Chef LuLu (Part 7 + Mera Overload)

September 9

Sick of Mera, I invited Abrar over.

She brought over not one but two desserts from Mr Baker, which I thought was so sweet and thoughtful! One was these amazing Saffron Rose Water Balls and the other was Pistachio Ice Cream Balls!

Better still, she hadn’t opened either one up and started noshing on them on the way over (unlike Mera, who prefers to paw everything and dribble over the food beforehand, which grosses me out so much).

First, I forced Abrar into the Kitchen (she’s never been) and had her help me make an Apple Crisp and Banana Bread. She was super proud of herself and took a ton of pics afterwards for Snapchat lol She was so cute!

Initially, I wanted to make Cloud Bread (which was trending) but it seemed somewhat iffy. So I went with Banana Bread instead.

It’s a good thing I did, because Banana Bread quickly became a household favorite. If one of my brothers wasn’t asking me to make it, one of the staff or one of the kids was asking for it!

Afterwards, Abrar and I drooled over Chris Hemsworth in Extraction in the Cinema Room.

We also had Popcorn and Nachos and she drank Diet Pepsi (I ordered two cases for my guests instead of having to constantly borrow from my brother and his wife) while I drank KDD Mango Juice.

She only had one of each of the Desserts that she brought (unlike Mera who’d make it a point to wolf down as much as she could regardless of whethere she was actually hungry or not) and focused more on the Banana Bread.

Abrar and I were blown away by the smell of the Banana Bread, let alone the taste!

She loved that she took part in making it (like I said, she’d never set foot in a Kitchen before now) and as for myself, it became a staple in my household (everyone was always asking me to make it)!

I had such a good time and when she left I still felt happy with her (not sick of her, unlike how I felt with Mera).

September 10

Mera came over and brought something called Frozen Magic with her. It was basically a Slushy Cup that turned whatever liquid you poured into it, into a Slushy, provided you spent about 5 minutes or so squeezing the Cup. She also brought a dozen or so of KDD Chocolate Milk so we could pour them into the Frozen Magic.

We swam for a bit and at the time, I was obsessed with Rockstar (DaBaby) and kept wanting to play it over and over again (while we swam)! I served her some of my Apple Crip (I had Cook warm it up for us first though) with a scoop of home-made Vanilla Ice Cream (Dreem). It was pretty tasty!

Then, we went for a walk around my neighborhood. We actually made it around our entire neighborhood, but by the time we got back to my home, our fingers and ankles were so swollen (like double the size)! Not quite sure what happened there lol

We ended up pouring KDD Mango Juice into the Slushy Cups as a treat to help cool off us off. Then she left :)

September 14

By popular demand, I made Banana Bread again. I tried and failed at making Cloud Bread though (which looked pretty but tasted so bad).

Mera came over again. Cook made dinner for us and then for Dessert I served her some of my Banana Bread, which even she raved about!

We watched He’s Just Not Into You in the Family Living Room.

I know it’s a movie but it’s based off a book and the concept is pretty easy to grasp. If he likes you, he’s gonna’ make the effort (to call you or get to know you or find you or whatever) and if he doesn’t, well it just means he’s not that invested.

I was sick of hearing about her co-worker (divorced father of 3) who treated her “like a sister”. She bent over backwards for the dude, brought him Coffee from Starbucks every morning, for 2 years straight (so you DO spend money on someone other than yourself), invited his kids over to her house anytime one of her nieces or nephews was having a birthday party, reminded him about work deadlines and even finished a lot of his work for him. Ugh.

Rather than offend her, I hoped she’d watch the movie and just… understand.

We were celebrating both my father and younger brother’s b-day (Virgos) the next day. Their actual birthdays were just a day apart, so we were combining both and were getting them the Birthday Cake from CAKE’D (so good)!

After Mera left, I figured I’d make Teriyaki Beef for the occasion.

I always like to make it a day ahead. Unfortunately, the smell of the spices really annoy me, which is why I like to hop in the Shower as soon as I’m done with the Marinade. After the Shower, I decided to curl my hair for tomorrow.

