US Bath and Body Works Spring Shower Gel Haul

These Shower Gels were from my U.S. B&BW Spring Haul (here).

Typically, Shower Gels retail for $13.50 but there was a Buy 3, Get 2 Free deal on them.

All of the ones I got were new-new (at the time) so they all retailed for full price with the exception of Champagne Rose which I got on clearance for $3.95 only.

Strawberry Pound Cake (Sweet On You Collection)
Margarita Cupcake (Sweet On You Collection)
Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky (Rainbow Collection)
Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain (Rainbow Collection
Saltwater Breeze (New Signature Fragrance)
Champagne Rose (Coming Up Roses Collection)

Don’t they all sound lovely?

Strawberry Pound Cake + Margarita Cupcake (Sweet On You Collection)

I truly adored the Sweet Shop Collection (pics of the store, here) from several years ago and learned to look forward to the candy-scented Bake Shop Collections that Bath & Body Works released every Spring.

Sweet On You Collection (Spring 2020):

Confetti Cake Pop: A cheerful confection of creamy cake frosting, rainbow sprinkles & vanilla bean

Margarita Cupcake: A sweet-meets-salty blend of key lime, sunny citrus blossom & whipped vanilla

Strawberry Pound Cake – A sweet, airy swirl of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake & whipped cream

I was super excited when I saw that Strawberry Pound Cake was included in this year’s collection, especially after falling in love with it as a 3-Wick Candle last year (here).

As for Margarita Cupcake, well they had me at Margarita. Confetti Cake Pop sounded a bit basic though, so I decided to skip it.

All 3 scents were released in the forms of a Fragrance Mist and Body Cream and Body Lotion and Shower Gel. However, only Strawberry Pound Cake was also released as a Whipped Body Mousse and Whipped Confetti Scrub. I decided to go with just the Shower Gels for now.

The chalkboard inspired packaging was kinda’ nice, I suppose. The colorful liquid inside and the matching caps was pretty cute too!

Strawberry Pound Cake Shower Gel (Sweet On You Collection)

A sweet, airy swirl of fresh strawberries, golden shortcake & whipped cream

A sunny ode to fresh strawberries swirled throughout the dreamiest shortcake ever!

You guys, the Shower Gel smelled exactly (and I mean exactly) like the fan-favorite Candle (dis) of the same name! Strawberry Pound Cake smelled sweet but also a little bit tart, like genuine strawberry wafers. It smelled so good!

It was love at first sniff! I lamented the fact that I was the only person who could revel in the scent (due to the lockdown). It felt like such a waste that my friends (both male and female) couldn’t smell this stuff on me, or better yet, use it themselves after swimming in our pool.

I mean, for those of you in a relationship, this would be the perfect Shower Gel to use before bedtime, so you could cuddle up to your significant other, while smelling like yummy strawberry wafers!

Winter, Summer (we only get 2 seasons in Kuwait lol) and morning or noon or afternoon or early evening or even late at night, there was never a time I used this stuff and didn’t thoroughly enjoy the scent! It smelled absolutely delightful! Even the color scheme (all pink and cute) was adorable!

Had I known, I definitely would’ve purchased the Fragrance Mist and Body Lotion and possibly the Whipped Body Mousse and another backup Shower Gel (or ten)!

They need to bring back the entire Strawberry Pound Cake range, next Spring (or even sooner)!

Margarita Cupcake Shower Gel (Sweet On You Collection)

A sweet-meets-salty blend of key lime, sunny citrus blossom & whipped vanilla

Flakey vanilla cake topped with sparkling citrus frosting fragrance to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Meh. I was expecting more. The color scheme although appropriate did nothing for me. Based on the name, I was expecting mouthwatering lime or uplifting lime or any sort of lime. Instead, I got clementines.

Truthfully, the orange note kinda’ reminded me of the orange note found in Orange Creamsicle Swirl (dis) which I thought was wonderful, but it was also accompanied by a faint whiff of something floral (do not like).

I couldn’t detect the whipped vanilla while showering with this stuff (boo), but once I got outta’ the shower, I could smell the vanilla on my skin (yayy).

