US Bath and Body Works Spring Hand Soap Haul

These Hand Soaps were from my U.S. B&BW Spring Haul (here).

Typically, Hand Soaps retail for $6.50 but these babies had been reduced to $3 each.

As soon as I clocked Aquamarine Shores, immediately I added x10 to my online shopping cart!

Aquamarine Shores Deep Cleansing Hand Soap

A coastal blend of Sea Spray, Fresh Spearmint & Freesia

I remember purchasing about x4 of these, back in August 2019 and falling absolutely head over heels in love with the scent! Aquamarine Shores was exquisite!

It was a fresh, somewhat delicate, clean, soap-y scent which I simply adored! It was just sooo nice, especially during those unbearably hot days. Even the packaging strongly appealed to me!

I ended up using Aquamarine Shores in conjunction with Byredo Mojave Ghost Bar Soap (haulage here) and they complimented each other beautifully! The combo smelled like something you’d expect from an upscale hotel bathroom, which I stan… hard!

I wished I’d purchased more when I had the chance. So, when they brought Aquamarine Shores back mid-January, I didn’t question it. I just snatched up x10 immediately!

Gentle Foaming Hand Soaps

Against my better judgment, I had my heart set on Island Margarita. My gut told me to go for Coconut Colada though. So, I ended up purchasing both.

Island Margarita (Margarita Time) Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

A tropical cocktail of fresh squeezed Lime, Anjou Pear & Sea Salt

Island Margarita in the form of a Wallflower Fragrance (haulage here) purchased during the semi-annual sale, was one of my earliest loves from Bath & Body Works!

The scent was pure deliciousness! It was all sweetness and limes… and actually reminded me of Skittles! I loved it!

Sadly, I never saw Island Margarita again, bar that one time I stumbled on it in the form of a PocketBac (reviewed here).

Several years later, also during the semi-annual sale, I picked up a bunch of Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps in the scent Island Margarita (here). Sadly, they did not smell nearly as pleasant as the previous version.

The packaging on this particular version was Summer-y and quite cute! So, I decided to go for it, hoping it would smell like the sweet version of Island Margarita that I’d loved all those years ago, as opposed to this newer grassier version which I really didn’t enjoy.

Sadly, it smells like the latter. Therefore, I’ve popped it in the outdoor bathroom by the pool, to be used by whomever happened to be barbecuing or swimming or whatever else. Since I don’t use it on the regular, I don’t find the scent quite as irritating. Sometimes, I’ll actually even enjoy it!

Coconut Colada (Coconut Days) Gentle Foaming Hand Soap

A cool, frothy cocktail of creamy Coconut, frozen Lemonade & Vanilla Musk

Unlike Island Margarita, I did not find Coconut Colada aesthetically appealing, at all. Still, there was something that was urging me to go for it. So I did and I’m so glad I did!

The Coconut in this thing was delightful! The Musk though, strongly reminded me of the Musk found in Mahogany Teakwood (old-school fave)! Basically, it made Coconut Colada smell wonderfully unisex, if not straight up masculine (and I love those sort of scents)!

I’ve got this baby open at my bathroom sink and have been enjoying using it ever since it first arrived! Such a good purchase!

One thought on “US Bath and Body Works Spring Hand Soap Haul

  1. If you have any of the aquamarine shores deep cleansing hand soap, I would like to buy some. Just let me know.


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