Any way you slice it, BTS pretty much saved my life (here).

Like I said earlier, I was at my weakest, saddest and lowest point ever, and while searching for something to watch on YouTube, I clicked on Trending and saw them singing along with James Corden and was instantly smitten!

They were a beacon of light in the darkness, or rather my darkness!

I’ve always sorta’ heard about the boys, but never really gave them a second glance, up until they appeared on Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show With James Corden back in early March (which was trending on YouTube at the time)… and for almost 17 minutes, my heart palpitations were forgotten!

I knew next to nothing about them, but once I watched the video (first and last episode I’ve ever watched of Carpool Kareoke), I quickly became interested in BTS!

Their were so many of them (7 in total) and they all looked so cute and the chemistry between them was very endearing! They were all just so very, very charming!

Once the video ended, the next one after that was BTS Performs “On” at Grand Central Terminal on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

As it turns out, these guys were wonderful entertainers! They really put on a show!

In fact, they put me in the mind-set of my first K-Pop loves H.O.T. and Shin Hwa from back in the day (1999 to be exact).

I mean… WOW!

After that, I was obsessed (to this day) with the all-male South Korean Boy Band called Bangtan Boys (acronym for the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan meaning Bulletproof Boy Scouts) also known as BTS!

I spent hours watching songs and videos and clips of them on YouTube, of which there were many (an almost endless supply)! Apparently, everyone else loved these boys too!

Unfortunately, when I shared the videos with my nieces and nephew, I quickly realized they could not tell the boys apart!

Once the lockdown was lifted and my friends began visiting me, I noticed that they couldn’t tell the boys apart either!

Not that my friends or family read my blog, but I figured I’d go through the members of BTS from oldest to youngest and share what I like about them (and how to tell them apart -_-) and so on.

I think it’s already common knowledge, but if there’s still someone out there that doesn’t know, in Korea, they go by surname or family name first.


AKA: Kim Seok-jin and Worldwide Handsome (WWH) and Car Door Guy and “Third Guy From The Left” and Flying Kiss Guy

Born: December 4, 1992 (Sagittarius)

So Jin is the oldest member of BTS, but you wouldn’t be able to guess that from the way he acts. He’s not afraid of looking silly (constantly blowing kisses over-dramatically to the camera) and he’s always amusing himself by making horrible dad jokes and cracking up at his own jokes, usually followed by his now famous infectious windshield-wiper laugh lol

He was scouted by SM Entertainment off the street, back when he was in junior high, but rejected the offer thinking it was a scam. Then, during his early University days, as he was getting off the bus, Jin was scouted by Big Hit Entertainment due to his classic good looks and joined BTS as a vocalist, shortly after. As such, his nickname is Worldwide Handsome and he will actually refer to himself that way in interviews. I mean, he’s not wrong lol

However, if you have trouble singling him out, note that his mouth (lips and teeth) are quite similar to Scarlett Johansson’s mouth (lips and teeth) particularly when they’re smiling. Also, much like ScarJo when she talks, one side of her lips goes up (sorta’ like a half smile), Jin shares that same trait (and is seen doing so in the pics I included).


AKA: Min Yoon-gi and Lil Meow Meow and August D (which is Suga spelled backwards and DT was his birthplace, Daegu Town)

Born: March 9, 1993 (Pisces)

While Suga may look the sweetest out of all of them, he’s actually the hardest member of BTS (the others like to pretend that they are scared of him). Even his regular talking voice is quite deep!

His backstory is quite sad. He grew up poor and had to work at a young age and even though he had a passion for music, his family was unsupportive. At 13 he began to write lyrics, taught himself how to use MIDI and started composing music. When he was a bit older, he tried selling his music on the streets, but ended up getting scammed. Saddest of all, was if he bought a $2 bowl of noodles for dinner, he wouldn’t have enough money to take the bus home (meaning he had to choose between dinner and transport, on many nights).

Later on, he became part of an underground rap group known as D-Town (Daegu Town) and auditioned for Big Hit Entertainment where he placed 2nd out of all the rappers and landed a spot as a trainee. He was eventually approached by Bang Si-Hyuk (founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment), who promised Suga he would be in a rap group with little to no choreography and heavy emphasis on his producing ability. Suga accepted (basically, he originally joined as a music producer) and was introduced to RM (the leader of BTS) and the rest is history!