Margarita Cupcake wasn’t a bad scent. It’s just that based on the name, I was expecting it to include that deliciously tart and uplifting note, commonly found in Margaritas.

Once I got over the initial disappointment, I realized it was actually pretty nice, in its own right. More and and more, I find myself reaching for this baby right after a swim in the pool.

I definitely didn’t love Margarita Cupcake at first, but it’s already starting to grow on me!

Fresh Raindrops + Lavender Clouds (Rainbow Collection)

One of the first Bath & Body Works Collections for 2020. It came in the usual forms Fragrance Mist and Body Cream and Body Lotion and Shower Gel but also Body Oil (new)!

Daydream (the star scent of the collection) was also available in the form of an Eau De Parfum and 3-Wick Candle and Hand Soap and PocketBac.

Rainbow Collection (Spring 2020)

Daydream: An optimistic blend of fresh raspberries, sparkling pear & pink lily petals

Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain: A joyful blend of rain-kissed berries, jasmine blossoms & birch water

Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky: A dreamy blend of sugared lavender, honey butter & whipped vanilla

Peach Sunset – Soak In The Sun: A beaming blend of sun-ripened peach, pink prosecco & blonde woods

Now the packaging on these babies was more my speed! It was simple, but so tasteful, and therefore, in my eyes, so pretty!

They looked way more expensive than they actually were and definitely didn’t look like something from Bath & Body Works! In fact, the entire Rainbow Collection looked like the amenities you’d find at a fancy-schmancy hotel!

Since the feature scent of the Rainbow Collection listed raspberries in the notes, I had to skip it. I mean, Daydream both looked and sounded lovely, but certain forms of raspberry smell off-putting to me. Not to mention the pear (iffy) and lily (also iffy). It was too risky as a blind-buy.

Peach Sunset – Soak In The Sun listed everything I hated in the notes lol In fact, I could go ahead and skip this baby based purely on the name alone (peach, ugh)! I despise the scent and taste of peaches, so this was an easy no.

Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky was 50/50. I wanted to skip it, but the honey butter in the notes, made me think of Butterbeer (from Harry Potter) and my heart wouldn’t let me not buy it. Also, how gorgeous was the color scheme!

Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain regardless of the notes, had my name all over it! I was a bit wary of the birch water in the notes and also, rain-kissed berries could’ve meant anything. The color scheme was all me though, as was the name. It was legit named Fresh Raindrops – Dance In the Rain. Definite must-have!

The packaging on the Body Creams for this collection looked gorgeous, but unfortunately, those tend to go bad (start to stink) pretty quick, so I didn’t get any. The Body Oils seemed interesting, but I figured I’d just go with something that I’d get the most use out of, for now, especially since these were all blind-buys.

Lavender Clouds Shower Gel (Rainbow Collection)

A dreamy blend of sugared lavender, honey butter & whipped vanilla

Twinkling stars, comforting lavender & cozying up in bed. It’s time to dream in the sky!

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this thing looked! It might look whatever against the plain white backdrop in the photo, but let me tell you, against the grey tiles in my shower, this baby looked so good!

Also, how lovely did the description sound! As I said earlier, for whatever reason, I keep associating the honey butter (listed in the notes) with Butterbeer (from Harry Potter). That also made me warm up to this baby, on the spot!

Also, between Guerlain Mon Guerlain Eau de Parfum (haulage here) and Marshmallow Flurries Creamy Luxe Hand Soap and Moonlight Orchid Gentle Foaming Hand Soap both from Bath & Body Works (haulage here), I was slowly learning to enjoy certain forms of lavender (not the sharp kind)!

Surprisingly, Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky strongly reminded of Strawberry Pound Cake in the sense that they both shared that same sweet strawberry wafer note, except that it leaned more fruity in Strawberry Pound Cake and more caramelized in Lavender Clouds. It. Was. Deelish.

However, Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky also smelled largely of lavender (as the name would suggest), granted it was an almost watered down version (now I know what they mean when B&BW keep describing scents as “dreamy”) with the end result being a soft lavender and vanilla mix, which to me smelled absolutely delightful!

