US Bath and Body Works Spring Travel Size Haul

These travel-size cuties were from my U.S. B&BW Spring Haul (here).

They were reduced from $6.50 each to $4.16 each.

While I had seen A Thousand Wishes before in Kuwait (older packaging), it had never really appealed to me and I just sorta’ ignored it for all those years.

Even at the end of last year, when I was going to see the movie 1917 at Vox Cinema at the Avenues (seems like a lifetime ago) and “The Big Sale” was going on over at B&BW (across from the escalator), I took a quick peek before meeting up with everyone up top for the movie and noticed that the version being sold was still the red version (older packaging).

Meanwhile, on the U.S. B&BW site, they’d already rolled out the new rosier version (as shown) and I was utterly smitten! Apparently, they’d changed the packaging for the anniversary of the scent A Thousand Wishes.

Thankfully, the newer version of A Thousand Wishes was also available for purchase in the travel size and the same for Champagne Toast, which was a fan-favorite and touted as the scent of the season, yadda yadda yadda.

So I snagged 2 Travel Size Fine Fragrance Mists and a Travel Size Shower Gel in the aforementioned scents.

Champagne Toast Fragrance Mist

Christmas smells like a cheers-worthy spritzer of pink champagne, black currant chambord, sparkling nectarine & sugared musk

Pop, fizz, clink! Raise a glass & celebrate the night in sparkling style.

Like I keep saying, there was a lot of hype surrounding Champagne Toast.

That’s why I made it a point to get my hands on the Shower Gel albeit it the travel-size (in my 1st U.S. B&BW Order, Here) and a Jar Candle which only had a single wick (in my 2nd U.S. B&BW Order, Here) and as a Creamy Luxe Hand Soap and a Wallflower Fragrance (in my 3rd U.S. B&BW Order, Here) and as a large 3-Wick Candle on sale for Candle Day (in my 4th U.S. B&BW Order, Here) and now as a travel-size Fragrance Mist in my 6th U.S. B&BW Order (here).

While I found the packaging a bit boring on the travel-size Shower Gel (here), I thought the identical packaging looked absolutely lovely on the travel-size Fragrance Mist (as shown). It translated so well and looked oh-so-cute!

I mean, I’m not one for polka-dots, but when those dots are all glittery and sparkly amidst a peachy-pink background, I found the whole thing so girly and cute and adorable! The way those bubbles would sparkle when they would catch the light was just so pretty!

Unfortunately, while I found the scent palatable as a travel-size Shower Gel (here), I could not stand it as a travel-size Fragrance Mist. The peach note was much softer in the travel-size Shower Gel and yet it still bothered me, but in the travel-size Fragrance Mist, the peach note was straight up aggressive!

One or two spritzes was fine, but any more was overkill. My nose would hurt. My head would hurt. I’d start questioning my choices in life that led me to that specific moment. It’s a whole thing lol

That said, without fail, every. single. female. in my life that’s ever smelled this thing on me has complimented me on the scent. One friend even proceeded to douse herself with it, finishing off with flipping her hair upside down and generously spritzing it on her hair as well.

Personally, I found Champagne Toast to be way too strong and perfume-y for my taste, to the extent that it would actually give me a headache. The sillage was excellent, as I could distinctly smell it in the air (indoors and outdoors), as was the lasting power. However, the scent just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Seeing as how everyone else loves Champagne Toast though, I’ve popped the Fragrance Mist by the sink in the guest bathroom, as part of the amenities for them to use whenever they come over.

Champagne Toast is just not for me and I’m thankful I only bought in the travel-size as opposed to committing to the larger size only to find out that I actually hated the scent lol

However, if you enjoy the scent of Peaches (eww), definitely get this sweet and feminine scent! Apparently it’s a hit with most women (aside from myself lol)

A Thousand Wishes

Like the packaging on Champagne Toast, the packaging on A Thousand Wishes was absolutely lovely! Everything was in a muted rosy pink tone and all sparkly and just so pretty!

