My Pantry

So in our main Kitchen (pics here), there’s a pantry with shelving units.

Since the Kitchen was a communal area (shared space), everyone from my family members to the staff would just take my stuff without replacing it, which was fine… except when I wanted to make a certain dish, halfway through I’d realize that we were out of Baking Powder or Cornstarch or a certain spice or a certain herb.

It was pretty annoying. So I took over a couple of shelves in the pantry and started stocking them with my stuff. Most if not all of this stuff was from

KDD Power Fruits Boysenberry with Pomegranate & Cranberry

I went through a phase with this stuff! It was all I drank for several months straight!

KDD Power Fruits Pomegranate with Acaiberry

This stuff, not so much. It was a bit too tart for my liking.

I basically picked these up as a substitute for my pseudo-coffee and soda drinks (since I quit those), but I’m pretty much over the KDD Power Fruits now.

Rabee Rose Syrup

This stuff smelled good and tasted good! So refreshing during the Summer!

Foster Clark’s Mango + Foster Clark’s Orange

Tang Orange + Tang Tropical + Tang Pineapple

Darina Pineapple

Obviously nothing beats the classic Tang (orange) but I figured I’d pick up a few different flavors to try since I’d quit my beloved carbonated drinks and pseudo-coffee drinks. The kids seemed to enjoy most of them.

Sunkist Pineapple Nectar

My niece and I preferred Sunkist Pineapple Nectar over KDD Pineapple Nectar.

KDD Mango Nectar

Tried and true favorite!

Tang Lemon

I’d picked up a small sachet of Tang Lemon from somewhere and was obsessed with getting more ever since! This stuff was next to impossible to find online during the quarantine! It was so tart and ridiculously refreshing!

Maynards Bassetts Sherbet Lemons

Now this stuff was a repurchase. I crave it from time to time.

Del Monte Orange + Del Monte Pineapple + Del Monte Mango

Once these Del Monte drinks popped up online, I picked up a pack of each because of the “real bits”. The Orange was my personal favorite but my preference wasn’t shared by the fam.

Rani Strawberry Banana Float

Now this stuff was a sleeper hit! I was always a fan of Strawberry + Banana and would even request it (if it wasn’t on the menu) when I’d go out to dinner with my friends. Naturally, I thouroughly enjoyed this stuff!

Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Bar Soap

At some point, I started going through shopping withdrawal so I decided to go crazy on First, it started off with personal care items. I stocked up on yet another tried and true favorite, the Nivea Lemongrass & Oil Soap (repurchased several times here).

Fa Citrus Fresh Refreshing Lemon Bar Soap

This sounded promising (Refreshing Lemon) but I don’t really remember using it, meaning it didn’t leave much of an impression.

Johnson’s Sea Salts Bar Soap

Now this stuff was so good! It was a wee bit smaller than what I would’ve preferred, but the fresh scent more than made up for its size! I’d only gotten the one, but vowed to stock up soon (which I did). Highly recommend!

Gillette Blue II Disposable Razors

What can I say about these Disposable Razors that I haven’t already said a million times before? I prefer mens’ razors (closer shave) and these are my absolute favorites! I’ve even written up an entire post about them (here)!

Persona Disposable Razors

They looked similar to my favorites (same color packaging) so I decided to give these a try. As simple as that.

Septona Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Absolute garbage! I desperately needed Nail Polish Remover and since we were in lockdown mode, I bought these wipes online. Unfortunately, they did nothing for me. Not. A. Thing. Waste of money.

Signal + Astera

So Signal turned out to be too big of a Toothbrush for my small teeth, but the way the bristles were cut on Astera strongly appealed to me! I even repurchased the Astera Toothbrush several times (in different colors)!

Parodontax Toothpaste

Apparently all my friends and family use Parodontax Toothpaste. I don’t like the taste and it doesn’t feel particularly refreshing, but whatever (I don’t wanna be left out lol).

Astera Flossers

I developed somewhat of an unhealthy obsession with flossing ever since a certain dentist created huge gaps inbetween my teeth when I went for a routine teeth cleaning (thanks Asnan Tower for messing my up my teeth).

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Callus Remover

Like I said, I was getting antsy during the lockdown and needed to spend my monies. I saw this thing online ( and wanted it and got it. To this day, I have yet to use it.

Vibe Detangling Brush

Yet another Tangle Teezer knockoff. I mean I like it but I’d say stick with the original.

BaByliss Sensitive Curling Iron C625SDE

*cue angelic music* Honestly, I went into this with zero expectations and was delightfully surprised by the end result! My hair had gotten super long during the lockdown (even after I’d given myself a “trim” complete with bangs lol) and this thing curled my hair beautifully! There was a bit of a learning curve, but other than that, this baby was amaaaze!

Carrot Watermelon

Got it mostly for the fun scent!

