BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Savage Love’ (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix]

I. Love. This. Song.

I think I first heard it a week ago in my car, randomly playing on the radio (none of our local channels), when I was on my way to a friend’s house to pick her up. It was an instant love!

Sadly, the song ended before I could use my trusty Soundhound App, but I figured I’d be able to find it on YouTube later and ended up forgetting about it… until today (well, yesterday).

Typically, I’d turn on the bluetooth feature on my phone so I could play music in my car from my phone (YouTube), which is what I did today (Wednesday so technically yesterday) and for whatever reason, on my main page (on YouTube) was the lyrics video BTS – Savage Love.

Naturally, I clicked on it (you don’t have to ask me twice) and it turned out to be my song!

I played it nonstop, on my way to Shaheed and on the way back home! I even played it from my phone for my friend’s 2-year-old niece at Shaheed Park, to which the 2-year-old’s nanny immediately started singing the words and doing the TikTok dance!

This is the original by Jason Derulo.

I’ve always liked his voice and this “music video” was pretty nice, considering.

Someone ever so kindly color-coded the vocals!

Cookie dropping the f-bomb is the cutest thing ever! His and Derulo’s voice compliment each other beautifully!

Also, I can recognize Meow by his slight gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous lisp. Actually, I think his lisp is the cutest thing ever!

Also, you can hear the smile in J-Hope’s singing/rapping.

Here’s BTS doing the TikTok dance to Savage Love.

They can pop V in the back but his presence is so huge that he might as well be in the front. Also, Cookie’s man-bun is omg ♥

Yeah, so like I said, I’m a huge fan of BTS!

Also, this doesn’t count as the post I was going to make focusing solely on them. It was a post on a song I’m currently obsessed with that coincidentally happened to be remixed by BTS.

Have a lovely weekend!


Here’s one more of JungCookie

7 thoughts on “BTS (방탄소년단) ‘Savage Love’ (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix]

  1. Hi Sonia! Happy to hear from you again :)

    Do you mean have I watched any Korean Dramas in general or any new ones recently?

    I’ve been a fan of K-Pop since 1999 and K-Drama a little after that lol

    I mentioned my love of Korean Dramas on my blog back in 2016 but only in passing.

    Towards the end of this post –>

    I LOVE Korean Dramas!

    When did you get into them? What have you watched? What’s your favorite genre (action? crime? medical? historical period piece?) tell me EVERYTHING lol


  2. Hahaha i love your excitement on just the mention of K drama.

    Well… lockdown made me do it. I was so skeptical initially as I am not a fan of reading subtitles n watching at the same time but just thought to give it a try and see. My first ever K drama was ‘Crash landing on you’ (romance). I loved it! And now am watching ‘The world of the married'(drama). And no, I don’t plan to get married anytime soon.. lol..

    Do let know if you have any recommendations for me. My fav genre has to be crime :)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh where to start, where to start? It’s pretty hard because you started off with one of the best newer shows, Crash Landing On You lol

    One of my earliest faves was Boys Over Flowers (based on a manga comic) which takes place in school. It’s a bit young at times but quite endearing! You WILL cry lol The manga inspired many different versions all revolving around the same story (for example, Meteor Garden, etc..). It’s basically about 4 rich dudes and 1 girl from a humble background. Basically, it’s a classic.

    Coffee Prince is a funny gender bender story! Also based off a manga lol It’s about a girl who dresses as a guy, so she can work at a Coffee Shop. It’s pretty cute too!

    I don’t wanna’ pile on too many suggestions so let’s just stick with these 2 for now and see how you like them lol


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