Chef LuLu (Part 8)

September 28

Mera made me promise not to have lunch, because she was bringing over “The best seafood you’ve ever tasted in your entire life!”

I however was already used to her exaggerations, so I knew to keep my expectations low.

After I’d ignored Mera’s phone calls one too many times, she’d called up another one of her friends and made plans to go walking in Shaheed Park. After the walk, her friend had taken Mera to Lobster Shack for the first time.

Since Mera had enjoyed the food so much, she had to have it everyday, until she got sick of it (her MO). That’s why she was bringing it over to my place that day, and would go there by herself to have lunch there, every single day (unless we had plans), up until she could no longer stand it.

Mera called me up over the phone and asked me if I prefer Mixed Seafood (Mussels + Crab + Shrimp) or just all Shrimp? I told her I was fine with whatever, but after much prodding from her, said that I prefered Mixed Seafood (I eat everything).

To which she responded, she doesn’t eat Mussels or Crabs and prefers Shrimp. So, I told her she could get whatever, again. I didn’t see the issue…

She came over with a Tub of Mixed Seafood from Lobster Shack… in the size Small (shown in the video) meant to be shared between the both of us.

She placed the plastic mat on the table, tipped over the 2 Small Tubs of Rice. Then poured the single Small Tub of Mixed Seafood. I took a video of it in slow-mo for my Snapchat and went to go wash my hands (even though I was going to be wearing the gloves that they provided).

I came back to find most of the Crab gone and she was now working her way through the Shrimp! lol

I ate what little was left, while she kept asking me “Isn’t this the best you’ve ever had?” up until I got annoyed and told her that I was actually still hungry (after the food was gone), to which she automatically responded “Of course! You should eat the Rice (even though I’d already explained to her that I was watching my weight and Rice was a no-no)”.

Then, she pulled up another Tub of Shrimp from her corner of the table, and ate it all by herself! lol

Truth be told, the food was actually very good! The only issue was that she hadn’t brought enough for the both of us and didn’t share what she did bring.

In any case, I smudged some of my Essence Black Kajal Pencil on my eyes and got dressed (finally jumped on the bandwagon and got me a pair of those ubiquitous “Mom Jeans” earlier), stopped by Al Dahia Juice (the one located in Dahia Abdulla Al-Salem next to where BBT was originally located and also, where I got Yelo Pizza) and picked up some drinks for Mera and myself (to fill me up) before we headed towards the Avenues.

That’s Mera’s hand in the photo. Regardless of whatever else was going on, Mera always had Nail Polish on her nails and even if she was just coming over to watch TV, she always wore jewelry. The girl made an effort, I’ll give her that.

We were going to check out the new Hilton Garden Inn (which had just opened), because we were thinking of taking the kids and spending the night there. We wanted to pretend we were traveling abroad (because traveling for fun wasn’t a thing anymore, on account of the pandemic).

For the record, it was not my idea. Due to the nature of her work, Mera got a 20% discount on the rooms and came up with the idea.

The rooms were just okay.

Aside from the fact that I doubted my sister and her husband would allow their kids to spend the night at The Avenues during a pandemic, the pool wasn’t open yet either, so we saw no point in booking the rooms.

We made a reservation at one of my favorite restaurants, Trapani (she’d never been) and walked around the mall while we waited for our turn. There was so much fun stuff to see!

Annoyingly, Mera would not stop complaining to me about the wait (girl was hungry and therefore cranky) as if I had anything to do with it. While we were shopping at NYX, they called us and we went back to Trapani.

It become obvious that if Mera was alone (she was paying) she’d only order a Salad, but if I was paying, she’d order everything, which was fine with me, if it was being reciprocated (which it wasn’t) or if she didn’t have the means (she dressed in designer brands from head-to-toe and wouldn’t stop talking about that stuff) or if she was at least thankful and appreciative (which she definitely was not).

When they brought our food over, she took out her phone and got on Snapchat and started comparing the plates to her 2-year-old-niece Deema’s plate (meaning she thought the portions were too small)! Bruh!

We had the Al Forno Rosa (Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Pasta with Provolone Cheese and Tomato Sauce, but I told them to hold the Chicken because Mera “doesn’t eat Chicken”) and we had Seabass Risotto (Citrus Rissotto topped with Miso Grilled Seabass). We were so stuffed that we didn’t manage to finish either dish, even though the food was so good!