My shtuff

Kellogg’s Corn Flakes Honey & Nuts

Not sure when or why but I was started craving honey-flavored Cereal (any brand) all the time! For whatever reason, this stuff was so hard to find! It was always out of stock! Whenever it popped back up, I’d always repurchase it in bulk (well, two to three boxes, at a time). So yummy!

Nestle Fitness


The one on the right, wins!

Kellogg’s Special K Strawberry

I picked up just the one box to try (shared with the kids) and loved it so much that I went back online and stocked up. This stuff strongly reminded me of those old-school granola bars. Deelish!

McVitie’s Hobnobs

Fibre One 4 Peanut Butter Popcorn Bars

Hated both. Blech!

McVitie’s Mini Digestives + McVitie’s Iced Gems

These were cute! I believe I picked them up from the Imported Section (UK) on Previous to this, I hadn’t even known that Digestives came in the Milk Chocolate flavor! It was stupid good! I definitely needed more! The Iced Gems though, not so much. They were a bit crunchy and tasteless (sorta’ like… I wanna’ say meringues?). In any case, both were way too overpriced for such a small amount.

McVitie’s Digestives

Since I quit smoking, I was pretty much munching on these non-stop. I legit went through an entire small box of this stuff per day.



Once I started craving my beloved Skittles (love!), I grabbed a pack of each. The ones without a shell were all melted together and the yoghurty coated ones tasted strange. Double fail.

El Sabor Nacho’n Dip

These are the Nachos I served to my guests whenever we were watching a movie or whatever in the Cinema Room.

El Sabor Nacho’n Dip

The box came with Nachos and a thing of Dip (either Cheese or Salsa, depending on which box). Pretty convenient!

El Sabor Nachos + El Sabor Cheese Dip

That said, the boxes were a bit small so I figured I’d pick up several large packs of Nachos in different flavors and a thing of Cheese Dip. More economical and stuff, y’know?

Potato Chips

The Potato Chips selection on was abysmal. It was all organic this and gluten-free that. Where was all the good stuff? I tried a few but mostly the kids ate them.

Jolly Time Popcorn

It’s Popcorn. Kids love it. Adults love it. It’s perfect for movie nights and it helped me with my oral fixation back when I first quit smoking. Dunno’ what else to say. It’s Popcorn. Who doesn’t enjoy Popcorn?

American Garden Bread Crumbs

As you may have seen in my Chef LuLu (Part 1) Post (here), the first few recipes I made, all called for some form of breading. So this stuff was supposed to be a time-saver (granted you still had to add your own spices).

Dream Whip

Ugh! So hard to work with. My first time using this stuff was for Mera’s so-called recipe (here) which was a bust, therefore I’m not surprised Dream Whip and I did not and do not get along.

Sarita Cakes

I mean, I only picked these up because I couldn’t find Sara Lee Cakes on at the time (prolly out of stock).

Betty Crocker

Velvety White + Supreme Vanilla + Milk Chocolate + Dark Chocolate

I was super happy when these popped up online! Since we were under lockdown and couldn’t order from bakeries (I mean we could, but we were trying to be extra safe), I heavily relied on these Cake Mixes for dessert. Aside from being super easy to make, there was also an endless amount of Cake Mix Hacks you could find online, like I mentioned in my Chef LuLu (Part 1) Post (here).


Brownies + Orange + Strawberry + Chocolate + Vanilla

Dreem Vanilla Cake Mix


Dreem Chocolate Cake Mix

Dreem Strawbery Cake Mix


Dreem Orange Cake Mix

Dreem Brownies

Dreem Gelatine

I was dying to experiment with Gelatin but could never find the plain stuff until one day when it popped up on In anticipation of it going out of stock I seriously stocked up. Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I cut Grapes in half and tossed them in some Coconut Water (because it was clear) mixed with Gelatin. You can see the finished result in my Chef LuLu (Part 3) Post (here). Pretty cool, right?

Dreem Vanilla Ice Cream Powder

This stuff was a big help when it came to the kids! They were getting antsy during the lockdown and icecream just makes everything better (here)!

Dreem Chocolate Ice Cream Powder

Also, it actually tasted good (here)!

Dreem Strawberry Ice Cream Powder

And even looked pretty (here)!

Dreem Jelly

McVitie’s Digestive Biscuits

I used these for making Desserts and stuff, but also for munching on whenever I was craving a smoke, up until I discovered the Milk Chocolate version (see below) which was a billion times yummier!

McVitie’s Digestive Milk Chocolate Biscuits

I picked this stuff up from the imported section, just to try and was quickly obsessed! Thankfully, I was able to find it locally (see below).

McVitie’s Digestive Milk Chocolate Biscuits

I went through an entire box of this stuff per day! So good!


These were not my favorite.

Betty Crocker Cookies

I didn’t like these either.

Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries Nice Coconut Biscuits

These were for the staff.


These I used for making Dessert for the kids (here).

Mini Marshmallows

I figured the mini ones would be cute for Hot Cocoa.

Lindt Milk Chocolate

These, I reserved for usage when Baking (here).




