just do not like it.

Fiji – Sunshine Guava-tini

A bright & beachy cocktail of sun-kissed guava, fresh orange & seaside jasmine

The sun shines brighter in the heart of the South Pacific, where your Fiji island getaway awaits. Kick back and relax…it’s Guava-tini time.

I had little to no expectations for Fiji – Sunshine Guava-tini. I just needed to pick out something to complete the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer. As it turns out, this was the best purchase out of all 3 items from the Summer Collection!

It smelled sweet and fruity but not in a juvenile way (I believe that would be the Jasmine’s doing), with some form of powderiness and it was particularly nice to wear in the heat.

That said, Fiji – Sunshine Guava-tini does not hold a candle to Bahamas – Passionfruit & Banana Flower which is my all time fave from the Summer Collection!

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