Honestly, all this wouldn’t have bothered me as much, if she hadn’t been so cheap about Lunch that day and brought a Small portion for the both of us and then, inhaled the entire thing, while I was busy washing my hands and then, pulled out some more food that she had kept for herself!

The girl was cheap and for her to have the audacity to even comment on the size of the food at Trapani was astounding!

Moving on, on our nightly call (I swear, I felt like I was her boyfriend) she was complaining about how she felt sad and wanted some color in her life. She said she actually wanted to color, so I told her I had the perfect place in mind.

September 29

Since she gets ready super fast, I told her not to dare come pick me up before I was ready.

I needed time to settle my stomach, take my Nexium pill (hiatus hernia), shower and dry my hair, have breakfast (after an hour had passed of me taking the pill), and then start my day, otherwise I’d just feel nauseous all day (I had a system lol).

I told her to go to Starbucks and take her time. Unfortunately, she kept calling me every 5 minutes and giving me updates (which is her usual style).

“I’m at Starbucks.” *calls back* “It’s really crowded” *calls back* “There’s this guy checking me out”. *calls back* “He’s following me. Should I stop and take his number?” *calls back* “I stopped for him but he kept driving… WHY ARE YOU NOT READY YET?! I’VE BEEN IN YOUR AREA FOR THE PAST 10 MINUTES! I’VE BEEN GIVING YOU UPDATE AFTER UPDATE! I’M OUTSIDE!!!!”

So I get in the car and she won’t stop complaining about how I was “late”.

“You told me to not come early. I went to Starbucks and you had an extra hour. Why weren’t you done?”

“We made plans for 11:00am. It’s 11:00am now. Stop complaining.”

I’ve told her several times before, if we made plans for 11am, it meant we had plans for 11am. It didn’t mean she could show up as early as 8am or 9am and expect me to entertain her. It’s not my fault that she takes 5 minutes to get dressed and be out the door. Who shows up an hour early?

Unfortunately, Mera doesn’t seem to grasp that concept. In her mind, if we made plans for 11am, it meant she was my responsibility for the the entire day! I’d be in bed at 9am and she’d spam me telling me she was up, she was getting dressed, she was on the way, etc… Ugh.

We went to Jarir Bookstore in Hawally Park and got there before noon, no thanks to Mera. I told her I practically grew up in Hawally (well, just Rihab Complex) so I knew my way around the entire area. Plus, my sister lives across the street from Hawally (in Jabriya).

Mera refused to listen and kept leading us from one dead-end to the another, for what felt like forever, until she finally gave up asked me to get us there (so annoying).

I clocked BTS (Icons of K-Pop) The Unofficial Biography and BTS AND ME : Your Unofficial Fill-In Fan Book and The How Not To Die Cookbook (Over 100 Recipes to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease) and Thinking, Fast and Slow and The Winds of Dune and and a bunch of Manga (Book Club).

Aside from Books, they had so many other cute things like Pretty Pens and Funko Pop Vinyl Figures and whatnot at Jarir Bookstore!

I helped Mera find some Coloring Books (the ones for kids lol) and even found a few things for myself (haulage to come). After we payed for our stuff, we headed towards Marina Crescent for lunch.

I didn’t have breakfast so I was feeling carsick. That long car-ride earlier in Hawally didn’t help. We got to Marina Crescent because Mera wanted TGI Friday’s up until we got there and she saw that the place was practically deserted so she said she wanted us to go into Marina Mall and have lunch at Paul.

We crossed the enclosed pedestrian bridge thing (dunno what it’s called so I’m making up names) that connects Marina Crescent to Marina Mall, to get to Paul, which was smackdab in the middle of Marina Mall.

Even though I was feeling faint, there was no way I was taking my mask off in this place. Mera kept nagging me to order something but I told her “nah, I’m good” and surprise, surprise, she only ended up ordering a Salad :/

I told her I wanted to go back to Friday’s, so once we were done, we made the trek back. The place was more lively now (unfortunately) but I was starving and cared a little less. Of course I ordered and Mera polished off half my food without even so much as a fake offer to pay for it.

While having lunch, we started hearing murmurings from the surrounding tables that His Highness Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah had passed away (God rest his soul). Like a true sociopath, Mera turned to me and said we should check out the costumes at Party Land (I’d mentioned earlier in the day, that I might throw a very, very small Halloween Party for the kids at my place to which her instant reply was “Yes! Please! I beg!”) as if nothing happened.

