My Home (Post #1,000)

The post that no one asked for lol

For my 1,000th post, I figured I’d take pics of my home (granted most of the photos are of doors but think of this as a general over-view and I’ll go even more in-depth in a future post… maybe).

There are 3 entrances to our home (potential thieves, take note).

– The first is the main entrance (shown in the photo) which is facing the main road.
– The second is the side entrance that’s by the car parking area and leads straight to the elevator.
– The third is by the kitchen and includes a long outdoor walkway that leads to the male staff’s living quarters on one side and the back entrance on the other side.

Only the main entrance area and the side entrance area each have their own skylight (partially shown in the above photo).

Typically, I’d use the natural daylight shining through from the skylight in the main entrance area to take photos of stuff for my blog (it’s where the “magic” happens).

The door to the right leads to my apartment (living room + guest bathroom + long hall leading to my bedroom + walk-in closet + master bathroom and finally my bedroom.

The door to the left leads to my parents’ apartment (living room + guest bathroom + shuttered terrace overlooking the garden + walk-in closet + master bathroom and finally their bedroom).

Main Entrance Hall

The mess on either side of the hallway is mine lol

The boxes were either packages of stuff that I’d ordered online or empty cardboard boxes that needed to be assembled (because I had to pack my stuff and temporarily move out of my apartment, again).

You can partially see the Ikea Desk (MICKE) that I use for taking pictures of stuff (for my blog).

You can also sorta see (check for the wheels) an Asymmetric Glass Desk which my older sister got rid of once she and her husband bought a house and moved out of their apartment.

My younger brother called dibs so he got to use it for a bit, up until he got married and his wife decided to get rid of it, which made it mine for the taking. It really is a beauty, which unfortunately can’t really be seen because of all my clutter.

Large Bookcase

If you keep heading straight from the Main Entrance, you’ll see a Large Bookcase. It’s actually several wooden shelving units that my dad refuses to get rid of nor let my mom repaint or even touch up lol


The same Large Bookcase, but from a different angle. There’s actually another much smaller Bookcase on the wall directly facing this one.

The Books are all a mish-mash of my YA books (at least the ones I managed to save, from our old home) and my dad’s books (all of which I described in my Book Club Post), while the rest were mostly Arabic (which I don’t read) probably belonging to my mom and sis.

That said, my younger brother has his own books in his private office (on his floor) and my older sister has her own books at her home and my dad has more books in his apartment and I’ve got more books in boxes rotting away in storage (I’ll get to them once I’m done refurbishing my apartment).

Side Entrance + Chinese Room + Guest Rooms

Right by the Large Bookcase are 3 Doors visible in this photo.

– The door on the left leads to the Staircase + Elevator and Side Entrance.
– The door in the middle leads to the Chinese Room Washroom (double sinks) which has 2 other doors that lead to the Chinese Room Bathroom + Chinese Room.
– The door on the right leads to a small hallway with 2 Guest Bedrooms and a small Guest Bathroom (complete with a Shower Box) at the end of the hallway.

Guest Rooms

Starting from the door on the right, this door opens up to a small hallway with 2 Guest Bedrooms and a small Guest Bathroom (complete with a Shower Box) at the end of the hallway.

It’s usually where my nieces and nephew will stay when they’re sleeping over or when my uncles and their spouses visit us from abroad.

For reference, the windows in the Guest Bedrooms directly overlook the back of the house.

Chinese Room Area

The door in the middle leads to the Chinese Room Area.

What is the Chinese Room you ask?

It’s where my mom and dad entertain their guests. It’s got a bunch of fancy-schmancy furniture and statues and whatever, that they bought together from their trip in China when they were first married (early to mid 70’s).

We (their offspring) aren’t even allowed to go in there.

The middle door opens up to the Chinese Room Washroom (double sinks because Arabs)…

… and 2 other doors.

– The door on the left leads to the infamous Chinese Room.
– The door directly ahead opens up the Chinese Room Bathroom (toilet + sink because apparently the 2 sinks outside weren’t enough lol).

Chinese Room Bathroom

We call this particular bathroom the Chinese Room Bathroom because it’s right next to the Chinese Room, obviously.

As it stands, the only people who are currently using the Chinese Room Bathroom are the males in our household staff (rather than going all the way downstairs to their living quarters) because it’s closer and more convenient.

