Quarantine Couture

Earrings: Call It Spring Gold Stud Earrings
Sunglasses: Purple Aviators
Top: Black Dreaming Sleeveless Tank Top (I wanna’ say from Miss Selfridge)
Bottom: H&M Dark Grey Joggers (purchased earlier here)
Shoes: Havaiana Brasil Flip Flops (reviewed earlier here)

Like I said earlier in my Slippers post (here), I love Loungewear!

Loungewear is just so comfortable (enough to lounge in ergo lounge-wear). Loungewear keeps me warm when it’s cold outside. Loungewear keeps me cool when it’s hot outside. Loungewear is easy. Loungewear is effortless. Loungewear is life.

Before the lockdown, I thought I had plenty of comfortable clothes.

As it turns out, I only had 2 Bralettes from American Eagle (one a gorgeous grey and another in a beautiful lavender, both of which I outgrew once I gained some weight during the lockdown) and a few T-Shirts from a variety of different places (all of which are threadbare now or have a ton of holes in them or both, also from being abused during the lockdown) and a handful of Joggers or Sweatpants from H&M (all hauled in my blog).

The rest of my stuff was all “going out” stuff and not exactly the most comfortable for lounging around in, especially not for hours on end.

I realized that I needed to buy more comfy T-shirts (preferably Over-Sized) and more T-shirt Bras (as opposed to Balconette Bras or Push-Up Bras or whatever) and definitely more Joggers, and just more Loungewear in general… once the lockdown lifted.

I mean this particular pair of Dark Grey Joggers were absolute life-savers during the lockdown (heck, for all of 2020 I’d say)! The following pictures will demonstrate that.

Okay maybe not this photo.

I don’t know, ok?

There we go!

Those Dark Grey Joggers were nice and baggy, with a lot of give to them.

The fabric they’re made out of was perfectly stretchy.

Most important of all, they had pockets ♥

As I said, these H&M Dark Grey Joggers were absolute stars during the lockdown!


4 thoughts on “Quarantine Couture

  1. Hey Lulu! Am sorryyyy… i missed wishing you on your birthday..i know you are a sagittarius but i forgot the exact date :(

    Happy birthday beautiful! <3 Wishing you the very best in life and may God bless you. I hope you had a fun day! Sending you loads of love and virtual hugs :)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Sonia! I can’t believe you remembered!

    Yes, my birthday was on December 18 and I’m so touched that you remembered (you were super close too) and you remembered that I’m a Sagittarius as well! This was sooo sweet of you!

    Thank you so much! You’re the best! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehe i am notorious for remembering dates which is why i was super bummed that i forgot yours (registering Dec 18th as your birthday as i type this. Also, it helps that my colleague Khalid’s birthday is on the same day :) ) I hope you had a fun day beautiful!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. But you were suuuper close and honestly I was actually celebrating all week (once with the fam, later with friends and again with other friends, none of which was my idea lol) That said, I had an awesome birthday(s) this year! Thank you, love!

    Liked by 1 person

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