Chef LuLu (Part 6 + More Mera Drama)

September 1

Of course since Mera had enjoyed the Ice Cream at Vermilion, we just had to go there again and again and again (it was her MO, revisit until we were sick of it, ugh).

You can see me hamming it up for the camera (lol) while we waited for our turn. Mera is the one next to me with huge sunglasses.

Since Mera was parked incorrectly (cringe) she had to leave (suspiciously right before it was time to pay).

Meanwhile, I chatted with this absolute darling of a woman, who agreed to let me take a photo of her pretty hand holding up the Ice Cream in the flavor Black Gold, complete with the Charcoal Biscuit Cone (for my Snapchat).

Afterwards, we went back home and swam with the girls (my nieces) before we showered, got dressed and went to Shaheed Park again.

Mera had promised them that they could rollerblade at Shaheed.

I told them that rollerblading wasn’t allowed, but they preferred to go there and get stopped by security. Thankfully, they had their shoes in the car and changed back into them (so much for her promises).

Note how Mera’s mask is not covering her nose and mouth, and is just chilling on her chin. It annoyed me to no end. I’d tell her to pull it back up and she’d say “I’m not afraid”.

Then, I’d have to have this whole conversation with her about how I have older parents and young nieces and a nephew and a pregnant sister-in-law, all of whom would not benefit if I accidentally caught covid and passed it along to them. We’d have that exact same conversation, over and over again.

Unfortunately, it fell on deaf ears. As soon as she’d spot a group of (hot) guys, her mask would slide right off her face and down to her chin. I quickly realized that she thought she was going to get hit on by dudes if she exposed her face.

I’d ask her to please pull the darn mask back up to which she’d reply “I can’t. It’s stifling me and I can’t breathe” -_- I told her it was definitely the corset (to cinch in her waist, sorta’ like Spanx) that she was wearing underneath her top that was stifling her, not the mask.

We had a nice walk and dropped the girls home (Cook had made Pizza for them) before Mera went to Taco Bell (Kaifan) because she insisted on a Taco Salad, even though I promised her that she was going to love the food at the next place. She didn’t listen (again).

However, when we were at BBT, she gave me puppy eyes so I got her a Burger as well. She was very surprised to the see a huge crowd and wondered why she hadn’t heard of the place before now.

It was actually my first time visiting the Shamiya branch. Previously, I used to get my BBT fix from the Dahia Abdulla Al-Salem branch.

I tried to convince Mera that we should just wait in line at the drive-thru line, but she was adamant and insisted that she should park the car and we should walk-in because it was “faster” :/

I knew better. It was because she was wearing a tight hot pink top and leggings which would surely get the attention of a potential boyfriend… nevermind that we were both in our mid 30’s and the crowd consisted of mostly teens.

Sure enough, as soon as we got out of the car and stood in line, her mask came off her face.

Personally, I liked the layout. They had old-school Arcade Machines like Street Fighter II and Pac-Man (which were not in play, obvs) and they also had Merch.

My younger brother who is always, always, always telling me “We shouldn’t leave the house because mom and dad are in the at-risk age group and I have a toddler and my wife is pregnant and I don’t want any of them to get exposed to Covid, was all like “Yo, can you please get me a West Coast with Fries?”

No lecture, no nothing lol

She hurriedly had dinner at my place, before she went back to hers (like I said, her father gets angry if she’s not home by 10pm).

September 2

Mera was coming over so much that my sister-in-law started including her for Lunch.

For example, that day my sister-in-law made Orange Chicken with Orzu Rice and Crab Salad for myself, the kids and Mera.

I hadn’t had heart palpitations in a minute, but right after lunch it started happening again (which bummed me out). I suspected the Crab Salad because it was a bit spicy. The time before that, was when I tasted the hot spice powder when I made Kimchi (here). So from that point on, I started to avoid anything remotely spicy.

Mera brought Garlic Bread that she said she made herself (knowing her, I suspected that the bread was about to expire or something because it was a lot and she’s never this generous, especially not with food) and she brought leftover Eclairs and Mille-Feuille from her family gathering.

I made Fried Pickles and Awesome Blossoms. I’d just purchased a huge tin (99 fl oz./3 qts 3 fl oz/ 2.92 liter) of Heinz Hamburger Dill Pickle Slices and wanted to make use out of it.

Strangely enough, there was no occasion. We (my sister-in-law and Mera and I) all just happened to be in the mood to cook lol

After lunch, we swam with my nieces up until night-time.

September 3

Mera brought over a thing of Grape Leaves that spelled out my name in Potatoes with 2 Hearts on either side mainly because I mentioned how much I missed having Grape Leaves the day before (over the phone). Just when I think I’m over this girl, she surprises me with a sweet gesture!

I had made Vaterzoy which she refused to touch because she didn’t like Chicken even though she had wolfed down the Orange Chicken that my sister-in-law made only a day before :/

She basically used up all the good will she had earned with her sweet gesture earlier (Grape Leaves).

I asked Cook to make some Salad and fry up some Burgers and Chicken Nuggets and French Fries for Mera (she typically has a huge appetite).

Rather than go to the Cinema Room and listen to her moan about the light, I figured we’d watch a movie in the Family Living Room. I put Bridesmaids on.

She was so surprised that men used women with no intention of marrying them and thought it was strictly a Kuwaiti thing. I wasn’t in the mood to explain anything to her so I kept quiet.

After the movie, we went walking around my neighborhood, but she kept complaining that it was too deserted (nobody around) and she wanted to go to Shaheed Park instead.

