US Bath and Body Works Spring Body Lotion Haul

These Body Lotions were from my U.S. B&BW Spring Haul (here).

After purchasing x4 Body Lotions locally (here) and then another x6 Body Lotions from the U.S. B&BW Store (here) I was fully stocked up and definitely didn’t need more.

However, the deals and promos and prices up on the U.S. B&BW Online Store were just too good to pass up. So, I picked up these two. I could’ve gone for more, but I was pretty content with the ones I already had.

Aside from Iced Pear Margarita (here) which I’d given to my 10yo niece and Vanilla Bean Noel (2018 Version) which I’d given to a friend whom – you guessed it – had asked for it (after she’d sniffed it on me), I was very happy with the ones I had left!

Even Wild Strawberry (here) I’ve found a use for, by placing alongside the Champagne Toast Fragrance Mist (here) at the sink in my guest bathroom. All that peach hurt my nose, but my friends ooh and aah over the scents, whenever they come over and use them, which in turns makes me happy because I’d managed to find a use for them.

In fact, I’m so happy with the ones I have left, that I’ve already given Portofino Pink Prosecco to my 13yo niece and Whitewater Rush to my younger brother.

Whitewater Rush (Men’s Collection) was reduced from $13.50 to $3.95
Portofino Pink Prosecco (Mediterranean Market Collection) was reduced from $12.50 to $3.12

Portofino Pink Prosecco Body Lotion (Mediterranean Market Collection)

A fruity, floral mixer of wild pomegranate, sparkling pink prosecco, soft jasmine, juicy nectarine & white woods

Sparkling waters and flowers in bloom make for a picture-perfect sunny day in the Mediterranean!

I actually clocked this scent in-store and walked right past it during The Big Sale (‘cuz I was more interested in the scent Summer Tiramisu). In fact, I picked up a whole bunch of different Hand Soaps and PocketBacs from the Mediterranean Market Collection (here) and even a 3-Wick Candle (here). This one though, never really interested me.

The only reason I picked up Portofino Pink Presecco was because just like Wild Strawberry (here) it looked pretty cute! The lotion itself was pink!

Also, the graphics of the waves mid-crash and the mountains and trees in the backgrounds and clouds in the sky all during the “golden hour” just looked so appealing to me! It reminded me of the graphics from the gorgeous 60pc Summer 2019 Collection (here) that was released alongside this one.

Truth be told, I’d already added the Fragrance Mist in the same scent to my online cart, so I figured I could use the Body Lotion for some layering action.

The scent was a bit too “feminine” for my taste so I passed it along to my niece who happily took it off my hands.

Whitewater Rush (Men’s Collection)

A captivating rush of fresh whitewater, aromatic bergamot & white cedar

Now this I bought with the intention of giving to my younger brother. I did rip it open (right in front of my brother) and slather some on my hands and arms before handing it to him though (just to test-drive the scent).

I’d only used it that one time, but if memory serves me correctly, Whitewater Rush smelled zesty and uplifting and… aquatic! It smelled gorge (as expected)!

The packaging was a bit boring (it was targeted towards men after all) but the scent more than made up for it.

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