I personally found his song Daechwita (embedded at the end of this post) very cathartic!

While he may be savage (wake him up at your own risk), he’s actually got a sweet side, which accompanied with his very pale skin, led to the nickname Suga. Well, that and the position he played in basketball as a student was shooting guard (sho – gua).

I can tell it’s him when he’s rapping because of his distinct style, but if it makes it any easier for others who can’t, he has a slight lisp (which I find charming)! Lastly, aside from his adorable gummy smile, he’s got the most beautiful eyes!

I love Suga!


AKA: Jung Ho-seok and Hobi and Sunshine

Born: February 18, 1994 (Aquarius)

Dancing was always his thing way before he joined BTS. Aside from winning several prizes for dance, he also got first place in the national dance competition back in 2008. His skills in dance eventually led him to gain interest in singing, helping him to audition as an idol trainee.

J-Hope was the third member to join the group as a trainee after RM and Suga. Initially, he wanted to be a vocalist, but because V wanted to be a vocalist as well, J-Hope decide to give it up for V and learned how to rap instead, becoming a rapper alongside RM and Suga.

His stage name, J-Hope comes from his desire to represent hope for fans, as well as to be “the hope of BTS.” It is also a reference to the myth of Pandora’s box, as after the box was opened and all the evils inside were released to the world, the only thing left was hope.

I mean he’s got pretty distinct features so I can’t understand how my nieces can’t tell him apart from the others, but if you have that same issue, then just keep an eye out for them cheekbones. Also, I can tell he’s had a hand in the choreography because his moves in the music videos are always a bit extra. Even in interviews and whatever, J-Hope is typically the one with the most energy and it’s just so infectious! His sunny disposition and positive energy is also why he’s referred to as sunshine!

In his collab with Becky G, they listed all the names of the many, many, many dancers in the music video. That was all J-Hope’s doing.

He’s just such a sweetie!


AKA: Kim Nam-joon and Rap Monster Real Me (aka RM)

Born: September 12, 1994 (Virgo)

RM is the only BTS member who is fluent in English, which he says he learned from watching Friends (the tv show). That said, RM has an IQ of 148 and would go on to score in the top 1% of the nation in the university entrance examinations for language, math, foreign language and social studies (no easy feat)!

As a student he enjoyed writing poetry (which he often received awards for) but at 11 he also became interested in hip-hop and slowly his interest turned to writing lyrics (or poetry accompanied with music, as he calls it).

As a first year middle school student (2007) RM began rapping in amateur hip-hop circles, composed his first recordings using Adobe Audition and participated in his first concert (2008) and eventually becoming more active in the underground hip-hop scene.

He auditioned for Big Deal Records (2009) where he was noticed by a well-established rapper that later mentioned RM to the people over at Big Hit Entertainment and encouraged him to audition for them (2010). Bang Si-Hyuk (founder and co-CEO of Big Hit Entertainment) offered RM a spot and without his parent’s knowledge, RM accepted and at the age of 16 became the very first member of BTS.

RM and Suga both got a lot of flack for supposedly turning their back on their hip-hop background (as rappers) and going the “boy-band” route, but whatever. Haters gonna’ hate. Also, look at where these guys are now!

RM has distinct features as well, but if you still have trouble singling him out, he’s the the one with adorable dimples! During the interviews, he’s always the one answering the questions, because he’s the only member who actually speaks English. Although he’s not the eldest, RM is the leader of BTS.

I just find him incredibly endearing!


AKA: Park Ji-min and Jiminnie and ChimChim and Mochi

Born: October 13, 1995 (Libra)

Jimin studied contemporary dance at Busan High School of Arts and was a top student in the modern dance department. After a teacher suggested he audition with an entertainment company, it led him to Big Hit Entertainment. Because of his background in dance, his moves are always a bit… sexual (those hip thrusts just grate my nerves).