I told her I thought she was cold and her answer was “What? We already knew he was sick. Things hadn’t been looking well for awhile now.”

She was not wrong. However, her cavalier attitude was setting off alarm bells in my head (the girl was a sociopath).

October 1

Personally, I’d been holding it together pretty well, up until I saw the drawing (shown above) which is when I teared up a little.

The next day, after the funeral was aired live on tv, Mera called me and was crying hysterically.

I’m not sure if that qualifies as being bipolar or what, but her behavior went from one extreme to the other and I was getting tired of it.

I suspected she was crying more herself rather than anything, being cooped up indoors for months, not visiting her beloved London, going through all this while being single, etc… She kept it up and cried for the next two weeks straight (which is how I knew it was more for her).

Also, Cook had gone to India (on his bi-annual vacation) promising to come back in about 2 months. This is when I really leaned into ordering takeout during the pandemic.

October 6

Mera called me up wanting to do something. I told her I already had plans to swim with my nieces. She told me that she didn’t want to swim (prolly because she dislikes showering and getting her hair wet) but I let her know I’d already promised the girls. She was free to do whatever. She ended up coming over and swimming with us.

It was the last time we would all be able to swim before it got too chilly. In fact, after sun down, we all had goosebumps on our arms.

We toweled off and huddled together and had dinner by the pool before everyone went home, exhausted from shivering so much lol

October 7

After months of avoiding Shaheed Park because of that one time, when we went on a humid day, which upset her (even though she was the one that had suggested going), Mera brought up going to Shaheed Park again.

Mera was going to pick up her 2 year old niece Deema and the kid’s nanny and meet me there.

It was around the time I fell in love with Savage Love (this version).

Shaheed Park was super crowded this time around. It felt like the entire country was out walking!

I was genuinely bummed out when I noticed that they’d gotten rid of my beloved chairs (the ones facing away from each other) because aesthetic-wise, those had looked distinctly Japanese and I was sad to see them gone.

The photo isn’t of the chairs I was talking about. It’s just of one of the many benches with the new protocols on them.

Back to Mera, she did not know how to handle her 2 year old niece Deema. After all the grief she’d given me about the way I behaved with my nieces and nephew, not gonna lie, I was a way too smug when I saw her behavior with her niece.

I mean, you could have an entire conversation with my 2 year old niece. In fact, my brother would go out of his way to use advanced vocabulary when he was talking with daughter’s mother, just so his daughter wouldn’t understand and yet his daughter would not only understand what he said in Arabic but translate it in her head and reply in English, “No, I don’t want to sleep now” lol

Despite being a month or two apart, Mera’s 2 year old niece Deema could only grunt in response. In fact, Mera strictly spoke to Deema in “baby-talk” in that high-pitched voice (which I always tell her is not helpful for kid’s development).

It just goes to show the difference in toddlers raised by their nannies and toddlers actually raised by their parents. You can see the difference in the child’s cognitive skills, when the parents just dump their kids with the nanny and when they actually make the effort to raise their own kids!

Mera spent most of the time running after Deema around Shaheed Park, alternating between pleading with her and threatening her lol

She promised we’d have a better “walk” the day after, saying that today didn’t count because of Deema and left to drop Deema and her nanny home.

I stayed behind and walked around Shaheed Park up until 11pm or so.

Although I was more than happy with my own thoughts for company, I kinda’ wished I’d invested in AirPods at some point and had them with me, so I could listen to Savage Love (Jungkooki ♥).

October 8

The next day, Mera picked me up and we went to Shaheed Park again.

Her sisters were there (including the mother of Deema) as was her brother’s sons (Mera’s nephews) and of course Deema and all the nannies.

As usual, I had no clue what Mera was wearing. She was wearing cut-out leggings with some sorta’ strappy tank underneath a glittery crop top. We were going walking at Shaheed Park, not clubbing.

I thought her outfit was a bit much but didn’t really care. I wasn’t the one wearing it. As such, I was surprised when she commented on how my outfit was too plain. I was wearing normal leggings and a normal t-shirt and normal sneakers with a normal jacket wrapped around my waist (cuz my leggings were tight… because they were leggings duh lol).

Not only that, but I’d patted on a bit of the iridescent lilac shade (top row, next to last) from my Essence Hello New York Eyeshadow Palette (pics here) and lined my eyes with my Essence Black Kajal Pencil. I’d even worn my Call It Spring Gunmetal Triangle Stud Earrings and braided my hair into a single braid to look more “sporty”.