September 15

My family ordered in little Pizzas and little Hotdogs and other stuff, all from Ceasars Confectionery (which I was already sick of, thanks to Mera).

Cook grilled the Teriyak Beef (no way was I going near that stuff after I’d curled my hair) and for Dessert we had that delicious Birthday Cake from CAKE’D!

September 17

I finally went to Asnaan Tower. Not worth the hype (more in an upcoming post).

Mera came with me (which I thought was pretty sweet).

Afterwards we had dinner at Elevation Burger (Bidaa) where once again, her mask came off as soon as we spotted a group of guys. It was so obvious! I wondered if she realized that I could see exactly what she was doing.

Since she’d gone with me to the dentist, I figured I’d treat her to dinner (not that she ever offered to pay). I should have said something sooner, but I felt like it was bad manners to even bring it up. I wanted her to realize (through osmosis lol) that she had to pay for something, anything, every once in a while.

It’s not that she didn’t have money. Her dad was well off and payed for a lot (most recently, he was willing to pay KD 1,000 (not a hundred, a thousand) for every kilo that Mera or either of her other two sisters lost, in an effort to inspire them to lose weight).

Her family (herself included) supposedly frequented London at least twice a year. The girl dressed in designer clothes from head to toe and was constantly talking about brands and plastic surgeries (ad nauseum). Even her job supposedly payed more than mine. So no, she was not lacking. She was just cheap.

September 19

Mera came over and hung out. We watched some more of Rupaul’s Drag Race in the Family Living Room.

I served her some of my Banana Bread and Cook fried up some Dinner for us afterwards.

September 20

For the first time ever, I picked Mera up from Qurtoba in my car and we went to Safat AlGhanim to check out couches and stuff for my apartment. She was screaming the entire car ride there and swore she’d never get in my car again (I like to speed… safely).

Then we went to Mubarakia because I was jonesing for Habra. The last time I was at Habra was back in December 2019!

Unfortunately, it was closed so Mera insisted we have dinner at Gia. I went with her and waited for her to finish her meal which was something basic like a Salad, which I found surprising. Did she only ever order the entire restaurant if I was paying?

Once she was done and payed for herself, I told her I wanted dinner from Eighty Six and we were close enough to walk to it. Halfway there, she decided it was better to go by car, so we went back, got the car, drove to the place, bought the food (she picked a burger) and I dropped her back home before her curfew (like I said, her dad gets sullen past 10:00pm).

September 23

My bestie and her sister (who visited me earlier here) were coming over to swim again, so I made a Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake from scratch, the night before.

Sadly, while they were driving over, they got the news that their Aunt had passed away. So they called me crying hysterically and apologized for not being able to make it, the poor dears.

I’d already made the cake and gotten dressed in my Swimsuit and slathered Umberto Giannini Pool Proof Leave-In Hair Protection Cream (haulage here) on my hair and Shiseido WetForce Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ (haulage here) on my body and gotten everything else ready.

As bad as I felt for my bestie and her family, I figured I might as well give Meera a call to come over. She didn’t mind that she was my second option and came over right away. I made sure not to take any more pictures or videos on Snapchat, to be respectful of my bestie though.

Truthfully, I would’ve gone over to offer my condolences, but they straight up said that they were gonna be busy answering phone calls of people calling to offer their condolences (because funerals were not a thing, on account of Covid). My bestie said she’d get back to me in a few days and I told her not give it a second thought (she had other stuff to deal with obvs). I still felt very guilty though.

Meera came over and brought with her Kane Mochi which tasted awful (her words, not mine) lol

“The one I’ve had in London tasted amazing! I don’t know why these ones tastes so bad!”. During every conversation, she’d have to bring up London no less than 20 times, at least.

She came over the day after and the day after too.

September 24

I was sick of Mera. I needed a break but I didn’t know how to tell her. So, I didn’t say anything (100% my fault). Instead, I just stopped coming up with stuff for us to do together hoping she’d get bored and leave.

