‘One Day More’ of President Trump – Les Misérables Parody

Honestly, I debated whether I should post this up or not. I gave it a day (slept on it) and as you can see, decided to go for it.

Les Mis is one of my absolute most favorite musicals! I’d like to follow that up with, I don’t enjoy musicals and that it was never my thing except… for Moulin Rouge! (2001) which I loved! To me, it was the most romantic movie of all time, up until I saw The Notebook (2004).

I have an extremely vague memory of watching Oliver! (1968) at my neighbor’s apartment (my family and I happened to be abroad) during the Gulf War (90-91) when I was around 5 or 6 years old. Back in Kuwait, almost a year later, I was forced into watching Annie (1982) as part of Music Class in the second grade (91-92 school year). We also had to watch Aladdin in that same class, but animated movies and cartoons don’t count (‘cuz those were a pleasure to watch).

Somehow, I managed to watch the Labyrinth at home (no parental guidance because… Kuwait) which gave me nightmares (along with Willow and The Garbage Pail Kids Movie but those weren’t musicals so whatever). Basically, all the musicals I’d seen up until that point either revolved around orphans or babies.

Then, I saw Selena (1997) played by Jennifer Lopez (before she became the J-Lo we all know and love today) and was mesmerized! To this day, I can’t listen to Como La Flor without tearing up because it reminds me of her (the real Selena). I remember lending the tape to my cousin and she never returned it.

I was super excited to see Romeo + Juliet (1996) and then Titanic (1997), for obvious reasons (Leo)! They count as musicals because both their soundtracks (musical scores?) are quite memorable. To be fair, I thought the score from the classic Romeo and Juliet (1968) was extremely memorable (well, just that one super sad song).

Once I watched Moulin Rouge! (2001), I was obsessed! It was not just another cheesy musical. Moulin Rouge was dark! The music, the cinematography, the costumes, the story, heck, everything about it was amazing! It was just… masterful! Also, Nicole Kidman never looked prettier than she did in that movie!

Of course I watched 8 Mile (2002) because Eminem. I couldn’t finish Chicago (2002) or Bride and Prejudice (2004) or The Phantom of the Opera (2004).

My friends and I watched Rent (2005) and as soon as the end credits came up, all started singing 525,600 Minutes simultaneously (and not one of us got the lyrics correct lol). I think I liked Enchanted (2007) and Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) but for some reason, can barely remember them.

Finally, we come to Les Misérables (2012) which I put off watching because “I’m not into musicals”, but once I did actually give it a shot (X-Factor UK and Britain’s Got Talent kept singing songs from the movie/musical and I wanted to see what the fuss was about), I was veritably blown away!

I’d actually seen the previous version of Les Misérables (1998) on tv when I was much, much younger (so long ago that I wanna’ say it was on Super Movies on Orbit, remember Orbit guys? lol) and actually enjoyed the story but I could’ve sworn it was Gabriel Byrne (whom I adore) that played Jean Valjean not Liam Neeson.

In any case, the 2012 version of Les Mis was true excellence! Whoever cast these actors in those roles did such a good job! I was entranced from the get-go! I loved most if not all of the songs! The one where Marius (played by Eddie Redmayne) was remembering drinking with his friends only the night before (Empty Chairs at Empty Tables) just broke me!

The Great Gatsby (2013) was yet another masterpiece! The music was fire! The costumes were fire! Leo was fire! lol I loved the whole thing! In fact, all I listened to was the Jazz Foxtrot version of Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray, for months afterwards! The entire movie was just masterful! Baz Luhrmann is a genius and I absolutely, love, love love his work!

I did watch Grease (1978) at some point, but that was so long ago and all I remember was that it was playing on MBC and I got into it lol Also, I saw La La Land (2016) in our Cinema Room and thought it was just okay.

Anyways (long tangent over) the above video is of James Corden singing “One Day More” which was whatever… up until that one dude, whose singing sounded so similar to Hugh Jackman’s (“this impeachment is a lie”) and then the other two, whose singing sounded similar to the tavern junkies (“we won’t wear a mask, that’s our given right”) cracked me up! That’s why I figured I’d share it.

That said, if Trump is a bully and the whole world bullies Trump, doesn’t that make the whole world bullies too?

Now on to something lighter…

While watching the inauguration (thank you, spell check), I clocked this cutie! I would not shut up about her, up until my mom and dad got annoyed and threatened to kick me out of their living room.

How darling are her curls? The way she paired it with the headband! Also, the rest of her outfit was pretty adorbs! You pair that with her gorgeous eyes and honest to goodness, the girl looks like a real-life Pixie! So stinkin’ cute!

As it turns out, this lil cutie is Ella Emhoff (22) who is the daughter of Doug Emhoff from a previous marriage (before he was married to Vice President Kamala Harris).

I look forward to seeing the looks Ella is going to be serving in the future!

Another cutie that I couldn’t take my eye off of was Natalie Biden (16)! She had gorgeous eyes as well (is it something in the water that they’re drinking? what’s the secret?) that I couldn’t help but notice! Her pink ensemble was to die!

Natalie Biden is the daughter of Beau Biden and is the granddaughter of President Joe Biden, for reference.

I wish I had a clearer pic of her during the inauguration (thank you, spell check), but this is all I could find.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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