2020 was the year of the Podcasts for me.

Obviously, there was the most popular one of all time, the Joe Rogan Experience (which I’ve blogged about several times now), which I still watch religiously (and converted many, many, many others to, including both my older brother and younger brother who are now hardcore fans).

Granted the older one listens to the fitness stuff (I hooked him by linking him to a Jocko episode) and the younger one listens to the more intellectual guests. It’s so nice to have somebody to gush about Jordan Peterson with (I worship the man) or talk about the latest Eric Weinstein episode or Lex Fridman or discuss Tim Pool‘s stance on this or that and so on.

I’d given up on getting the females in my life to watch to anything longer than an Instagram post. As for my guy-friends, they’ll say they watch/listen to the Joe Rogan Podcast (which I suspect is just to impress me), but in reality, they only watch the significantly shortened clips from the episode (which is not the same thing).

It’s extremely easy to make time and space for listening or watching to a Podcastany Podcast. Pre-lockdown, you could listen in your car, on your way to work, in the morning. You could listen in your car on your way to the chalet, during the weekend. Basically, whenever you knew you were going to be stuck in a car for a long time (traffic jam or road trip or whatever else).

Don’t drive? You could still pop on your AirPods and listen to a Podcast while you’re being driven around. You could have your AirPods on and listen while you go on your daily walk around the block. You could have them in while you go grocery shopping. You could pop them on and listen whenever, wherever. It doesn’t have to interfere with your day-to-day life.

I’ll listen to Podcasts (have them open in another tab and playing in the background) when I’m “working” on my blog. If there’s anything I missed that I’d like to actually see, I’d just switch tabs and scrub back (rewind) the video a bit.

I’ll watch my favorite Podcasts while I’m having lunch or dinner. When I’m in bed, I’ll get on YouTube on my xbox and watch a Podcast until I get drowsy, which is when I’ll just turn to my side and continue listening (but not watching anymore), until I pass out.

The one I look forward to the most is King and the Sting which I blogged about earlier (here) because I enjoy the ensemble cast vibe and Theo Von kills me but Bad Friends is a very close second, because again, I like the ensemble cast vibe and Bobby Lee cracks me up!

I like listening to 2 Bears 1 Cave because watching Tom Segura die laughing over Bert Kreischer’s antics makes me giggle along with him. Also, I really, really enjoy Tom’s dry humor and how quick-witted he is.

Sometimes, if I’m going through Podcast-Withdrawal (no new episodes), I’ll even watch The Fighter and The Kid, but more and more, I find myself getting increasingly agitated by Brenden Schaub (which is a shame because I really enjoy most of the guests). I’ve tried listening to The Bill Bert Podcast but my mind always seems to wander so I’ve stopped.

During the lockdown, I discovered the Good For You Podcast which I kinda’ find enjoyable, if only because it’s hosted by a female for once. I mean, I want to like Whitney Cummings, but it makes me cringe so bad when she has to have every single male guest be sexually attracted to her (regardless of whether he’s in a relationship or not) and it’s just so awkward to watch. Also, her forced laughter really bugs me (you don’t have to laugh that hard if you don’t find it funny, lady).

Still, her Podcast is where I first stumbled upon Tim Dillon and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful to her. I’ve recently been enjoying The Tim Dillon Show but I like him more as a guest on other shows. The things that come out of his mouth just slay me!

Eric Weinstein has his own Podcast called The Portal and Lex Fridman has his own, as does Tim Pool, both titled after their names. Now those, I can’t just listen to while I’ve got my back turned to them or whatever. I have to actively listen and pay attention to what’s being said, otherwise I’d get lost and the entire convo would go over my head.

My most recent discovery and latest obsession is the Legion of Skanks Podcast also known as Powerful LOS (which is a play on Powerful JRE, I think). I really enjoy dark humor and much like the Bad Friends Podcast, all their jokes on the Powerful LOS are pretty dark. Also, I like the ensemble cast vibe. Side Note – I think I’m kinda’ in love with Big Jay Oakerson (his eyes are so dreamy)!

I think that pretty much covers it. Those are most of the Podcasts I’ve been enjoying recently!

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