Chef LuLu (Part 3 + Side of Drama)

June 19

Inspired by the success of my first gathering during the pandemic, I decided to invite a newer friend called Mera over for a BBQ Lunch and Swim at the Pool (I even lit my Coconut Water Candle for the occasion)!

Mera brought over a box of little Pizzas (from Ceasars Confectionery) which was nice because honestly, I’d missed that stuff!

Feeling daring, we decided to go get drinks from Starbucks first! We wore Dresses over our Swimsuits because we wanted to feel like women again lol I wore my H&M Khaki Green Lyocell Shirt Dress (pix of me wearing it here) which was a nice change from Sweatpants and PJs lol

On the way over, Mera kept insisting I choose something with Caffeine in it to drink even though I’d already told her that I’d quit Caffeine for good (going over every single detail, heart palpitations and all). I let her know that I was sticking with a Small/Tall Hot Chocolate and that was that.

I didn’t even want it and would’ve been perfectly fine drinking a juice box (KDD Mango Juice) from home, but I could tell the girl was going stir-crazy, which is why I agreed to going to Starbucks (Nuzha). We were at the Starbucks Drive Thru at around 10:30am and nobody saw us nor did we see anybody. It was all purely just for her (to quite whining). I played A Palé repeatedly on blast (in her car) to tune her out lol

Unfortunately, back home, she got into the Pool before I could ask her to rinse off her body. So, I made a big show of getting in the Shower (swimsuit on) and leaving the door open, to the point where when I got in the Pool, she told me that she used to have a Pool at home and her father had her family all rinse off before getting in the Pool as well (she never got in our pool again without rinsing her body off first so… mission accomplished).

She didn’t wanna swim or play. All she wanted to do was sit by the shallow end and complain about her problems. Thankfully, I could distract her with food. The girl literally told me that not only does she love food, but that eating puts her in a better mood. You might think “Well, duh”, but no, this girl actually starts humming with joy when she eats and is all smiles afterwards. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true, when she’s hungry, she gets cranky.

In any case, I had Cook send over some Fruits (same setup as earlier) and once she ate, it was like she was a completely different person! She was ready to play with me!

She took one of the Inner Tube Floats and raced with me to the deep end (making sure not to get her hair wet) and connected her phone to my dad’s Bluetooth Speaker (to play music) and was just much more fun in general!

At one point, we were sorta’ moshing (all two of us lol) by the Grill to Roses (Imanbek Remix)!

For lunch, I grilled up some Veal Cubes (we bought them already pre-marinated and everything, all you had to do was keep ’em frozen until you wanted to grill ’em) and only after I grilled them and everything, Mera said she didn’t eat Lamb nor anything that resembled an animal (including Chicken).

Luckily, I had Cook send over some Americana Beef Burgers (Arabic Spices) as backup. At first, she complained about the brand of Burgers because she wanted a specific kind, but I told her it was all we had (also, they were actually good). She pouted but had some and then ate all 4 (the box only came with 4) and asked for 4 more (not kidding) which I had Cook send over for her.

A guy-friend of mine had turned me on to McCain Fries and WOW! I had cook fry up some Crinkle Cut Fries (my fave!) and Potato Wedges all from McCain. They were bomb!

Thankfully, time was almost up and Mera had to leave :)

She called me as soon as she got back home (I make all my girlfriends and cousins call or text as soon as they get home to know that they’ve arrived safely. If they die at home, that’s on them) and she actually asked “So, what are we doing tomorrow?” and I was so caught off-guard and couldn’t think on my feet that I didn’t have an excuse and got roped into going out with her the very next day.

She didn’t want to swim because her hair was clean (which is why she didn’t get it wet in the Pool) lol so we made plans to go to Beesalt (I’d seen it somewhere on social media prolly and needed to try it because of the name lol). I figured since we were going out for sure, I’d curl my hair first and then go to sleep.

June 20

The next day, I got dressed in my H&M White Miami Vice T-Shirt (hauled here) and Forever 21 Peacock Metallic Pleated Skirt (hauled here) and ASOS Dominic White Chunky Trainers (hauled here) and Milano Padlock Black Leather Cross-Body Micro Bag.

My outfit looked cool (aesthetics) but also felt cool (practical) in Kuwait’s unforgiving heat! Honestly, I was living for that outfit!

Mera picked me up and I suggested we go to Chill in Kuwait City. Unfortunately, the drive-thru line was so long and Mera legit tried cutting in line thinking she could just play it off as being confused (which was so rude and so cringe) so I told her let’s just skip the dessert and go straight to Beesalt since it was in Shuwaikh which was farther away and we had the national curfew (around 6pm or 7pm) to contend with, meaning we didn’t have time to waste.

Beesalt was super crowded, so I suggested Five Guys which was down the road.

We had our first fast food meal since the pandemic started. We went back to my place and ate while she watched a Syrian Drama Series that she and her dad are into. Then I turned her on to BTS which she did not enjoy and yet stayed until 15 minutes to curfew :/

June 21

I made Pizza again, experimenting with Oregano and Cherry Tomatoes, needless to say it was deelish!

Because I just can’t make one dish and be done, I also made Creme Caramel, this time pouring it into my precious Rose-Shaped Cake Pan to make the Creme Caramel look prettier and more fun!

Then, while that chilled in the fridge, I decided to make some Blackberry Jello and crush up some Oreo Biscuits to serve as the base for the Jello to come up with my own Dessert (that’s my Mermaid Wishes Candle burning in the background).