A bunch of random snackage I got from for whenever I or the kids got the munchies.

Honey Roast Peanuts

So good!

Dried Seaweed Mix

Calrose Rice

Used this stuff to make the authentic Saudi Arabian Chicken with Rice Dish called Saleeg (here)!

Riserva Gallo Riso Carnaroli

Daawat Basmati Brown Rice

Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

Buitoni Farfalle Tricolore

Used these to make bomb Pink Pasta!

Old El Paso Tortillas

Of all the Salsa brands, Old El Paso is my favorite! I didn’t even know that they made Tortillas up until I clocked them online. I used these to make Chicken Fajitas (here)! Later on, I used the smaller versions for the Tortilla Wrap that was trending on TikTok (where you basically just fill and fold).

Libby’s Baked Beans in Tomato Sauce

Natureland Unrefined Sesame Oil

Yolk Magic Egg Separator

As I said, was not only limited to food. They also sold… pretty much everything else, including fun little novelties like this. Certain recipes called for egg whites only and since I had trouble separating the yolk from the egg whites, this little thing made my life much easier!

Tefal Tupperware

I also needed something to store the Kimchi in (because it seriously stinks), so I was delighted to find these as well!


I needed Leeks for my Vaterzoy recipe (here) and was lucky to find some on Like I said, that site was a life-saver during the lockdown! Sure it was overpriced but whatevs.

Sweet Potatoes


Who doesn’t enjoy Avocado Toast (here)?


So happy I found some on because my Kimchi recipe (here) called for Pears.

A peek into our Freezer

The side door…

Inside the Freezer…

Americana Arabic Spices Beef Burgers

The infamous Americana Arabic Spices Beef Burgers (here).

Saadia Arabic Spices Beef Burgers

Americana Jumbo Beef Burgers

Khazan Jumbo Beef Sausages

McCain Seasoned Crinkle Cut Fries

As I said, a friend of mine turned me on to McCain’s and I quickly became addicted and ballooned in size lol At first it was just for whenever I had guest coming over to swim, but with time, I was having McCain Fries on the regular. They had a wide variety to choose from too! So good!

McCain Lightly Seasoned Potato Wedges

McCain Masala Fries

McCain Chilli Garlic Potato Bites

McCain Onion Rings


I heavily rely on these dips and mixes for the dishes I make!

Hidden Valley Ranch Dip

This was not from In fact, I believed I stocked up before the lockdown. I love mixing this stuff with yogurt and using it as a dip to go along with Potato Chips, but I also enjoy using it in recipes. I’ve loved this stuff ever since my bestie first introduced me to it ages ago (here).


I just about died of happiness when I found this stuff on! I tried my hand at making Toppoki (which was a bit too spicy for my heart), but so yummy (here)! I even gave my favorite cousin a pack to try, which she loved!

Beef Bulgogi Marinade

I was so stoked when I found this on! It was also in the exotic foods section or imported food section or whatever. Obviously I used it to marinade the beef, to make Beef Bulgogi (here). In fact, its what actually inspired me to try making Teriyaki Beef which is now a favorite in our household!

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce

This stuff is everything!!!! I first used it for my Cottage Pie (here). Then again for my Spaghetti Bolognese (here) and Tacos (here) and even Swedish Meatballs (here). Mostly though, I use Worcestershire Sauce regularly for Spaghetti Napolitana (going through a phase, it’s all I wanna eat every single day of the week right now).

HP Fruity Sauce

Went through a phase with this stuff and would slather it all over my Burger and dip my Fries into it and everything. Several bottles later, I’m kinda’ over it.

Hershey’s Natural Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

I use this stuff to make Brownies from scratch (here) but also, Hot Cocoa once it starts raining (here). My favorite is the Oreo Instant Hot Chocolate though (purple packaging).

Sea Salt

I don’t really like the Nezo Himalayan Salt all that much. My favorite is the Maldon Sea Salt Flakes which I love sprinkling over my homemade Avocado Toast (here)! Sometimes, I’ll also sprinkle a bit over my Chocolate Chip Cookies (here). The McCormick Sea Salt (complete with grinder) I only use specifically for cooking.

My Spices

Or rather, my little helpers. My favorite has to be the stuff by McCormick. I wish I could find the entire range over here.

McCormick Ground All Spice

Such a tiny jar but it sparks so much joy in my heart! It’s the secret ingredient in my now well-known specialty, Banana Bread (here).

Madji Crushed Oregano

So good on Pizza (here)! That said, I’ll sprinkle a little with other stuff, for example Awesome Blossoms (here).

Crisco Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray + Crisco Original Spray + Crisco Butter Spray

Lastly, the all-stars without which none of the dishes I prepared would’ve been made. I use the Olive Oil for savory dishes like veggies roasted in the oven. The Original I use the least. The one I used the most though is the Butter Spray. I can’t live without it! Chef LuLu – (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6) (Part 7) (Part 8)

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