Chef LuLu (Part 2)

May 25

Once again, past midnight (which was usually when I got the urge to “make things” in the Kitchen) I made some more Home-Made Froyo (recipe to come!) this time using Strawberry Jello (which turned everything a cute pink)!

May 26

Mini Pancake Cereal was trending (ugh, TikTok) so I decided to hop on that trend!

I basically just used regular boxed Pancake Mix, except I poured it into a small ziploc sandwich bag and cut a tiny slit in the corner (to pump out the Pancake Mix onto the Frying Pan). I’d squeeze small circles of Pancake Mix making sure they weren’t touching each other, fry them, flip them and transfer them to a bowl. Then, I’d proceed to squeeze the next batch and the next and so on.

Honestly, it was a time-consuming process.

But the end result was so cute!

May 27

I wanted to try my hand at making Shakshouka, while also making Hash Browns. I should’ve just stuck to doing one thing at a time, but as we’ve already established, I just can’t.

First, I got two large Potatoes and grated them and then tipped them over onto Paper Napkins and covered them (hoping the Paper Napkins would soak up the moisture).

Next, I started working on the Shakshouka which was fairly simple. First, I fried… I wanna’ say Green Capsicum. Then, I pureed the Tomatoes to make the Sauce adding Salt and Mushrooms and Shredded Cheese. Next, I poured the mixture into a Baking Dish and carefully cracked two Eggs over top and popped that sucka’ in the Oven.

Back to the Hash Brown, I tossed the shredded Potatoes in a Mixing Bowl and seasoned them (Salt + Garlic Powder + Onion Powder). Next, I heated some Butter and tipped the now seasoned shredded Potatoes onto a Large Frying Pan, making sure to pack everything down tightly using the back of the spoon.

At this point, I took the Shakshouka out of the Oven and added some more Cheese and possibly Basil and turned on the Broiler. The reason I don’t remember what was involved in making the Shakshouka was because I never made it again. In fact, I never made either one again.

The Hash Brown took forever to cook, that I completely forgot about the Shakshouka which had turned completely black after 5 minutes with the Broiler on.

It was well past midnight when the Hash Brown was finally done. I believe the moisture was what made it take so long. Ideally, the shredded Potatoes should be dry before you start frying them.

Still, my bestie told me that I’d inspired her to make Hash Brown for her and her hubby the next day which was nice.

May 28

I “made” Creme Caramel. It was boxed so it shouldn’t count as me making something.

Regardless, there’s just something so satisfying about the smooth reflective surface of Creme Caramel!

May 29

I prepared home-made Mango Froyo (because it sounds weird to say I made home-made, no?) and Mini Pancakes (so stinkin’ cute!) again.

June 7

I finally made a San Sebastian Cheesecake!

It was deceptively simple so of course, I had to make something else as well. I ended up making Nutella Cookies (slightly harder to make) which my brothers and sister and the kids all loved!

My trick was to spoon out tiny dollops of Nutella on my Lakeland Silicone Baking Sheet and pop them in the Freezer.

Then, to form the Cookie Dough Balls around the Nutella Balls, before popping them in the Oven to make Nutella Cookies.

Like I said, my brothers and my sister and her kids all loved them!

The San Sebastian Cheesecake was a big hit as as well, obvs.

June 8

I’d just received my order from which happened to include Brussel Sprouts.

First, I washed them and soaked them in water. Then, I drizzled some Olive Oil on them. Next, I sprinkled some Salt and Black Pepper and some freshly minced Garlic on them as well. Next, I mixed everything together and carefully placed the Brussel Sprouts on a Baking Tray and popped them in the Oven for around 20 minutes (remembering to flip them over after 10 minutes).

Once they were done, I poured some Balsamic Vinegar on them and sprinkled some Grated Parmesan Cheese over top. So good!

I also made Pizza (well, Cook prepped the Dough for me). We used a whatever brand of Ketchup (Hayat Ketchup) as the Pizza Sauce. Then I added sliced Onions (half moons) and sliced Tomatoes (full moons) and sliced Green Bell Peppers and Yellow Bell Peppers and Sweet Corn (canned) and Mushrooms (canned) and Grated Cheddar Cheese and Grated Mozzarella Cheese and covered it with foil and finally popped it in the Oven.

The end result was almost too pretty to eat!

My younger brother and I watched Jungle on Netflix (I’m always astonished by Harry Potter’s wide range of acting skills) while we had lunch together in the Cinema Room. Such a good movie!

June 11

I made some dank Brownies… which made me think of my weight.

Once I weighed myself, I was not surprised that I’d gained too much weight. My younger brother and I decided to go walking for an hour in our front yard and now matter how much I nagged, whined and threatened him, he absolutely refused to walk anywhere near the sidewalk (because we were either under lockdown or national curfew or summat).

June 17

I (wearing the Vans Black/Pink Flip Flops) invited my bestie (wearing the Adidas Slides) and her sister (wearing the Tory Birch Sandals and Anklets) over for a day at the Pool. My bestie brought her baby (I think she was around 6 months at the time) and her baby’s nanny with her for her baby’s first swim ever! She had outfit changes for her and everything! It was too cute!

My bestie also brought Chocolate Pudding (from Petitfour & More) that read Friends of a Lifetime which in Arabic is the equivalent of Besties for Life (they give you a list of options to choose from), which I thought was so sweet!

For drinks, I had Cook send over some KDD Juice Boxes and Bottles of Water in the dumbwaiter. For snacks, I’d already shown him what Fruits to send over and in what dishes and how to place them and all that.

For example, one Fruit Bowl had Green Apples and Yellow Apples and Pears and Plums while the other Fruit Bowl had Cherries and Melon Balls (scooped out using a Melon Scoop which I think I picked up from Daiso ages ago). All the fruits were from which had become a lifesaver for me during 2020.

I was never one for Cherries, but my goodness, these ones (imported from Lebanon according to the website), tasted heavenly! Everyone who had some, couldn’t help but go in for seconds and thirds! My younger brother even commented on how good they were when I asked him to try some in the Cinema Room. Between him and I, we polished off a whole thing of Cherries! I pretty much bought this stuff in bulk, they were so good!

Which is why I was a bit miffed when my bestie’s younger sister said she didn’t eat Fruits, ever. She said she gets grossed out and can’t even drink Juice. Even Veggies, there were only certain kinds she could handle (as in Potatoes because French Fries, etc…). That didn’t stop me from trying to force her to try the Cherries though lol I ended up chasing her around the Pool at one point.

Which made it even worse when it was time for lunch, because I didn’t know my bestie was bringing others with her and had only planned for us two lol I had 3 pre-marinated Chicken Skewers and 3 pre-marinated Beef Skewers and 4 Kofta (we bought them already pre-marinated and everything, all you had to do was keep ’em frozen until you wanted to grill ’em). It might’ve been enough for me and my bestie and her sis, but definitely not the baby’s nanny. So, I asked Cook to send over 4 Burgers and tossed them on the grill alongside everything else and asked him to fry some Fries for us back up in the Main Kitchen.

After our late lunch, we hooked up the sister’s second phone (second for situations like this) to my dad’s Bluetooth Speakers and I took control of the music (if we’re at the pool, it’s always Kygo) and swam some more.

The baby would join us for a bit (we’d put her on the Seashell Island which would make her seem even tinier in comparison which was so cute!) and then she’d get sleepy and get taken inside for another nap and wake up and come back for another “swim” and so on.

Before time ran out (the national curfew was either 6pm or 7pm at the time) the girls showered and got dressed and dried up and we all went inside where I served them Coffee and brought out the Chocolate Pudding that my bestie had brought with her, which was so yummy!

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