Amazon UK Haul (February)

My dad asked me to order yet another Alexa Echo for him, once the new one with an 8″ HD screen came out.

Since UK electronics are more compatible with our electric system in Kuwait (?) as opposed to the army of adapters you would need for US appliances, I had to place my order with Amazon UK, as opposed to regular ol’ Amazon.

Since I was going to be placing an online order with Amazon UK anyway, I figured I might as well pick up one of the Babyliss Rotating Hot Air Stylers that I’ve had my eye on for a while now.

So on February 6 2020, I placed an order with Amazon UK for my dad’s stuff (he wanted some other gadgets as well) and for my stuff too.

The Amazon box arrived pretty banged up (as you can see) with a suspect liquid staining the side (fun!) but everything inside was relatively unharmed.

BaByliss Big Hair Styler 2885U (£40.00)

Rotating Hot Air Styler for a flawlessy smooth blow-dry finish.

Iconic rotating brush adds dramatic volume and shine to styles and replicate a salon-perfect blow-dry at home.

The large ceramic barrel adds fullness and body whilst the soft mixture of natural boar and nylon bristles create ultimate smoothness and shine.

The super ionic conditioning leaves hair with a frizz-free, high shine finish.

– 700W
– Large 50mm rotating ceramic barrel
– Soft polishing bristles for ultimate smoothness
– Super Ionic frizz-control for a high shine finish
– 2 heats plus a cool setting
– 2 rotation speeds for total styling control
– Multi-directional brush
– Bristle protective cover
– 2 year guarantee

It was between this Babyliss Big Hair and the smaller version BaByliss Big Hair Petite for me.

According to the reviews, hair would keep getting painfully stuck in the barrel with the smaller one.

Plus, the barrel was longer with this one (which is what I need since I’ve got longer hair). So I went with the 2885U model.

Truthfully, I’ve wanted one of these Rotating Hot Air Stylers ever since they were first came out (about 4-5 years ago) so I was super excited for this baby!

Inside the box was the Babyliss Big Hair and an itty-bitty User Manual.

Once I removed the Protective Cover from the Brush Head I noticed that the Brush Head was huge (50mm)!

For reference the Brush Head on the Babyliss Big Hair Petite was significantly smaller (32mm).

As for the switch, all I saw was the following:

O = Off
* = Cool
I = Low Heat
II = High Heat

I could not find the buttons that would rotate the Brush Head, so for the first time ever, I actually had to glance through the User Manual lol

If you look at the close-up photo of the Babyliss Big Hair up top, you’ll see two tabs sticking out in either direction. They were actually directly above the On/Off Switch. Those tabs that were sticking out were the buttons that would rotate the Brush Head.

Honestly, I thought all I had to do was press the button (that would rotate the Brush Head) and the Babyliss Big Hair would do all the work for me.

Yeah. No.

For starters, your hair had to already be straightened lol Having any sort of texture or tangles would get the brush stuck in your hair!

I was annoyed because I’d gotten the Babyliss Big Hair to save time, but instead I still needed to go in with my trusty National Hair Styler (reviewed here) to haphazardly straighten my hair beforehand.

Also, there was a lot of tugging involved (rotate the brush, pulling it through the hair, rotating it again, etc…) so by the time I was finally done, both my head and arms would be sore from all that pulling lol

Also, due to the size of the brush, you won’t able to get as close to the roots (as opposed to a smaller brush).

Still, the end result was lovely, as promised. If done right, you’d get a salon-worthy blowout, volume and all!

Almost forgot to mention that I’d stored my Babyliss Big Hair without replacing the Protective Cover and some of the bristles got bent (destroyed it after only the first use lol) so the Protective Cover apparently wasn’t just for show lol

All in all, I’m pretty stoked that I finally went for the Babyliss Big Hair!

Sure, it left me with sore head from all that hair pulling and sore muscles in my arms from all that tugging, but aside from that…

It looked sleek (all black with hints of silver/grey)!

It was easy to use (provided my hair was already straightened and tangle-free)!

Most importantly, it made my hair look pretty (it had less frizz and looked professionally straightened and even felt nicer too)!

If you have trouble holding up a Hair Brush in one hand and a heavy duty Hair Dryer in the other, then this baby uncomplicates things for you!

Tangle Teezer Black Gloss The Wet Detangler Large Hairbrush (£14.00)

A supersized version of The Wet Detangler, this is our detangling hairbrush for thick, curly and long hair.

The two-tiered teeth flex over tangles and knots, quickly and gently detangling hair with reduced breakage.

Perfect for the shower, also use it to evenly draw shampoo and conditioning treatments through the hair.

I enjoy buying and trying new and different Brushes and Combs!

Some of them, like the original Tangle Teezer turn to be great and some of them, like the original The Wet Brush turn out to be awful!

At one point in time, almost every brand was coming out with their own version of The Wet Brush. I was not aware that Tangle Teezer was one of the brands.

So when I clocked the The Wet Detangler from Tangle Teezer I was pretty curious.

I mean, how convenient was having a handle (as opposed to the slippery ones that come without a handle), amirite?

Add to that, the fact that Tangle Teezer sold stuff in sizes now (Large? Yes, please!)

Best of all, I found it in the color Black Gloss! It’s like this baby was made specifically for me! ♥

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