That day, we agreed on a certain time but she came more than an hour late because she stopped to buy little Pizza from Ceasars (which I’d asked her kindly not to bring over anymore). I knew that the only reason she got the Pizza in the first place, was to have an excuse to get down from her car and parade in front of the guys at the cooperative.

The idea of hanging out at the Pool all day was not as appealing to her as parading in front of a bunch of guys (which in her mind meant a potential boyfriend which in her mind meant a potential husband).

I knew she was never gonna’ land a boyfriend or a husband that way, but you can’t really give people advice when they didn’t ask for it.

She arrived at 6:30pm and was gone by 8:00pm

I had extra time for myself! I was so happy! It felt like when you wake up in the morning for school or work and then remember that you have the day off and can go back to sleep!

September 25

My nieces and nephew were coming over to spend the day at the Pool. I didn’t think she’d be interested (after the day before) but I guess Mera decided that spending the day in the Pool with us, was better than being alone.

She brought a Party Pack from Pick (froyo is always a win with the kids) which was thoughtful of her. She took a a shower, unprompted. She even got her hair wet!

She played with all the kids in turn (from my 2 year old niece to my 14 year old niece) and participated in all the games. Basically, she was a good sport all around! I liked this positive and energetic version of Mera!

When I bought a bunch of toys from Fantasy World for my nephew’s birthday (here), I also picked up a few group activity toys for the pool which I saved for later.

One of them was the Speed Curve Waterslide by the brand Banzai. It took forever to set up! While music was blaring, Mera was holding the thing in place, while I was trying to fill it up with water from the hose and my nephew was pouring Shampoo over it (for some reason), while my 10 year old niece was attempting to slide on it (even though we weren’t done). Meanwhile, my eldest niece (almost 14) and youngest niece (2 years old) were playing together, doing their own thing, by the shallow end.

At one point, even one of my brothers popped by to try to help us set up the slide and after a quick glance at the manual, proclaimed that it was not meant to be placed on tiles. It was meant to be set up on a grassy yard with a place to shove the spikes into the dirt (to support the slide and keep it from moving). The kids played with it for a while regardless and my 10 year old niece found a way to make it work for her lol

Luckily, I had a back up, a Giant Beach Ball (this thing was huuuge) from the brand Intex. Our Driver filled it up with air, indoors, and couldn’t figure out how to get it through the door lol So he ended up taking it outside and tossing it over the fence and somehow it landed the Pool!

Everyone had a great time, myself included!

We all had Dinner by the Pool (Cook whipped something up for us) and went right back to swimming! Even Mera stayed up until 10:00pm!

September 26

My brother and his wife had stuff to do and asked if I could babysit their daughter. My 2 year old niece has a nanny, but my brother and his wife try not to overwhelm her and only gave her the baby for a certain amount of time a day.

Mera asked if she could come over again. I figured Mera and I could swim with my baby niece and make a night out of it.

I hadn’t ordered groceries in a minute (I mean we had the basics, sorta’) so to compensate, instead of the typical Fruits and Salads and French Fries and whatever, I had a variety of Chocolate Bars and a variety of Potato Chips (dozen of each flavor) all just for Mera to stuff her face with, not to mention the Dinner that Cook would fry up for us, afterwards.

When my niece’s housekeeper handed me the lil cutie, she very clearly said “Please do not feed her, no matter what, otherwise it’ll spoil her appetite for dinner”. Mera was within earshot and understood minimal English. Before the woman had even left, my niece had reached out for a Potato Chip and Mera handed it to her! Bruh!

So, I told Mera to cut it out. Rather than listen to me, she gave the kid another Potato Chip with the excuse that she felt it wasn’t okay to withhold food from kids. I was about ready to strangle her. I snatched my niece up and took her to the deep end and once I got my niece distracted, told Mera to hide the Snacks.

I know everyone thinks their kids are the cutest, but my little niece really was adorable! ♥ She said something cute again and I pointed it out to Mera and we cracked up. I commented on how cute she was (while squeezing her in a huge hug) when to my surprise Mera said “Yes, they are cute” (in Arabic).