Basically, this girl was rewwwd!

She’d promised that we’d really walk around Shaheed Park instead of babysitting Deema like we did the day before. “No kids”, she’d proclaimed, even though I told her I had no issue with kids. Mera seemed to equate discipline with lack of love (as in, if I don’t feed my niece and ruin her appetite, then I don’t love her).

As we were walking, two of her brother’s sons tagged along, with their nanny. We lost one of the boys (his nanny had to carry him back, literally on her back) but the other stuck around. He kept interrupting Mera, tugged on one her glittery sleeves and even smacked her (his aunt) at some point. Mera was close to losing it lol

After our walk, I insisted on having dinner at Habra (Mubarakiya) which was full (again) and we had a curfew. So, we ended up getting dinner at Rodrigo Lobos instead.

Mera didn’t get anything, but her nephew and I got Burgers, which Mera payed for! Whaaaaaat!

October 13

I finally moved out of my apartment and into the Guest Rooms at the back of the house (while I fixed up my apartment).

To buy time and get Mera off my back, I made up some BS story about how if a woman decorates her bedroom (new furniture or new wall paint or whatever), she’ll get engaged to be married immediately after.

Superstitious as ever, naturally Mera bought into it. She moved out all of her stuff from her bedroom. She had the painter come and repaint the walls white again (so creative) and had the electrician drill a hole in the ceiling and add an extra ceiling light and even bought a new bed from Ikea. She even got a tv and after much convincing from me, finally got Netflix.

She was done with her room in a about a week or two and naturally started giving me grief for not being as fast as her. “Wow, you’re still not done! I was done in less than a week!” Thankfully, she’d started watching The Crown on Netflix (because she “loves” Princess Diana) which bought me some additional Mera-free time.

It was a Tuesday, which was “Family Night” (when my immediate family all gathers together, either in my father’s beloved Garden or in the downstairs Family Living Room if it was too hot/cold outside). Since the weather was lovely at night, we gathered in the Garden.

I made a cake for the occasion (granted it was boxed). It was from the brand Dreem (which I’d purchased a ton of, in several flavors, from

It was a Vanilla Cake, but because I knew how much my younger brother enjoyed Kuwaiti-flavored Desserts, I added a splash of Rose Water and a sprinkle of Cardamom and Saffron and a lot of Cinnamon. It tasted distinctively Kuwaiti and was a hit with the fam, especially my younger brother!

For Dinner, we threw some Burgers and Hotdogs on the grill and my brother and I took turns grilling. The Vanilla Cake came afterwards (fresh out of the oven).

After Dinner, we sent the kids home because they had school the next day and it was getting late. We hung out for a bit before everyone dispersed. It had been a lovely evening!

October 27

It was Family Night again (every Tuesday, without fail, we gather). I decided to make the Levain Bakery Cookies (recipe here) for the occasion.

Truthfully, it was also so I could take pics for my blog post lol (here).

Unfortunately, I had the carpenter over, with the electrician on the way (remodeling my place… or rather modeling it for the first time lol) and ended up burning the cookies, just a bit.

In any case, they still tasted pretty great (according to the familia) if a bit harder than usual lol

You can find the recipe here or just google Levain Cookies, if you’re interested.

It was a very hectic night lol

November 3

Another Tuesday, another Family Night.

Bored of Chocolate and Vanilla, I wanted to make something more… colorful and ended up making a Strawberry Cake (boxed from the brand Dreem). It didn’t taste all that great but everyone went in for seconds.

Doesn’t it look pretty though ♥

I actually made it the night before (to avoid running around like the previous week).

I’d also prepped the Teriyaki Beef the night before and since the weather was lovely, grilled the food in the Garden, where my family was all gathered for Family Night.

November 9

My younger brother and I finally carved out some time to watch Episode 16 of Season 10 of The Walking Dead.

Like I said earlier (here), we watched the penultimate episode (Season 10, Episode 15) which aired on April 5th, 2020.

… and then the season ended!

There was no finale! There was no news on when to expect the finale! There was no nuthin’!

Apparently, thanks to Covid-19, the season finale had to be delayed…

Eventually, word got out that the season finale was going to air in October 4, 2020 (which was months away, at the time).

Also, unlike the rest of the season which were 16 episodes each, Season 10 was going to be 22 episodes in total (the upcoming one-off episode and 6 more “bonus” episodes in 2021) and Season 11 was set to have 24 episodes (airing God knows when) which all sounded well and good, until they announced that Season 11 was going to be the final season!