Smaller Bookcase

Back to the Main Entrance Hallway (if you exit the Chinese Room Area), there’ll be a Smaller Bookcase directly across.


To the wall on the right of the Smaller Bookecase are 2 more doors (toldja, lotsa doors at my place).

The one with a clock above it is the door that opens up to the Kitchen.

Back Entrance

Using the La-Z-Boy Reclining Chair (which has a B&BW Wallflower Fragrance Bulb plugged in behind it) as a point of reference, the door on the left opens up to the Kitchen while the door on the right leads to the Back Entrance Area.

If you open up the door that leads to the Back Entrance Area, you’ll come across 3 more doors and a Staircase.

Housekeeper’s Bedroom

The door on the right leads to 2 more doors. 1 door (which is always locked because it’s unnecessary) leads to the middle of my Parents’ Living Room.

The other door leads to the Housekeeper’s Bedroom + Bathroom.

The door on the left is another entrance to the Kitchen (note my B&BW 3-Wick Candle burning on the kitchen island).

There’s also a Staircase that leads to the middle of the Living Room Area on the first floor (older brother) and second floor (younger brother).

The door in the middle leads to Backside Entrance (on one end) and the Male Staff Living Quarters (on the other end).

So basically if you open up this door, it’ll take you outside and if you keep heading left, you’ll reach the Backside Entrance.

Side Entrance

Back to the Main Entrance Hall, as I said earlier, the door on the left (as shown) leads to the Staircase + Elevator and Side Entrance.

Elevator + Staircase + Side Entrance

If you go through the door on the left, it’ll open up to a Staircase that starts down in the basement and takes you all the way up to the roof.

There’s also an Elevator that takes you to the Basement (-1) and Ground Floor (0) and older brother’s apartment (1) and younger brother’s apartment (2) and finally the Roof (3).

If you keep heading straight, you’ll come to the same Side Entrance Area with the same skylight seen in the Main Entrance Area.

Side Entrance

This is the more commonly used entrance because directly outside this door is where we park our cars.

I tried to take a nicer photo of the glass windows. This was it lol

So to recap:

Main Entrance Area (facing front of the house and garden)
Side Entrance Area (facing side of the house and car park area)
Back Entrance Area (facing back of the house)
– Mom and Dad’s Apartment
– My Apartment
– Main Kitchen
– Housekeeper’s Bedroom
– Guest Room Area (2 Guest Rooms + 1 Bathroom)
– Chinese Room + Chinese Room Washroom (double sinks) + Chinese Room Bathroom

That’s it for the Ground Floor.

Next up is the Basement.

Bath and Body Works Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Candle (haulage here) I remember purchasing back in 2016.

I’ve already burned through one (as you can see) which is why I’m trying to savor and sorta’ ration the other two. While it certainly did not burn clean (as evident by the soot stains on the glass jar), the throw on this baby was superb!

I’d burn it at the stairwell (between the Basement and Ground Floor) and it would fill up the entire Staircase with it’s cozy, delicious goodness, all the way to the upper floors!

Without fail, everyone who walked through the Side Entrance Door would ask, “What was that delicious scent?”

Now if you go down the first flight of stairs (from the Ground Floor down to the Basement), you’ll come across Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake chilling in a corner.

Even after I’d already put it out, the scent would linger behind for two or three days!

Basement Floor or -1 on the Elevator

To the right of the Elevator would be the Staircase (or rather the bottom of it) and to the left is this door (as shown) that serves as a partition to hide the Fuse Box and all the other stuff that my mother deems unsightly.

If you step outside of the Elevator on the Basement Floor (-1) you’ll come across some couches and chandeliers (because… Arabs).

– The door on the right opens up to the Family Living Room.
– The darkened doorway on the same wall leads to the Family Living Room Bathroom.
– The double doors directly across from the Elevator leads to a room that was meant to be a fancier Living Room (for guests only) but is currently being used as extra storage space for my dad’s stuff.

I’ll show you the inside of each of those rooms in a sec.

Hallway Area

The chandeliers and couches I mentioned earlier.

Household Staff’s Living Quarters

If you open the door on the right, you’ll see a smaller hallway that has Bedrooms and Bathrooms on either side which is the living quarters of our household staff. The males, more specifically (Driver + Gardener + Cook + more recently, a Male Nurse).