Truth be told, Jimin is a great dancer and a great singer but of the 7, Jimin is my least favorite. I love the rest of the members of BTS though and they love Jimin, therefore I love him too.


AKA: Kim Tae-hyung and TaeTae or just Tae and Gucci Boy and Good Boy

Born: December 30, 1995 (Capricorn)

V and Jimin used to be classmates in school.

As BTS lore goes (they’ve got their own lore and everything lol), V was accompanying a friend for a Big Hit Entertainment audition when he himself was scouted and encouraged to audition as well.

Initially, J-Hope was supposed to be a vocalist, which left a spot for another rapper (in addition to RM and Suga) but V didn’t want to be a rapper so J-Hope stepped aside for V to become a vocalist while J-Hope took on rapping instead.

It’s a good thing too because as it turns out, V has an incredibly soulful voice! It’s partially why Blood Sweat & Tears is my fave BTS song! I love his voice in Fake Love as well! That said, after much practice, due to his diligence and hard work, they finally added V to the main dance line-up of BTS as well.

The man is just pure gorgeousness! He looks like a freakin’ real-life anime character! There’s really no way you can miss him.

Whether he wears a beret or a baseball cap or a bandana or has brown hair or blonde hair or blue hair, he looks stun-ning! Everything he wears looks good! Heck, he looked like he was an actual model for Gucci in Blood Sweat & Tears!

What he wore for Fake Love (shown in the clip above) is hands down the coolest thing he’s ever worn! In fact, it’s my favorite thing V’s ever worn to date! He looked like he’d just stepped out of an anime, in that thing, not to mention the hair and the earring!

Looks aside, his personality is so very endearing! When I first watched him clap at the wrong time and asked if that was wrong (during the intro to the tv show Friends part on the James Corden clip I included at the start of this post) he stole my heart!

I purple you, V!


AKA: Jeon Jung-kook and Junkookie and Kookie (I prefer writing it as Cookie) and Golden Maknae (because he’s good at everything) and Sold Out King (items that he is seen using often sell out quickly) and Bunny (those teeth and that smile) or just JK

Born: September 1, 1997 (Virgo)

Finally, we come to the youngest of the group, Kookie! He auditioned for a talent show called Superstar K and although he wasn’t chosen, several entertainment companies hit him up. After seeing RM perform, he chose to go with the Big Hit Entertainment and eventually joined up with RM and the rest.

As I showed in the clip of him singing in his bedroom earlier (Savage Love all the way at the end of the post), Kookie has the voice of an angel! He can sing, he can dance and he’s pretty much great at everything he does (hence Golden Maknae)!

Kookie is by far the cutest and most adorable of the group, but if you have trouble spotting him, look for the one that looks most like a cute little Bunny! Between his doe eyes and bunny like teeth (girls pay to fake those bunny-like teeth) you can’t miss him!

Interestingly enough, N.O was one of their earlier songs from when they first debuted (back in 2013).

Look at da’ babies!

Which is why it’s pretty cool that they flipped it around, several albums later, and came up with a song titled ON (early 2020).

Another song that was just released when I first started falling for them was Black Swan, performed on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

From the choreography to the melody and lyrics, there’s just so much to love here!

Initially, I thought I didn’t find the right song, but then I saw the Big Hit logo and heard the familiar water droplet sounds that always accompanies it.

“A dancer dies twice – once when they stop dancing, and this first death is the more painful.” – Martha Graham (American Modern Dancer and Choreographer)

You couple that quote with the lyrics to Black Swan and you’ll see that most if not all of BTS’s work is beautifully layered (read: deep).

That said, I also find their collabs with other artists pretty fun, for example the Steve Aoki Remix of Mic Drop.

Idol featuring Nicki Minaj was super catchy!

My two year old niece gets mesmerized every time it comes on lol

My older nieces (the teen and the tween) are bigger fans of Boy With Luv featuring Halsey.

My favorite is Blood, Sweat & Tears!

However Fake Love is a very close second!

Actually, I’d say it’s a tie between those two. I love both songs so much!

Moving on, back in April, I randomly stumbled upon Bang Bang Con on YouTube, which was a two-day online streaming concert of footage of BTS’s past concerts. It was for their fans who were going stir-crazy during the lockdown!