It didn’t work out though because I couldn’t get the Blackberry/Oreo to slide out of the Mini Cake Tray on their own which kinda’ left them disfigured, a bit lol The kids and staff liked them as did one brother, but not the other.

It occurred to me that I needed more Cooking Utensils and Baking Trays and Pots and Pans and whatnot, because the ones I had were just not cutting it. They were leaving me… uninspired.

June 25

I made Brownies (from scratch) and Chocolate Chip Cookies (boxed).

I was also no longer detailing every single step of whatever I was making. I was becoming bored of Snapchat lol

June 30

I invited Mera over to watch a movie in the Cinema Room. I also saw a Cake on her Snapchat and when I asked, she said she would bring the ingredients and show me how to make it.

Well, when she came over, she only brought 1 pack of Raspberry Jello and asked if we had another, because the recipe called for 2 packs of Raspberry Jello.

She also brought 1 packet of Dream Whip and asked if we had another or at least KDD Thick Cream.

Then, she asked if we had Cream Cheese. Finally, she asked if we had a Sara Lee Pound Cake.

Basically, Mera was counting on me already having all those things. I had to ask my sister-in-law who was at the Chalet with her family if I could take Sara Lee Pound Cake from her stash (my brother sent it down in the dumbwaiter).

So, Mera cut up the Sara Lee Cake using a knife and then took the slices in her bare hands and transferred them to a Pyrex Dish.

Poured two packets of KDD Thick Cream. Tossed the Cream Cheese over top. Poured the Jello (in powder form) and poured the Dream Whip over everything. Added some Milk and mixed everything together.

Lastly, spooned the mixture over the slices of Cake and popped the Cake in the fridge. I was dubious but decided to trust her…

I “borrowed” those tiny cans of Diet Pepsi from my sister-in-law’s stash (younger brother sent them over in the dumbwaiter) for Mera and nuked some Popcorn for us, before heading down to the Cinema Room.

In the Cinema Room, I played Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham because it was a classic and I couldn’t believe that there was still someone out there who hadn’t watched it yet.

I put Arabic subtitles on for her (I can read both Arabic and English but prefer English) so imagine my surprise when I asked her something and she said, “Oh, I’m not reading the subtitles. I like to watch their faces and can kinda’ understand the story from their facial expressions”. MORON.

No wonder she kept asking me why this or why that happened. I stopped answering her and eventually she started reading for herself. I can’t believe this person is a teacher! She’s actually in charge of teaching other humans! -_-

Towards the end of the movie, we went and got the Cake from the fridge.

The Sara Lee Cake part was nice (obvs) but the Heavy Cream/Jello Concoction had a throat-closing, bitter, metallic after-taste (which would be the Jello because it was not meant to be consumed this way). I never asked her for another recipe again lol

To make matters worse, because she’d been playing songs from the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham all the way home to Qurtoba until her phone died, she had to charge it and forgot to call me or text me saying she was home safe. Bruh.

July 3

I made Chocolate Chip Cookies specifically because I wanted to sprinkle some Sea Salt on them from my newly purchased box of Maldon Sea Salt!

I also made Home-Made Froyo (recipe to come) in the flavor Raspberry (which oddly enough, tasted like Rose Syrup).

July 7

Mera came over to watch a movie and I taking it upon myself to educate her, decided we should watch The Hangover trilogy.

Since she apparently had no issue flitting from one cooperative to the next, I casually asked her if she could pick up some Cream Silk for me (my holy grail conditioner) on her next excursion and I of course would pay her.

That same day, after the movie ended, Mera went to the Co-op, grabbed 10 Cream Silk Conditioners (at around KD 0/800 a pop) and came back to my place and dropped them over! I tried to pay her but she said “What’s money between friends?” (something to that effect, in Arabic). That’s when I decided, she might be a moron, but somehow she had become my moron.

She’d call me every day and talk to me for hours about every single detail in her life (including her bowel movements) and I’d listen, because… friends.

My time was no longer mine. It had become Mera’s.

July 9

I’d become inspired by something on Pinterest (not quite sure what I saw because I had to log in and I refused, so it was only a quick glimpse) but it involved Gelatin. So, I purchased sooo much Gelatin from and proceeded to experiment.

What you’re looking at is Coconut Water + Gelatin + Grapes (halved) which I served, by the pool, to the fam.

July 11

Mera came over so we could watch Hangover Part II in the Cinema Room.

She brought over a huge Pryex Dish of something and proclaimed as soon as I saw her “You’ve gotta’ try this!” which turned out to be Oven-Baked Sweet Potatoe Fries with some Table Salt sprinkled over it. It was clearly a half portion, not meant to be shared with anyone lol

Even worse, she was wearing a White T-shirt and Blue Pleated Skirt (just like my outfit the other day when we went to Five Guys) lol

She asked if we could keep the lights on… in the Cinema Room… during the entire movie…

I shrugged and asked Cook to send over some Cherries which she seemed to love the last few times she was over, especially since I’d just gotten a new order.

As soon as she left, I used Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and Marshmallows and Milk and Lindt Chocolate to come up with something similar to Rice Krispies Treats… minus the Rice Krispies (hey, I use what I can find) for the kids.

Then, I made Spaghetti Bolognese using Worcestershire Sauce (for the beef). I can’t even begin to tell you how many bottles of Worcestershire Sauce I’ve been through in the past few months alone. This stuff is magic!

I purchased it along with a bunch of other spices (which I have to hide from Cook because he always uses up my stuff) all through which again has been an absolute life saver throughout 2020!

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