– As I said, the door on the right leads to the Staff’s Living Quarters.
– While the door on the left leads to the Storage Room.

Cinema Room (left door)

To the left of the previous doors, is yet another door (1 of 2) that leads to the Cinema Room.

Cinema Room (right door)

Another door that leads to the Cinema Room.

I’ll show you the inside of the Cinema Room in another post (… maybe).

Cinema Room Washroom (double sinks)

Directly outside the Cinema Room is the Cinema Room Washroom and Cinema Room Bathroom.

Cinema Room Bathroom (toilet and yet another sink)

Cinema Room Washroom + Bathroom

– To the right of the Bathroom/Washroom is the Cinema Room
– To the left of the Bathroom/Washroom is the Kitchenette but also Laundry Room

Kitchenette + Laundry Room

Honestly, I don’t know what to call this particular room. It’s got a little bit of everything.

There’s a Washer/Dryer (which is the bane of my existence).

There’s a rather large Freezer.

There’s also a Turtle.

This is our Washing Machine. It’s the Hyundai HY-WTT15.

I. Hate. It.

For starters, you had to fill this thing up manually.

I legit have to reach around to turn the knob (to turn the water on).

However, whether it’s a design flaw or something that happened with use over time, but the hose that fills up the Washing Machine with water never actually stays connected to the Washing Machine.

If the water pressure is too strong, the hose will just separate from the Washing Machine and proceed to hose down everything in sight (usually my hair).

That’s why I do my laundry right before showering lol I always end up getting sprayed with water.

We’ve tried everything from taping it to tying it with rope. The only thing that works is keeping the water pressure down…

Except it’ll take a year for the water to fill up.

If I increase the pressure (to get the water to fill up faster) the hose separates and starts spraying everything.

Therefore, I have to keep it at a trickle and wait for it to painstakingly slowly fill up the darn Washing Machine.

Once I’m done, I have to turn the knob to drain the water.

Which empties into a drain in the middle of the room.

Also, the top on the Washing Machine side is actually broken.

As for the Dryer side, I have to smush the clothes all the way to the bottom of the dryer basket, otherwise the Dryer starts making the most jarring loud noises.

In fact, the first time I heard that sound, I actually thought the Washing Machine was about to explode lol

If the blue top is open, the Dryer will automatically stop working, despite the fact that the actual white lid is still closed.

Wash Selector


Wash Timer

I could deal with everything else, but this is why I hate our Washing Machine.

I have to turn the knob on the timer for the Washing Machine to start… except the maximum amount of time was only 15 minutes!!!!

That meant, I had to keep turning this thing every 15 minutes!

That meant, doing my laundry was a day’s work, meaning I couldn’t just pop them in the Washing Machine and wander off. I had to sit there and keep turning the darn thing!

I’ve begged my family to buy a new Washing Machine or at least let me buy one (legit begged), but they all refuse saying that A) This one works just fine and B) Our housekeeper (who does the laundry for my parents and the rest of our family) would probably just ruin the newer Washing Machine on account of it being too hi-tech therefore making this basic one just fine.

Majority rules. Ugh.

Drain Selector

Thankfully, I don’t have to be there for this part.

I could just turn the knob to “Drain” and the water would empty out into the drain in the middle of the room.

Right next to the God-forsaken Washing Machine is a window that overlooks the Outdoor Pool Area.

The door on the left leads to the Shower Area (for people to use before and after swimming) and the door on the right leads to the Bathroom (toilet + single sink).

As for the rest of the Kitchen(ette), it was meant to be used as a Kitchen but nobody really uses it for that.

There’s also a Dumbwaiter (which makes all our lives so much easier)!

Aside from food, my brothers and I are constantly trading USBs and electronic accessories (chargers and whatnot) via Dumbwaiter.

It starts in the Kitchen(ette) in the Basement (-1) but goes up to the Main Kitchen on Ground Floor (0) and up to the Kitchen in my older brother’s apartment (1) and up to the Kitchen in my younger brother’s apartment (2).

There’s also a Freezer, as I said.

And for some reason, an A.C. unit.

Hallway Area

A different angle of the couches and chandeliers, partially showing you the Kitchenette and to the left of it Double Doors that lead outside.