If I didn’t already love BTS, after Bang Bang Con, I would’ve fallen in love with them all over again!

The way they thanked their fans (commonly referred to as Army) was so very, very sweet! They actually teared up at the end, which was also very touching! BTS were just so endearing!

Then, towards the end of Ramadan, Agust D (Suga’s alter ego, to help differentiate his work) graced us with this gem, Daechwita!

Cardi B talking to BTS just makes me giggle!

Also, that part where Army surprised BTS by singing Young Forever totally made me tear up ;_;

1 Life Goes On 3’27”
2 Fly To My Room 3’42”
3 Blue & Grey 4’15”
4 Skit 3’00”
5 Telepathy 3’22”
6 Dis-ease 4’00”
7 Stay 3’25”
8 Dynamite 3’19”

Last but not least, they’ve got a new album coming out on Nov 20 called Be.

My favorite so far is Dis-sease (particularly Suga’s bit towards the end, but the chorus between I wanna say V and Jimin is pretty awesome too)! Stay sounds beautifully sad as well.

I mean Blue & Grey has an aesthetically appealing music video (so much V lol) and Telepathy is fun to watch too, but musically it’s Dis-sease and Stay for me.

As long as this post was, it was still very enjoyable to write (I kept getting distracted by more BTS content) lol

Believe it or not, this is the condensed version. Hope you enjoyed this post! I know I did ♥

4 thoughts on “BTS

  1. Gurrrlllllll…… This post couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!!! After your prev post about BTS’s appearance on Carpool Karaoke, I watched it and was completely smitten by them and started listening to their songs.. I have to say their performance at Grand Central just took me to a different place altogether. They are true entertainers and deserve all the love and success. I love all of them but Kookie has my heart :) .. Is it weird for a 34 year old to be in love with a 23 year old? lol .. don’t care.. YOU made me a BTS fan and I have to thank you for it. <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yaaaaas girl yaas! Welcome to the club (or should I say Army) lol The more of us that love BTS the better because like you said, they deserve all the love and success ♥

    I turn 36 next month so I’m not exactly the best person to be asking about the age thing lol Truthfully, I’ve never been into older guys or even guys my age. Even my ex-husband was 2 years younger than me.

    That said, Kookie looked so good in the music video for Fake Love (something about his hair and those moves and that sparkly red jacket). Not to mention that man-bun OMG! He’s just too cute! That’s why when he was crying at Wembley Stadium (poor bunny), I teared up lol On the opposite end of the spectrum, search for RM teaching Jungkook English on Youtube (the way JK kept saying pardon to everything was adorable)!

    My favorite is V though. His singing voice is too good! Also, the man is beautiful! Also, I love his personality! Also, I love him! ♥

    Actually, I love Suga too! His personality is so chill (just like a grumpy cat lol)! You HAVE to search for the girl that keeps telling him she wants to sue him lol

    I love Kookie as well! He’s just so good at everything he does! I love RM for being an awesome leader! The fact that he’s super clumsy and literally breaks everything he touches is sooo endearing! Jin is pretty funny when he starts yelling and stringing words together (all in one breath) pretending to be angry! Hobi is full of energy like a puppy! Heck, I just love them all (my bias changes from person to person every 5 minutes lol) even Jimin I love him because they love him!

    I’m so glad you’re a BTS fan too ♥

    The next time BTS go to Saudi or whatever, you and I are definitely going to see them together!


  3. Awwww I love how passionate you are about them. I need to check out the videos you mentioned here.

    Regarding the age, yeah its just a number. I have met guys who are older than me but are immature AF so probably am looking at the wrong place and should expand my horizon ;)

    And yes… we are so going to see them!! <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I think guys in the Middle East (not necessarily Arab guys, mind you) age differently (mentally) than others abroad. He could be in his 40s or 50s but extremely self-indulgent with zero self-awareness which is mind-boggling.

    Then you have our cute Kookie who is actually a millionaire at this point, staying after hours (of a concert or whatever) to help the cleaners sweep the floor. So humble and such a sweetie! I mean… c’mon, how can we NOT love the guy? ♥_♥


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