It was pretty craaay!

Afterwards, I made my now infamous Banana Bread which was loved by friends and family alike!

My secret was a tiny little tub of McCormick Ground Allspice (purchased from which gave it that extra sum’in sum’in!

November 10

Some people spell it as Sahleb while others spell it as Sahlep. Others still, spell it as Sahlab. Either way, it was a milky drink meant to be drank hot or warm.

Since it was getting chilly outside in the Garden, I decided to try my hand at making Sahleb for the fam. I didn’t have Sahleb Powder (which was needed to thicken the milk) so I substituted it with Cornstarch instead.

While the Milk simmered, I tossed in a sick of Cinnamon to sweeten the Milk. Once the now thickened and sweetened Milk was done, I carefully poured it into little glasses and sprinkled Pistachio Powder over top and a just a hint of Cinnamon Powder in the middle.

I didn’t make a lot because I didn’t know if it would turn out okay, but everyone asked for seconds, so I went back in to make more. It was actually super fast and easy to make!

I’ve always wanted to try Apple Cider. So I decided to make it myself. Plus, it felt like it was an Autumnal Drink (and it was getting a bit chilly outside… at least for me).

To save time, I asked our housekeeper to quarter a mix of Red Apples and Green Apples. I added them to a pot of water and let them simmer.

I was afraid the Green Apples would be too tart so I added some Sugar which sadly, made the Apple Cider taste too syrupy sweet, like Honey (ugh). Everyone had trouble finishing their small glass, including myself.

That said, I used the leftover Apple Sauce to make a lovely moist Apple Cake the next day (forgot to take pics), but my Banana Bread is still the favorite, by far.

So yeah, I made Sahleb and Apple Cider for Family Night because… I have a problem (I can’t just make one thing) lol

November 11

On my daily evening walk around the neighborhood (with Mera yammering away in my ear, over the phone), it started to rain! After the year we’d all been having, the rain was a very welcome blessing!

I quickly hung up from Mera and went inside the house to make something warm to drink. There’s nothing I enjoyed more when it rained, than to watch the rain while sipping on something warm (i.e. my beloved faux coffee drinks).

Since I’d quit caffeine, I made Hot Cocoa instead. I followed the instructions on the back to a “T”, but unfortunately the Hot Chocolate tasted vile lol (too many tbs of Cocoa Powder). Over the course of the month, I’d continue to experiment until I finally had the perfect ratio!

Previously, it was always Cook who made Hot Chocolate for us, but Cook was on vacation in India and set to return in a month. Meanwhile, I made Hot Cocoa every time it would rain and would turn off all the lights and perch by the window and take in all the beauty! ♥

November 20

My younger brother and I tried watching The Walking Dead: World Beyond in the Cinema Room, but we could not muster up enough care for any of the characters. It felt so… contrived (like they were milking it).

We didn’t get why the characters did what they did. We didn’t even get the humor (they’d all be laughing onscreen and my brother and I would just look at each other quizzically). “Maybe we’re not woke enough”, he joked. I suppose maybe we were too old for The Walking Dead: World Beyond because the leads were all teenagers.

Although I had a few episodes lined up, we stopped watching pasted Episode 2 or 3 lol

Oh and we’d ordered in, from the The Cheesecake Factory. My brother ordered Fresh Strawberry while I ordered my beloved White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle which was amaze!

We had Fried Macaroni and Cheese (sooo good) and Factory Nachos and Roadside Sliders as well, which more than made up for the horrible show we were watching lol

November 24

It was my eldest niece’s 14th birthday and to celebrate, I decided to finally make Tacos.

I knew the Tacos I made were awesome, but I hated browning the Minced Beef lol which is why I haven’t made them in so long.

My niece and her siblings, and even my younger brother, kept asking me to make Tacos again, so I figured I’d make some for my niece’s birthday, on Family Night.

Second time around, they were much simpler to make. I assembled the Tacos and took them outside to the Garden.

My sister-in-law (younger brother’s wife and mother of my 2-year-old niece) made Dynamite Shrimp! It was bomb!

Honestly, my sister-in-law never ceases to amaze me! She can do it all!

Between the Tacos and Dynamite Shrimp, everyone was stuffed and barely had enough room for the Birthday Cake.

As it turns out, my brother got our niece a Rice Krispies Cake in the shape of the TikTok logo to switch it up from the usual Birthday Cake that we’d always get from Cake’d. So technically, it wasn’t really a Cake. It was a nice change.