So, we walked back to my home and got in her car and went to Shaheed Park, where she complained it was too humid and that she couldn’t breathe… even though I kept telling her to sit down to catch her breath, but she kept power-walking… with her mask off.

We ended the night at BBT, again.

Of course, she wanted us to get down from the car so she could parade in front of the boys (because that’s what they were, boys) in the hopes that maybe one of them would be attracted to her. Of course, her mask went down her face.

While we waited in line, I noticed her eyes scanning the crowd and decided to save my breath (she was no longer listening to what I was saying).

While inside, I told her that I felt my heart palpitating which for some reason she found funny. I thought she misheard me so I repeated myself and explained very clearly that it was uncomfortable, which she found even funnier. I realized then and there that Mera was a sociopath.

Once again, it was my treat. Once again, she didn’t even pretend that she was willing to pay. Honestly, I didn’t mind. It’s the fact that she wasn’t appreciative is what annoyed me. Just say “thanks” from time to time, y’know?

Ironically, when we took the little buzzer and headed back to her car, this dude who was in the passenger seat in the car behind ours, tried getting my attention. I ignored him and got in the car. I didn’t say anything to her because her insecurity was already annoying to me as is.

Once the buzzer, er, buzzed, we hopped out of the car and went back in to pick up our order. We got our food and went back to her car but the car behind us was still blocking us in. For those who don’t know me in real life, I’m a very, very, very chill person. I don’t do drama. So, what happened next was so far out of my comfort zone.

Annoyed with the guy for not moving the car, Mera proceed to honk her horn obnoxiously, which as you might imagine, attracted the attention of everyone that was outside BBT! When that didn’t work, she threw the door open and got out of her car and stomped over to the guy.

I couldn’t make out what she was saying but she was clearly yelling at him. Eventually, the car that was blocking us in was moved and we managed to leave the parking lot of BBT. You’d think that would be the end of it, but no.

She kept complaining about the whole interaction. “Guys are so annoying! He thinks we’re his age! He’s just a kid! For him to be flirting with us! *complain* *complain* *complain*

Internally, I was thinking “Not us. Me. Also, you wanted the attention”. Externally, I was actually saying “Yup. Guys. What can ya’ do, eh? Anyways, where’s your phone, let me play some music”

But no. We had to rehash the entire thing. She told me that he was in the passenger seat when she told him to move the car. He told her that he had tried talking to her friend (me) earlier and that I’d ignored him. To her credit, she’d replied instantly saying “What? She was supposed to stop and have a conversation with you? Move. The. Car.” He’d told her that it wasn’t his car and that the owner was inside BBT ordering. She told him he could just hop in the driver’s seat and move the car himself, because we wanted to leave and that’s what he did.

We’d left the parking lot and were on the road across from BBT when I asked her to play some music, again. That’s when she started searching for her cellphone, couldn’t find it and just parked by the side of the road. She got down and bent over which of course made a Jeep full of very young guys stop.

They asked her what was the matter (I told her to ignore them) but she turned to them and said “I lost my phone” with an unnatural pout. Naturally, one of them urged her to give him her number so he could call her phone and she would find it (which was just another way to get her number), while the others started saying filthy things to her. I mean, you talk to kids, that’s what you get. She should’ve ignored them.

After she’d had enough of their catcalling, she got back in the car. I told her to go back to BBT because that’s where her phone probably fell (when she got of the car to tell the kid off, earlier). She parked behind the car that had been blocking us, earlier and hopped out. I got down to help her look for her phone, when she actually snapped at me to get back in the car (this was new), so I did lol

I called her phone so it would light up and she found it lying face-down on the pavement.

She. Found. It.

Problem solved, you’d think, but no.

On our drive back to my home, I’d turn the music up and she’d turn it back down wanting to talk.

“This was so traumatic for me”.

“What? Why? You found your phone. It’s with you. It’s not lost”

“Yes, but what if I didn’t find it? It had all my contacts and work stuff and everything! I’d be lost without it”.

“… but you found it”

“What if I hadn’t?”

“Get a new phone. I dunno’. Why are we even discussing this? You found it. It’s over and done with.”

“I can’t stop reliving the moment”


“I forgot my handbag at Harrods in the UK once. It had my credit cards and everything. I was devastated. It was so traumatic. This could have easily turned into that.”

“But. You. Found. Your. Phone.”

“I know. I just can’t stop imagining what would’ve happened if I hadn’t.”

At this point, I gave up. She refused to cheer up or at least move on. That’s when I knew my friendship with Mera was going to end soon. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually.

I can’t be friends with someone who prefers to not only focus but wallow in negativity (about something that didn’t even happen).

September 5

Mera came over and brought with her a half-empty box of Brown Diamond (meant to be shared between her and I) and a full box (for my sister-in-law and my brother) along with a Thermos of Coffee for them.

Meanwhile my sister-in-law had graciously made two Ramekins of Creme Brulee for me and my guest. We stuffed our faces and watched RuPaul’s Drag Race. I didn’t mind watching it from Season 1 all over again because it was just that good! Plus, we could talk over it and not worry about missing anything. There was no story to follow.

Then we walked around my neighborhood up until it was time to leave.

Slowly but surely, Mera was growing on me. I was learning how to handle her. I didn’t foresee us having a long friendship though and I told her that “When we stop being friends-” to which she’d always interrupt and say “No. No. God forbid. Inshallah we’ll always be friends. Don’t think negatively”.

It’s not that I didn’t want us to be friends. It’s just that I’m a Sagittarius. I can only handle so much, before completely cutting ties with the person.

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