I mean, look at the photo at the very top of this post. Don’t all 3 look absolutely adorable side-by-side ♥

Those little sparkly dots were in the same technicolor glitter that made up the piles of snow on the packaging of the Shower Gels from the Land of Sweets Collection (here) and the polka dots on the Shower Gels from the All That Glitters Collection (here) in addition to the polka dots on the packaging on Champagne Toast.

Back when A Thousand Wishes was in the red packaging, I’d just sorta’ ignored it and always walked past it. The packaging update was what had piqued my interest. I much prefer this new rosier and sparklier version as opposed to their older packaging which was all red and stuffy!

I’m not sure if they reformulated the scent though (I never tried the previous version, not even once), but the notes sounded intriguing! I couldn’t decide between the travel-size Shower Gel and travel-size Fragrance Mist so I got both.

A Thousand Wishes Fragrance Mist

A festive blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber & amaretto crème

Warm your heart a thousand times over with our dazzling scent, A Thousand Wishes.

While I truly love my more boozy fragrances, whether it’s Champagne or Chombard or Prosecco or Amaretto or whatever else, the ones from B&BW sometimes just do not translate well (to my nose).

Initially, based on the description, I was expecting to be dazzled. However, I was not. In fact, I was left a little bit disappointed by the floral note (orange blossom, mayhaps?) but perked right up once I got a whiff of the sweet berry scent, almost reminiscent of Into The Night (here) which to me was a more “adult” version of Dark Kiss.

Indoors (in cooler air-conditioner erm… air), it would sorta’ remind me of Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium Eau de Parfum Intense (here). Outdoors (in warmer, sometimes humid weather), I’d get more of the sweeter vibe. Indoors it was a floral while outdoors it was more berry-esque. Either way, A Thousand Wishes smelled like an expensive perfume and not something you got from B&BW!

It hurts my nose (as do most of the boozy scents from B&BW) but only when I first spritz it on. Once it has completely dried down, the scent is superb! It smells equally lovely when it lingers in the air!

The one caveat is that it doesn’t last long (not even half as long as that horrible Champagne Toast, which unfortunately lasts forever lol). It’s also much softer.

Personally, I’ve been enjoying A Thousand Wishes so much that I’m already halfway through the bottle (which is an accomplishment when you’ve got as many fragrances as I do)! Like I said, it smells like an expensive perfume but only for a fraction of the price!

I’d say deffo’ give this new updated version (rosy packaging) a try!

A Thousand Wishes Shower Gel

A festive blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, gilded amber & amaretto crème

Warm your heart a thousand times over with our dazzling scent, A Thousand Wishes.

I prefer the packaging on the travel-size Shower Gel over the travel-size Fragrance Mist but they’re both pretty cute! I mean look at that little heart dotting the “i”! So stinkin’ cute!

That said, I like the packaging on this baby slightly more… because it’s prettier lol Simple as that. Those little embossed sparkly bits are flattened as opposed to going all the way around and have better placement so the overall effect looks nicer and is more pleasing to eye!

I love the color scheme for all 3 of these travel-size cuties, but simply adore the color of the cap on this baby! Coupled with pretty liquid inside and the foiled and glittery sticker on the face, the whole thing looks so cuuute and girly!

Now as for the scent, the Shower Gel smells slightly different than the Fragrance Mist. It seems to be missing that nose-hurting boozy quality found in the Fragrance Mist, but retains the gorgeous dark berry note!

Frankly, I like the Shower Gel a smidge more (okay, a lot more) than the Fragrance Mist and I really, really like the Fragrance Mist. Glean from that what you will.

While Champagne Toast is quite feminine, A Thousand Wishes is quite… sexy!

In conclusion lol I wish B&BW came out with travel-sizes for all their products, because it’s less of a commitment, especially if it’s a blind-buy (which is usually the case with me lol)

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