Chef LuLu (Part 4)

July 12

So, I found these boxes of Ice cream Powder in the flavors Strawberry and Chocolate and Vanilla from the brand Dreem on and decided to give them a try. No Ice Cream Machine needed!

Basically, you just mixed the Ice Cream Powder with Milk, use the Electric Mixer on high for about 5 minutes, then pop it in any Dish and store it in the freezer (for it to freeze into Ice Cream)! Super fast and simple and easy!

My mom and my nieces and my nephew and my brothers and myself were all delighted to have Ice Cream at the Pool, especially after swimming all day had worked up our appetite!

Everyone on my Snapchat wanted to get some for their kids, so I sent them all over to

I was so excited the first time that I made all 3 flavors which side by side looked so pretty and Neapolitan!

July 13

I pushed my nephew (fully clothed) in the Pool, because he refused to swim with everyone else (even though I wasn’t swimming).

Then, I served everyone Ice Cream lol

The Purple Bowls and Blue Tray (all from Ikea) were a Mood! ♥

We were all out of Ice Cream by night time, so I made more, for the next day.

July 14

My youngest niece turned 2 and my sister-in-law (niece’s mom) baked a delicious Cake with yummy berry layers!

My niece wore an adorable Tutu Dress with Fairy Wings both of which I bought for her from Ivy Babies (who had excellent customer service and swiftly exchanged the incorrect size for the proper size, as soon as I’d contacted them)!

I wore my American Eagle White High-Waisted Paperbag Wide Leg Pants (haulage to come) and American Eagle White Short Sleeve Polo Shirt (haulage to come) paired with my ASOS Dominic White Chunky Trainers (hauled here) for an Island Resort Look (I dunno’, ok?). In my mind, I looked flyyy, baby!

Then after the birthday, we all changed into our Swimsuits (including the Birthday Girl) and got in the Pool. For dinner, my brother grilled Burgers and Hotdogs and Cook took care of the Fries. We had the Cake and Icecream for Dessert.

July 15

Ideally, you’d use a specific type of Rice Noodles, but all I could find was Glass Noodles from the Asian Corner on which is what I used to make… Filipino Pancit!

Authentic Pancit is one of my most favorite dishes, ever!

July 16

I made legit Korean Tteok-bokki! I’d been researching the recipe for ages and I got the Spice from the Asian Corner on from a previous order. So, I sorta’ had a game plan.

For starters, I used the Basmati Rice Powder with some Salt and Boiling Water to form the cylindrical Rice Cakes!

Next, I used only Green Veggies (so they’d pop amidst the orange broth) including Lettuce, Broccoli and Green Capsicum.

Lastly, I boiled only a single Egg, peeled it and sliced it into the shape of a flower. My Tteok-bokki looked and tasted bomb!

It inspired me to make Kimchi (at some point) which I’ve been dying to have.

July 17

The Avocados that I’d ordered had just arrived so I made Avocado on Toast with a squeeze of Lemon Juice and a sprinkle of Sea Salt on top for my own personal breakfast.

The Avocados gave me an idea and I decided to run with it.

I was making Tacos for everyone for Lunch!

I already had the Taco Shells from the brand MF (ordered directly from MF on which was finally sorta’ working for me).

I was already a pro at browning the Minced Beef and Cook could take care of washing and chopping the Veggies (he was my Sous Chef… or maybe I was his lol).

I didn’t think I’d see the day where I, LuLu would be making Tacos and what’s more? Everyone loved them and asked for a second helping!

Unfortunately, the Taco Shells were very delicate and a few got cracked so I only made 2 Tacos per person. Then for dessert, I served the home-made Ice Cream from the brand Dreem.

Then, Mera came over and we watched the final installment of the The Hangover. I was having such a good day, but this chick just bums me out.

She actually asked me to leave the light on in the Cinema Room because it was “too dark”. If the lights were on, we wouldn’t be able to see the movie being projected on the wall *sigh* I obliged her anyway.

July 18

I decided to make my most ambitious dish yet, a 6-Hour Carrot Cake!

I started at around 12:30pm and didn’t get done until 6:30pm lol

First, it was the usual process, 2 Cups of Flour, 2 tsp Baking Powder, 1 tsp Bicarbonate Soda, 1/2 tsp freshly grated Ginger, 1/4 tsp Ground All Spice, 1/2 tsp Salt and 1 tbs Cinnamon.

Next, I had around 8-10 large Green Apples (peeled and quartered) in a large pan. I poured 1/2 Cup of Water and 1/4 Cup of Sugar and 1/2 tsp of Cinnamon Powder on top of them and covered the pot for an 30-45 minutes or so (until the apples were mushy) to make Apple Sauce.

Next, in a separate bowl, I poured 1/2 Cup of White Sugar and 1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar and about 10 Large Carrots (already washed and shredded) an 1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil and 1 Cup of Golden Raisins (depending on your preference). Then I added the Apple Sauce to the Shredded Carrot Mix.

Next, I added 4 Large Eggs to the Flour and other Dry Ingredients. Then I added them to Apple Sauce and now Shredded Carrot Mix. Then I mixed everything together and then added some chopped Walnuts and poured the final mixture into 3 identical Baking Pans (for layering). They went into the Oven for about an hour (from 3pm to 4pm).