As for gifts, I got her a Pandora Harry Potter Spinning Time Turner Pendant Charm. My brother and his wife got her a delicate gold bracelet.

Since she was now 14 and a young lady, pretty much everyone gifted her some form of jewelry, as opposed to the toys that her siblings got for their birthdays. All in all, everyone had a pleasant evening!

November 25

The next day, I went to Asnaan Tower in the hopes that the dentist would perform a double root canal on me (apparently I needed 3 or 4 and I wanted to get it over with as fast as possible), but the dentist refused.

I pointed out my second premolar on the upper left (full story here), but according to him, the only thing they could do was remove the tooth (last resort) so I decided to wait. He performed a root canal treatment on the tooth directly beneath it though.

The whole thing (plus future treatments) cost a small fortune, which I suspected had more to do with them trying to cover the cost of the Dior Sofas and Fendi whatever.

While all this was going on, Mera kept calling me crying hysterically because she’d reversed the procedure that had inflated her… behind and now that her tush was flat, she was crying saying her thighs were huge in comparison.

I tried my best to comfort her, but didn’t give her a chance to drain me, because I needed to conserve my energy for my root canal treatment.

The lovely nurses had a BTS playlist on loop for me ♥

No joke, listening to BTS actually gave me strength!

Once it was over, I felt like a G!

Almost forgot to mention, I’d dipped into several of my ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes (here) for a Autumn-esque Look. I’m not one for warm tones, but they do make my eye color pop!

Unfortunately, I spent the rest of the evening feeling hella’ nauseous (not that it stopped me from passing by Kurdo to grab dinner). Thankfully, Mera had calmed down by night-time (thanks to her sisters) and was no longer crying hysterically.

Honestly? I felt bad for the girl, to be so insecure like that. We all have our moments but with this chick, it was all the time. No wonder why she was crazy. My heart softened toward Mera a little bit.

November 26

The next day, I let Mera tag along with me to Hamra Tower (granted she drove us there).

I’m the one with my mask on and Mera‘s the one with her mask all the way down on her chin (as usual).

I’d had so much fun playing with my makeup the day before, that I’d dipped into several of my ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes again (here) for a Smoky Eye Look and even tried something different with my hair (which Mera would later copy).

We were more or less dressed the same, except I opted to wear my Oversized Hoodie (I get cold) and Mera chose to wrap her Jacket around her waist (she was wearing a Corset underneath her clothes, to cinch her waist).

Again, I didn’t really care what she wore, so long as it didn’t affect me. Unfortunately, in this case, it did. First, she kept pestering me to take my Hoodie off just to show off my waist (to attract male attention). I literally laughed out loud at that and kept my Hoodie on.

Afterwards she started complaining about how she couldn’t breath because her Corset was suffocating her. We literally go through this every time she wears her Corset! Plus, she knew we were going to have dinner at Habra, after I’d finished up a few errands at Hamra so why wear the darn thing? Ugh.

I’d fallen in love with a certain pair of Sneakers after seeing only a single photo of them on Instagram and had searched high and low for them ever since.

I’d asked all my sneaker-head friends (and gotten my brothers to ask their friends) and DM’d all the Sneaker Stores in the country until I found them.

I was told by Unique Hype that the Sneakers that stole my heart were called the Nike Jordan 1’s

That’s why I’d stopped by Unique Hype at Hamra to try on a readily available pair of Jordan 1’s to figure out what size they should order for me. I was super excited that I’d finally found my babies!

When Mera heard how much they cost, she kept trying to convince me not to order them (“You shouldn’t pay that much for a pair of Nikes. For that price, why not get something from Chanel instead?). Doesn’t Mera sound like an absolute delight?

Once we were done, we popped by Lush and picked a few things (mini-haul to come) and on our way out, stopped by a Perfume Store where this extremely handsome six-foot-something dude sauntered in after us. He wasn’t wearing a mask and was doing some shopping of his own.

Of course Mera’s mask immediately slid down her face. The girl was practically drooling. “He looks Spanish!”, she stage whispered to me, “Or at least vacations there.”

Truthfully, even I wasn’t immune to his man-bun charm, but I was more interested in finding Angel by Mugler (which was nowhere to be found in Kuwait for some reason).

