My First Essence Haul (Online)

The first Essence item I bought was a Nude Pencil Eyeliner online from (back when they used to accept my online credit card, around 2008 or 2009).

Many years later, I spotted Essence locally at Carrefour (spotted here).

In 2017 I picked up a selection of products from the Essence counter at Carrefour (haulage here).

Then again in January 2019 where I fell in love with one of their Mascaras (here) and repurchased it again on July 2019 (here).

Rather than having to rely on local vendors (because who knew how old the stuff they were selling even was), on February 5th 2020, I placed my first online order directly with Essence.

The website was fairly simple to navigate. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a wide variety of products and shade colors to choose from.

That said, I was only interested in repurchasing my favorite Mascara. The rest was purchased just to test out the brand.

All their products were Cruelty Free and Vegan and Paraben Free and oddly enough, some were Gluten Free (not joking).

The total was $40.32 with tax (after I’d used a $10 off coupon code).

Everything arrived in a cute pink box, wrapped up in cardboard paper, wrapped up in pink tissue paper, wrapped up in bubblewrap, with certain items individually wrapped in bubblewrap as well.

My pink and cute lump of happiness lol

Other than the Mascaras, I also picked up some Eyeliners, a Brow Gel, a Blush, a Bronzer and lastly, an Eyeshadow Palette.

Like I said, a pretty nice selection for familiarizing myself with the brand and for testing out their products.

While the Eye Pencils and Mascaras were loose…

the powder products arrived individually wrapped in bubblewrap (good on you, Essence).

These are all the Mascaras I purchased in this haul.

x4 Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara (purple tube and my fave) and a x1 Lash Princess False Lash Mascara (green tube).

For whatever reason, they were selling the Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara as part of a 3pc Set for the Holidays. I snatched up the 3pc and picked up an extra individual 1pc because I love this Mascara!

Then I picked up an individual 1pc of the Lash Princess False Lash Mascara because apparently it’s everyone’s favorite and known as a bestseller blah blah blah

Truth be told, like I said at the very start of this post, I’d actually purchased both from our local Carrefour earlier (here) and while I fell in love with one (purple tube), the other did nothing for me (green tube).

Maybe I just got a dry tube or something. So, I figured I’d give it another shot and repurchase it directly from the official website.

Note how the pretty packaging looks like something from Anna Sui!

Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara ($4.99 each)

Get the Royal Treatment!

This tapered brush sculpts individual lashes for defined lashes and dramatic, sculpted volume.

Only available in the shade 01 Black

Maybelline either stopped making The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara (my all time favorite mascara!) or they only stopped selling it in Kuwait.

Either way, I was devastated that I couldn’t find my favorite Mascara anymore, because that baby did wonders for my lashes (reviewed here)!

So imagine my delight when I found a Mascara that had a similarly curved brush and a nice and buildable formula and almost performed the same as my beloved The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara and for a fraction of the price to boot!

I’ve attempted to use other Mascaras but usually ended up disliking the result (which is a bit annoying especially after you’ve taken your time to apply your eyeshadow and meticulously blending it out, only to have the mascara ruin the overall effect).

Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara does me right! Every. Time.

I realize that everyone has a different eye-shape, and that the texture of eyelashes differs from person to person, as does the length, so what might work for me, might not necessarily work for you.

However, if you’ve got short and stubby pitiful lashes that point downwards, I wholeheartedly recommend you give this baby a try!

Basically, Lash Princess Sculpted Volume Mascara is like a Push-Up Bra for my lashes.

In anticipation of running out (on account of daily use, ‘cuz it’s my fave!) I picked up x4 and figured the weather would’ve definitely cooled again, by the time I’d used them up and I could just go ahead and repurchase more.

Thanks to Covid-19 I had no reason to open up this baby (saving the best for last) and instead focused on using the Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara (haulage here) which I did not like.

I’ve only gotten around to opening x1 of the x4 recently and it’s just as awesome as I remember it being! Love. This. Stuff.

Lash Princess False Lash Mascara ($4.99)

The original Lash Princess has a big and bold sister with voluminous false lash effects!