My favorite time to shower using Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky was right before bedtime!

Honestly, I thought it was my idea all along (to designate it for bedtime), up until I read the description just now and realized I must’ve read it earlier and subconsciously remembered it or maybe it was the name (inception?) or maybe because lavender is generally associated with calm and sleep.

In any case, Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky is absolutely perfect for my midnight showers! It calms and soothes me and lulls me to sleep! I barely have enough time to dry my long hair before passing out!

I wish I’d gotten more when I had the chance, because I don’t ever wanna’ be without Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky and in anticipation of it running out, I’ve already had to start rationing it (totally sane behavior).

I love the name! I love the packaging! I love the scent! I love the calming effect it has on me (placebo effect?)! Basically, I love everything about Lavender Clouds – Dream In The Sky! It’s such a great scent!

Fresh Raindrops Shower Gel (Rainbow Collection)

A joyful blend of rain-kissed berries, jasmine blossoms & birch water

Morning sun showers, dewdrops on the grass & breathing in the fresh air. It’s time to dance in the rain!

Again, the packaging was simply sublime! I love it when they place a sticker that looks plain from the back, but was pure magic from the front!

I don’t know how else to explain it so I’ll just link you to other examples, such as the Victoria’s Secret “Disco Nights” Collection (here) and the Bath & Body Works Crystal Cove Collection (here) and now, the Bath & Body Works Rainbow Collection.

The gorgeous color fit the name and scent perfectly as well! It almost looked like it was glowing! Sooo pretty!

I did not recognize any of the fragrance notes listed in the description, but let me tell you, the scent was an instant love! Finally, a scent that satisfied my cravings for freshies!

Mediterranean Blue Waters although interesting, wasn’t exactly a fresh-y (here). On The Waves was gorgeous, but I’d only gotten the one and they no longer sold it anymore (here). Fresh Sparkling Snow seemed bland at first (here) while Snowy Morning was exquisite but a sadly, also a retired scent (here). Mineral was lovely but I gave it to my younger brother (here) and lastly Underwater Oasis was straight up aggressive (here). Even Saltwater Breeze (shown below) was disappointing.

I craved, nay, needed a “fresh” scent and Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain smelled even better than I could’ve hoped!

It was just sooo nice! As soon as I used this baby in the shower, I just knew I needed to get my hands on the Fragrance Mist as well! It was just that good!

It smelled uplifting, not quite lemon-y, but lemon-adjacent I’d say. It was quite sharp, but only in the most beautiful of ways! It definitely leaned unisex, if not more masculine (I love both, so I’m fine with either) which also added that almost aquatic/oceanic quality that I do so adore!

If you’re coupled up, this is one of those scents you could both use (without hearing any complaints that it’s too girly or whatever).

While the description sounded delightfully whimsical, I actually enjoy using Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain when I’ve been feeling particularly gross (after I’ve spent all morning in the blistering heat cleaning my car inside out or after I’ve visited any hospital during this pandemic or after my now seemingly regular walks in the current disgustingly humid weather, etc…).

Out of all the Shower Gels in this haul, this baby was hands down my favorite and most-used!

Fresh Raindrops – Dance In The Rain made me feel clean and invigorated, which in turn made me happy, or should I say joyful (as promised in the description)!

Saltwater Breeze Shower Gel (New Signature Collection)

A clean blend of fresh linen, water blossom & white musk

Clean. Fresh. Coastal. A fragrance inspired by white sand beaches & fresh ocean air.

This was the new “Signature Fragrance” that was released on January 20, 2020.

Saltwater Breeze was released alongside Atlantic which was the other “Signature Fragrance” (Men’s Collection). I was going to go for Atlantic but was worried it might smell too musky on me.

I should’ve waited for the travel-size versions (which weren’t available at the time of this order but were inevitably going to be released), but I’d qualified for the Buy 3 Get 2 Free promo, because I’d already picked x4 full size Shower Gels (since it was on clearance Champagne Rose didn’t count) and just needed to pick out the last one.

The packaging on Saltwater Breeze did nothing for me. I mean, I liked all the blue, but I hated the gold accents (ugh).