I asked her who was the “they” she was referring to. She said “Oh, my niece, Deema“. Her niece was about a month or so younger than my two-year old niece.

This kept happening often in the following months. Basically, she couldn’t compliment my niece without including her niece. It wasn’t once or twice. My baby niece would be wearing a cute bikini and I’d point it out and she’d say “Yeah, they are so cute!” My niece would say something adorable and Mera would say “They are so funny”.

She would single out her niece “She is so cute! She is so adorable! etc…” but not once did she single out my niece, ever. Even my 14 year old niece noticed and asked me about it. I thought it was strange, to say the least, but let’s save that for unpacking at another time.

September 27

I couldn’t stop gushing about a pair of Mom Jeans that I’d picked up from H&M. In the end, I decided against wearing them and wore something else to Mera’s house. Lo and behold, when I picked her up in my car, she was wearing a White Sleeveless Top and – wait for it – MOM JEANS!

I wondered if she ever had an original thought in her head but didn’t say anything. It was something minor, but irritating nonetheless, especially since she’d done it once before and copied my outfit.

She got in my car and screamed the entire time (which is the proper response) until we arrived at Surra. We’d decided on McDonald’s and since I had to park my car, I stuck my hand in my Milano Padlock Black Leather Cross-Body Micro Bag to grab a fistful of cash, when she piped up and said “No. No. I got this!”

Miracle of miracles! After months of me paying for everything, Mera was finally going to pay for a meal, well, a Quarter Pounder and Fries for myself (the rest was all hers). Both our orders barely amounted to anything, which is probably why she insisted on “getting it”.

She invited me into her house for the first time and led me to a very warm and poorly lit room. It seemed more like a Storage Room than anything. I wondered why we weren’t eating in either of the two Living Rooms; a smaller one by the Main Entrance or the larger one (with gold on gold everything) right next door to where we were sitting, but didn’t say anything.

Where did she get off complaining about the dark (“Can we keep the lights on in the Cinema Room?”) or even in the Family Living Room (“Let’s watch the movie with all the lights on”)? Heck, even at the Pool (“I need more light. Turn on the lights”).

Where did she get off complaining about the heat every (Turn up the A.C. uffff it’s so hot, I’m dying!)? The A.C. was off in the entire Ground Floor at her home! The lights were all off too, except for the single bulb she turned on in the Storage Room or wherever we were.

She turned on the TV, tuned to one of the MBC Channels and muted the TV lol Even though the bedrooms were all on the First Floor and we were on the Ground Floor, we had to keep the noise down because her parents slept at 9pm. And so, we ate in silence. Awkward!

Not surprisingly, I choked on my food but when I went to reach for the water, I noticed the open glass had a piece of fluff in it. I decided to will myself to stop choking rather than drink the gross water lol

Not to sound petty, but I’d noticed the looong hair on the bar of soap when I went to wash my hands in their Bathroom, before Dinner. I’d also noticed the huuuge ant crawling up the side of the Sofa we were sitting on.

Even after walking at Shaheed Park during the hottest day of the year, where we both definitely sweated a lot, Mera would opt out of showering saying “I didn’t sweat much today and also, I showered yesterday” and just change out of her sweaty clothes.

Basically, hygiene wasn’t a priority. So… no, I definitely was not going to drink the open glass of water.

Personally, I liked to keep a bunch of Water Bottles (both chilled and room temp) available for my guests, whenever they came over. For some reason, I was kinda’ expecting the same from Mera. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

After the awkward Dinner, I tried to set up Netflix for her on her laptop, except her older sister had taken the router with her to the Chalet. After she called her sister, she told me that her older sister already had a Netflix subscription.

I explained to her that she didn’t have to set up a new one and could just use her sister’s (5 accounts per subscription). “My family and I, we don’t do sharing”.

Ah… that explained sooo much about Mera. Things were finally starting to make sense.

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