The conic shape fiber brush provides lashes with dramatic volume and sculpted length, just like false lashes without all the fuss.

Only available in the shade 01 Black

This was disappointing, the first time around. I only purchased it once (January 2019) and that was it. Never again.

That said, out of all the many, many, many Mascaras from Essence, people unanimously agree that this one is by far the best!

I mean, the one I used was nothing special, but maybe it was already dried out. So I decided to give it another shot and reorder just the one online.

I have yet to use it though.

Since I was going to be placing an online order with Essence anyway, I figured I might as well get some other stuff to try out.

Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara ($2.99)

Raise your brows!

This tinted gel formula contains tiny fibers that fills in gaps to create fuller, more defined eyebrows. The perfectly sized fiber brush shapes and tames to brow perfection.

Available in the shades 01 Blondy Brows and 02 Browny Brows and 03 Soft Browny Brows (as shown) and 04 Ashy Brows and 05 Chocolaty Brows.

I wanted to get an Eyebrow Gel from them and out of all the shades, went with 03 Soft Browny Brows.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit too light for my brows or maybe it’s just invisible, because I do not see a difference. If anything, it probably lightens my brows (and makes them look even sparser lol).

I like how it keeps my brows in place though. In fact, it almost reminds me of the ColourPop Brow Boss Gel (haulage here).

I’d brush my brows with the Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara and wait for them to dry. They don’t dare budge after that.

Typically, I’d use my trusty The Body Shop Brow Brush and MAC Copperplate Eyeshadow or MAC Cork Eyeshadow to fill in my brows (to finish off the look), but sometimes I’d just use the Brow Gel by itself and call it a night.

I like this stuff and I’d probably reorder it (in a darker color next time).

Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil ($2.99)

Our waterproof, silky soft formula with high color payoff glides on smoothly, and most importantly, doesn’t budge! This is extreme.

Available in 02 But First Espresso (as shown) and 06 Silky Nude

I picked up this stuff in 02 But First Espresso (cute name!) and can honestly say I love this thing!

I didn’t get around to using it until much, much later, but once I did, I was instantly smitten!

But First Espresso was perfect for my newer, minimal makeup routine (post-covid)!

I’d draw tiny little flicks on the outer corners of my eyes and be out the door.

If I was feeling “fancy”, in addition to the flicks, I’d line just the outer third of my lower lids, finishing off with a coat of mascara.

The texture was so good! It was soft, smooth and creamy! It went on like a dream (no pulling, no skipping, no tugging)! The pigmentation was all there!

Honestly, this baby reminded me of those Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil Liners (yep, it was that good)!

But First Espresso was perfect for the daytime (when black might come across as too harsh), but was also dark enough to look complimentary, as opposed to other more warm (orange) brown shades.

Such a bummer that I can’t find this on their website except in Brown and Beige because I’d love to get more colors (starting with Black lol).

For the price, this baby was a steal! Highly recommend!

Kajal Pencil ($1.49)

Line and define!

This classic, Kajal Eye Pencil applies smoothly and is easy to blend.

Available in 01 Black and 04 White and 08 Teddy

Initially, I hated this thing when it first arrived because there was zero color payoff.

I had to make several passes (going over the same spot, over and over again) just to deposit any color, which led to me accidentally overlining my upper lids.

As someone with hooded lids, overlined eyes looks plain wrong on me. I had to use q-tip and my trusty Makeup Remover for some on-the-spot clean-up work.

The next time I used this stuff by itself, I tried applying it at an angle. It applied and performed better than the time before.

I suppose I can’t blame the product because it has been a minute since I last messed around with a kohl pencil (excuse me, Kajal Pencil) and I guess there’s somewhat of a learning curve to it lol

Recently, I’ve taken to applying it on my lower lids (only the outer third) and smudging it out. Then following up with a coat of mascara. It’s fast and simple and chic.

I don’t like how it’s too slim for any of my sharpeners though.

While I’ll continue to use this stuff (until I finish it up) and now kinda’ enjoy it, I probably will not be repurchasing it.