Double Doors

Right outside these doors is the outdoor Pool Area.

Here’s a sneak peek of the Pool!

Hallway Area

Coming in from outside, this is what you’ll see.

Fancy Living Room (for guests)

The other set of double doors directly facing the Elevator open up to the “Fancy Living Room” I suppose (dunno what to call it either).

It’s mostly my dad’s stuff. They used to be in the Dining Room back in our old home before we had it rebuilt from the ground up. Now it temporarily lives here.

Since my mom and dad were using this place for storage anyway, I added a few racks of my clothes (that I don’t regularly wear) to the mix as well.

The double doors lead you outside.

– To the left is my younger brother’s Diwaniya. To the left of that is the Diwaniya’s Bathroom (you know the deal, Double Sink Washroom + Single Sink and Toilet in the actual Bathroom).

– To the right is a staircase that leads you up top, to the main entrance/exit of our house.

Stray cats are always giving birth underneath the staircase, right outside my younger brother’s Diwaniya lol

Living Room Bathroom (double sinks + single sink + toilet)

Whenever I have people over in the Living Room or my family is gathered in the Living Room, this is the Bathroom that everyone uses.

Living Room Bathroom (double sinks + single sink + toilet)

With the lights on.

Family Living Room

Finally, we come to the Family Living Room (more double doors lol)

This is what you see outside the double doors in the Family Living Room.

We’ve got a Billiards Table and a Dining Table and a smaller Dining Table (from our older house, now used by the kids).

There’s also another gorgeous skylight ♥

I especially love this spot when it’s raining outside!

The kids’ handiwork lol

My sister doesn’t live with us. She’s married and lives in her own place with her husband and 3 kids, but they’re always visiting us which is why it’s just more practical for the kids to leave a lot of the toys here.

My younger brother is also married and lives on his own floor with his wife and toddler. Again, it’s more practical for them to leave her toys downstairs rather than lugging them back upstairs all the time.

The Inflatable Tiger Seat was actually a gift from our Driver for my baby niece because he loves her! We’re all absolutely besotted with the little darling!

The place is a mess because my nieces and nephew had just gone back to their home when I decided to take pics of the place for my blog.

All these photos were actually taken almost a year ago (Dec 5 2019) lol

The acoustics of the place is horrible so I don’t even bother trying to watch anything here.

However, the Family Living Room is where we also gather during Ramadan so a TV is a must, I suppose.

The Family Living Room also overlooks the Pool.

Different Angle

The two Serving Tables are where we keep the Fruits/Drinks/Dessert (Buffet Style).

Everyone just grabs a plate, fills it up with whatever and takes it over to the Dining Table. That way, there’s less clutter on the actual table itself.

The thing that looks like a Rocket is my Black Light (don’t ask).

My older brother bought this for the kids.

You might wonder what’s up with all the balloons.

It was actually my niece’s birthday a week prior and true to Kuwaiti fashion, we keep decorations up for an additional week or two. Heck, my mom keeps our Christmas Tree up until February lol

This door leads to the same staircase visible from the window in the Fancy Living Room (currently used for storage) shown earlier. It takes you outside, but you’re still in the basement.

Once you climb the staircase, you could just open the main gate and walk off the estate grounds.

A final look at the Family Living Room.

Dinner Table

This is where we gather every Tuesday for Family Night. It’s also where have our meals during Ramadan. It’s where we celebrate Birthdays and such. If I’m having my friends over, this is where we stuff our faces lol

So to recap:

– Family Living Room + Front Side Entreance
– Family Living Room Bathroom
– Fancy Living Room (currently being used for storage) + Front Side Entrance
– Staff’s Living Quarters (Bedrooms n Bathrooms) + Backside Entrance
– Storage Room
– Cinema Room
– Cinema Room Bathroom
– Kitchenette/Laundry Room
– Outdoor Pool Area
– Outdoor Pool Shower + Bathroom

So that pretty much covers it.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Full disclosure, I’ll probably be referencing it a lot in my upcoming posts (don’t wanna make this post any longer)!

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  1. Thank you for the virtual house tour :)

    Also, i love how you explained away few things coz of just being an “Arab” lol. We all do have a lot of stuff at home that links directly to our ethnicity.

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