We got into Mera‘s car and left Hamra Tower but stopped at the mini-mart (baqala) directly ahead because Mera was “suffocating” (from her Corset) and wanted to get a bottle of water. While waiting for the water, hot man-bun pulled up next to my window in his pickup truck and asked for my Snapchat. Mera just about died with envy lol

I asked him what year he was born and he replied 1994. I was born in 1984. He was exactly 10 years younger than me (which I told him) so I politely declined giving him my Snapchat. We drove off and he followed us for a bit (guys just don’t know how to take no for an answer) before going away.

“Eww he drives a pickup truck which means he’s poor”, interjected Mera with another gem.

We headed towards Al Mubarakiya and parked in the multi-story parking lot and hotfooted it to Habra.

Sure enough, the place was packed and as soon as Mera spotted a bunch of dudes her mask came down her face (because she needed fresh air lol).

After several failed attempts at securing a table at Habra, we finally got on the the waiting list. Even if our turn came up at midnight, I was going to wait for as long as it took.

Naturally Mera complained during the entire wait. “Why didn’t we go to the one in 360? This place sucks. There are so many gross cats walking around. The air smells weird. Do you know Habra in Arabic means meat? I don’t eat lamb remember? Only beef. It’s getting late and I have a curfew” *complain* *complain* *complain*

Despite her earlier complaints, we ordered several dishes which she had no issue polishing off, almost immediately. Once again, I footed the bill, which was pretty hefty but well worth it, I believe. I’d finally had dinner again at Habra!

November 27

I’d wanted to hit up Sephora and see what kinda’ deals they had for Black Friday. Without any prodding, Mera offered to pick me up and take me to the Avenues.

I should’ve known better than to trust her lol

She ambushed me by parking right outside Prestige (very very far from the Sephora branch I wanted to visit) claiming she was hungry and wanted me to try her favorite restaurants, Joe’s.

I’d remembered seeing several “fashionistas” on my Snapchat promoting Joe’s and wondered for the millionth time if Mera ever had an original thought.

I’d talked her out of wearing heels (because I wasn’t in the mood to listen to her complain about how her feet were hurting from all the walking) and she’d put together a pretty cute outfit that was worth taking a picture of (for my Snapchat).

I took a video of her for my Snapchat (with her permission) complaining that the food wasn’t hot enough.

She’d over-ordered (surprise, surprise) and even though the food was nowhere near finished, we were stuffed.

Even she had to unbutton her Jeans and take a minute. I’d also ordered a Mango Juice which I had no room for anymore. We had them wrap up the food and took it back to her car along with my Mango Juice and then went back inside for some shopping.

I had me eye on a certain pair of Chanel Boots (they interested me more than the infamous sold out Prada Boots) but was told that they were out of stock.

I was thiiis close to buying a Chanel Boy except it had a few scratches on it and for the price I was paying, I wanted a completely new one.

The Sales Assistant disappeared to look for one and came back saying she didn’t have any so I peaced out.

We hit up Prada next and I asked to see the super famous Prada Boots but was told there was a looong waiting list so I bounced.

There was no line at Saint Laurent so Mera and I walked in and promptly fell in love with almost everything!

I was looking at the Micro Bags when Mera mistakenly assumed I was looking at Card Holders and told me not to look at them because she’d already bought me a Card Holder for my birthday (in December).

She found several Handbags that she was so clearly obsessed with but much to my surprise, didn’t purchase any of them. I thought this was very suspicious behavior.

She hadn’t bought anything at Chanel nor Prada which was fine (maybe she didn’t find anything she liked) but she clearly loved the two Handbags at Saint Laurent and yet didn’t buy either one. What happened to the girl who wouldn’t shut up about designer brands?

Regardless, I picked up a few things for myself.

There was a huuuge line over at Gucci but determined to make it in, I waited and waited and Mera waited with me.

Once inside, I searched for the Yellow Sunglasses that Bobby Lee (Bad Friends Podcast) always wears, but was told they didn’t have them.

Once again, I purchased something (haulage to come) and Mera didn’t, despite her falling in love with several somethings. Very suspicious.

I told Mera I wanted to check out Sephora (the only reason we had gone to the Avenues in the first place) but she said it was already 9pm and by the time she dropped me back home and got home herself, it would be around 10pm (her curfew). She’d tricked me lol

On our way back to the car, I stopped by Chloe and tried on these babies. I’d noticed them in the window the first time I walked past them and made a mental note to try them on, on the way back. They ticked all my boxes (Sandal Collection)!