Not gonna’ lie, but Kohl is just not my thing.

I much prefer the sharper, cleaner and crisper lines drawn on using a good ol’ Eyeliner Pencil as opposed to the uncontrollable thick and smudgy lines I always end up with whenever I use a Kohl Pencil or Kajal Pencil.

All in all, would not recommend.

While the Blush and Bronzer might’ve looked sorta’ similar in the photo, they applied very differently in real life.

The Blush ($2.99)

Get cheeky!

The new essence Blush provides buildable, silky-smooth texture for a natural flush look to the cheeks.

Available in 10 Befitting and 20 Bespoke and 40 Beloved

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This baby was stun-ning!

I was fed up with shades that looked beautiful in the pan, but clashed against my skin and looked horrible on my cheeks. So, I went with this darker shade.

Not gonna’ lie, the shade name Bespoke was what sold me lol

As it turns out, Bespoke was incredibly flattering on my cheeks!

It applied nicely and was buildable and lasted on my cheeks! Need I say more?

It’s kind of pointless to wear blush because I’m usually wearing a mask underneath (because covid), but sometimes when I’m going out for lunch or dinner, I’ll pop some of this stuff on.

It ties the whole “look” together (no matter how minimal) and just adds some color to my cheeks, giving them a nice healthy flush!

All in all, I’m a fan and will definitely be repurchasing several more in the shade Bespoke!

Sun Club Luminous Bronzing Powder ($4.99)

Sunkissed glow!

The Essence Sun Club Luminous Bronzing Powder takes your Bronzer to the next level.

The beautiful satin finish adds a gorgeous glow to your sunkissed look.

Available in Sunkissed in California

They was a Matte version and a Luminous version of the Sun Club Bronzer.

Thinking it might be similar to my beloved MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes, I went for the Luminous version.

While this stuff sure as heck ain’t no MAC MSF, it’s still nice. There’s no chunky glitter or sparkly. It truly does give a nice “glow” to the skin.

Sadly, it’s a wee bit too orange for my taste. I’ve been swimming all summer (meaning my skin has gotten darker) and yet this stuff still looks a smidge too orange on me.

To be fair, I was trying to use it as a nose contour lol and not just as a Bronzer.

Like I said, as a Bronzer, it’s nice. Also, for the money, you get a lot of product.

As an added bonus, this stuff has a lovely Coconut Scent (which at first I thought was emanating from one of my many Candles lol)!

I’m not sure if I’d repurchase the Luminous version again, but I’m probably going to try the Matte version for sure, next time!

I find the embossed designs on these powder products aesthetically appealing…
which makes it all the more harder for me to dip my makeup brush into them… inevitably destroying the beautiful design (issues lol)

Hello New York Eyeshadow Palette ($9.99)

Hello New York! Immerse yourself in the high paced vibe of the city that never sleeps.

A selection of 9 highly pigmented eyeshadows, a mix of urban colours fitting the streets of New York, including holographic shades with prismatic finish.

Last but not least was the Eyeshadow Palette.

They had a bunch of Eyeshadow Palettes all revolving around destination themes, for example Cia Venizia and Bonjour Montreal and Ola Rio and G’day Sydney and Salut Paris and Hey L.A. and so on.

The color scheme on this baby just spoke to me! Once it arrived, I was equally delighted by the sleek and compact packaging and all it’s holographic prettiness!

I liked the texture and the performance of these shadows and as an added bonus, I even found a dupe for my long-discontinued The Body Shop Chubby Pencil which I used to reserve as an inner corner highlight (top row, fourth shade)!

The shades might look blah in the pan or in photos, but once applied, ermahgerd! I mean, the entire top row alone just makes my heart so happy! However, like I said, they have other options available for those who prefer a different color scheme.

Perosnally, I’m so glad I went with the Hello New York Eyeshadow Palette!

Final Thoughts

The Essence website was easy to navigate. Their products were nice (and had fun little surprises, like the Coconut Scent found in their Bronzers) and everything was super affordable!

All in all, I’m pretty happy with my Essence haulage and will definitely be repurchasing from them again in the future!

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