The description did nothing for me. It sounded so… monotone (or at least that’s the voice I read it in, mentally). It just came across as so generic.

The fragrance notes definitely didn’t entice me into trying the scent. If anything, they did the opposite and turned me off trying it.

Basically, my gut was telling me to skip Saltwater Breeze, but despite all that, the name promised potential. The name Saltwater Breeze sounded lovely! For all I knew, it very well could have smelled all oceanic and masculine and fresh and just wunderbar!

So, I bought it and long story short, I should’ve listed to my gut lol

For starters, it wasn’t as fresh and oceanic as I was hoping. It did smell salty or rather like saltwater, which I found delightful!

Unfortunately, the saltwater note was coupled with a clean, almost airy, fresh linen note.

Separately, the salt note was wonderful and the linen note was lovely! Together though, they just didn’t work for me. Those two should not have been mixed together.

At certain points, the clean and airy linen note in Saltwater Breeze reminded me of Fresh Sparkling Snow (here) in the sense that they both shared that same Sweet Pear note (even though it’s not listed for Saltwater Breeze), which again, does not mix well with the salt note in this thing.

Saltwater Breeze doesn’t necessarily smell offensive or bad. I just don’t like it for myself, especially since I was expecting more.

With use, it still hasn’t grown on me. I will continue to use it though (for the sake of finishing it up), but it’s definitely not worth a repurchase… in any form.

Champagne Rose – Delicate & Graceful Shower Gel (Coming Up Roses Collection)

A toast of sparkling prosecco & wild rose petals with a kiss of warm amber

Finally, Champagne Rose which along with Rose Water Meringue was from the Coming Up Roses Collection.

Coming Up Roses Collection

Champagne Rose: A toast of sparkling prosecco & wild rose petals with a kiss of warm amber

Rose Water Meringue: A cozy blend of winter rose, fresh ivy & sweet sugar cream

From the scents to the names to the packaging, the Coming Up Roses Collection was so stinkin’ cute!

One had a pale pink sticker with a black border and the other had a hot pink sticker with a black border. One came with pale pink liquid and the other came with hot pink liquid. One was classified as Delicate & Graceful while the other was classified as Delicious & Irresistible.

Both of them had those square caps that I really enjoy (as seen on the Land of Sweets Shower Gels) and with names like Champagne Rose and Rose Water Meringue you just knew they were going to smell amazing!

The packaging was simple but quite cute nonetheless and strongly appealed to me, as did the scents, going by the description.

However, I was very wary of anything Rose, thanks to the Rose Water & Ivy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap (here) and the Rose Fragrance Mist (here), both of which smelled lovely, initially, but were actually vile!

The Rose Water & Ivy Gentle Foaming Hand Soap legit smelled like beer, as I said in my Second Empties Post (here)! As for the Rose Fragrance Mist, I hated it so much, I had to give it away (here)!

I’d purchased Rose Water Meringue earlier in my Bath & Body Works New Year’s Haul (here) and found that it smelled even better than I’d hoped! Of the two in the Coming Up Roses Collection, it was deffo’ my fave!

That said, I was curious about Champagne Rose and wanted to give it a try. So I got it.

Honestly, I was shocked and delighted to find that Champagne Rose had an almost effervescent quality! It’s like they captured the essence of Champagne in the scent (not that I would know because I’ve never actually tried Champagne let alone laid eyes on it lol) with the inclusion of a Rose note.

I don’t mean it was effervescent in the sense that it was actually bubbly. I mean it in the sense that if I had a flute or glass or whatever of Champagne, this is was what I imagine it would actually smell like. It smelled so… Champagne-y.

It was definitely floral-y, but it was nice and soft and lady-like. In fact, I liked it much better than I liked Night Blooming Jasmine which was another soft floral, in a similar vein (haulage here). That said, I wish I’d gotten it in the travel-size version (which I don’t think they made for this collection).

Champagne and Roses is exactly what this baby smelled like (apt name) and frankly, I thought it smelled luxe!

Was I always in the mood to shower with this thing? Honestly, no. However, when I was in the mood for it and I did use it, I quite enjoyed it!

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