As I tried them on, Mera felt the need to share that she didn’t like the brand Chloe and felt it wasn’t worth the money (thanks for the support, hon). I disregarded her and purchased them on the spot. Now we could go home.

The fact that she was around her beloved luxury brands and yet didn’t purchase a single thing made me rethink my stance on Mera. I began to suspect that all her designer brand clothes and bags and shoes were purchased second-hand, probably deeply discounted.

You guys didn’t see the way she was looking at that bag at Saint Laurent. She wanted it and the girl has no restraint which therefore led me to believe, second-hand. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but own it. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not, y’know?

I didn’t say anything (obvs) but it made me see her in a whole new (unflattering) light.

November 29

To make it up to me, Mera took me to Sephora! I don’t even remember the last time I’d visited Sephora! I was so happy!

Not 5 minutes later, Mera started whining about being hungry. I’d asked her if she’d picked up the Nars Blush that she’d wanted. Her reply was that she was so hungry and no longer interested in buying anything (which I suspected was her intent from the start).

She kept nagging and nagging, but I ignored her and eventually she just bounced lol She said she’d go ahead of me to The Cheesecake Factory (she’d been craving it ever since she saw my brother and I ordering in on my Snapchat) and I could just meet up with her afterwards.

Glad to be rid of her, I hurriedly agreed, but in hindsight, what she did was not cool. She kept calling me and nagging me to come over but I ignored her. I wasn’t gonna’ cut my visit to Sephora short for her. As a surprise, I even picked up the Nars Blush (that she’d wanted) for her.

Once I got to The Cheesecake Factory, I was not surprised to see that Mera had ordered a Salad (of course) and Factory Nachos, both of which she’d pawed and drooled over (without washing or even disinfecting her hands) and urged me to “Dig in”.

Hard pass”.

At first, I wanted to ignore Mera and just sit there in silence but I decided to order a Drink and some Calamari and Fried Mac and Cheese Balls to take away home with me (didn’t let her touch them).

Also, I let her pay for the food this time. To her credit, when the bill came, she hopped up and assumed responsibility for it, even though I’d ordered more than her (and wasn’t going to let her touch it).

In a better mood, we noticed a long line at Victoria’s Secret and made plans to come back the next day to check out the Sale.

Since I was carrying bags of stuff from Sephora and my food from The Cheesecake Factory, I handed over my drink to Mera to carry to the car for me.

Notice how her hair was styled sorta’ similar to mine the day we went to Hamra. Also note how her mask was down on her chin. Ugh.

November 30

After making plans to go together to The Avenues to check out Victoria’s Secret, this girl straight up left without me.

I’d called her up several times but she wouldn’t pick up and would only reply in a voice note giving me her darn updates, “I just woke up. I’m going to try to go back to sleep. Ok, I’m up now. I’m gonna have breakfast and change and go to Victoria’s Secret“.

I called her up again and when she answered, she told me she was already in her car and I could come by my car or get my driver to drop me and she’d take me back home later.

I told her that we’d made plans to go together and had called her repeatedly and that what she did was not cool and I wasn’t interested in going anymore.

Apparently, they had a Buy 1 Get 1 Free on everything at PINK (the cheaper counterpart of Victoria’s Secret).

Mera had bought a Long-Sleeved Top and matching Bottoms for herself and using her freebie picked up another identical pair for me. She also got a gorgeous Sherpa Hooded Robe that came as a Set with matching Socks and a matching Over-Sized Scrunchie and using her freebie picked up another identical set for me.

Technically, she got them for free, but she could’ve picked up additional stuff for herself and instead thought of me, which was sweet of her. She dropped them off at my house in the hopes of mending things with me.

I tried them on and they were a bit too big on both of us so we made plans to go back to The Avenues in the evening and exchange them for the proper sizes.

While there, I picked up a few things from Victoria’s Secret (more expensive than the PINK) and bought matching Plaid Pajama Sets for myself and Mera, because she’d finished watching The Crown on Netflix and I’d gotten her hooked on Outlander (my fave book ever!) and we stan plaid (because it looks like tartan).

Of course she whined and whined until we made a stop at her beloved Joe’s.

We didn’t have enough time to sit and eat there, but we each ordered our own food and for the first time ever, payed for our food separately.

I wondered if this was what I should’ve done with Mera from the start.

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  1. Hey girl, I hope you are doing good. Been a while since we heard from you. Also, I hope you just as OBSESSED with ‘Butter’ as I am. :) Miss ya!

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