To make the layers stick together, I used some Cream Cheese (room temp) and freshly squeezed Lemon Juice and some Vanilla Essence to make the Frosting. Then, I ever so carefully frosted between each layer and set the next layer of Cake atop the first.

Then, I covered the whole thing with Frosting, so it looked like it was only a single layer of Cake and you could only tell it was actually three layers once you cut into it.

Lastly, I popped that sucka’ in the fridge, so the Frosting would chill and the layers wouldn’t just slide right off lol

Maybe it took so long because I was documenting everything. Maybe it took so long because I was avoiding Mera. We’ll never know.

What we do know is that the Carrot Cake tasted sublime!

July 19

I made Lasagna for the very first time.

Then, my brother and I watched First Man in the Cinema Room with the kids.

For my dinner, I fried up some Chicken Wings (cook told me when to flip them over and when they were done because honestly, I had no clue and actually lost track of time as soon as the hot oil started flying off and burning me) and coupled that with the MF Mild Chicken Wing Sauce which was fiyah!

July 20

I’ve always heard of Meatloaf and was always curious to try it. I figured why wait? Why not just make it myself?

So, I made Meatloaf (from scratch) for everyone!

It looked similar to what Meatloaf should look like.

And it smelled deelish to boot!

Thankfully, it tasted surprisingly good too (I was a bit skeptical)!

Also, I wanted to use the Old El Paso Tortillas that I’d purchased…

To make Chicken Fajitas (just in case the Meat Loaf didn’t pan out lol) for everyone!

For Dessert, I made a Chocolate Cake (boxed) from the brand Dreem.

July 21

I used the leftover Chicken to make a Chicken Sandwich for myself. I threw some Veggies and Cheese in there and made a meal out of it!

My cousin’s younger son got Covid and because he was 5, his mother had to be quarantined with him. So, I sent them a care package of sorts (Chips Ahoy Cookies and Packs of Potato Chips in different flavors and Sara Lee Cakes and a bunch of other snackage).

I also sent my cousin the Korean Tteok-bokki Sauce Powder and the Basmati Rice Powder to make her own Tteok-bokki (something to do while in quarantine). Lastly, I sent them half of my 6hr Carrot Cake because it was too good to pass up! That was days ago.

In return, I woke up to find a delivery from Petra. My cousin had ordered several boxes of Frozen Yogurt in the flavors Mixberry (my fave) and Mango. She also sent over Ice Cake Rolls in Vanilla + Strawberry and Vanilla + Raspberry. So sweet and thoughtful, right?

July 22

I made Korean Beef Bulgogi (lettuce wrapped) from scratch, which I’d marinated a day before.

Honestly, while stuffing my face, I legit felt like I was in a Korean Drama

Obviously, I’d purchased the Marinade from

I also made a boxed Vanilla Cake (Dreem) because everyone wanted Dessert or whatever but because of Covid, we weren’t ordering from restaurants (… as much).

July 27

With the help of our housekeeper, I made Filipino Macaroni Fruit Salad for my niece’s birthday (she turned 10).

My niece was obsessed with Frozen II so I got her a Frozen II Digital Watch (that lights up and changes color) and a Frozen II Dress Lamp (because it was a fun DIY project and she was afraid of the dark) and a Frozen II Spring Hamper (so she’d stop tossing her clothes on the floor).

I also got her a Glow-In-The-Dark Unicorn Water Bottle (because she was afraid of the dark) and a much taller Iridescent Mermaid Water Bottle. I got her a Baby Born Surprise Doll (she was obsessed with LOL a few years back and this was sorta’ the same) and a Shnooks Doll (you brush its hair and it grows x8 in size, also the colorful hair is scented)! All of the above was from Centrepoint (the one next to Awqaf in Kuwait City).

Lastly, through an online order, I got her a Baby Pink Heart-Shaped Backpack and Light-Up Sneakers (with Iridescent Unicorns on them) from H&M.

We also ordered the Birthday Cake from Caked (which was everyone’s fave flavor!) and celebrated her birthday by the Pool at night. Then for dinner, we grilled Burgers and Hotdogs poolside, as usual.

July 29

Cook defrosted the meat and sliced it (after I explained how, because I didn’t wanna touch it lol).

Then, I made the marinade and popped it with the meat into a container which I placed overnight in the fridge because the next day, I was gonna make Fried Vegetable Rice and Teriyaki Beef!

How awesome is my tupperware (which helps you keep track of the month and day)! I found it in our kitchen but if anyone knows where I can find these, please let me know because I’d love to buy more. I’ve become that person (who gets excited by tupperware) lol

July 30

Cook and I went downstairs to grill the Teriyaki Beef on skewers as the Main Dish and Mexican Corn (Elote) as the Side.

Stove-top, I made Vegetable Fried Rice.

I’d ordered a Pumpkin from and this is what arrived lol

Which I pureed (smelled heavenly!)…

To make Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (been craving them ever since I saw Shane Dawson’s husband, Ryland talking about them on his channel, once).

My younger brother and I watched The Old Guard in the Cinema Room while we ate.

Both brothers couldn’t stop raving about dinner, the Teriyaki Beef more specifically!

I quite enjoyed the movie, but I’d enjoy anything with Charlize Theron! Also, that’s my brother’s list, not mine.

I placed the leftover Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins in glass tupperware (to keep ’em fresh longer) for the next day. They were so good!

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