Boots Mini Haul (The Promenade Mall)

Like I said in a previous post (Takis Destroyed My Teeth), on March 7, I hit up the Hawally branch of Sultan Center (Promenade Mall) on my way back home from the dentist.

Since it had been a while since I was last out in public (remember, I’d been self-isolating way before the official lock-down because… me), I couldn’t resist popping by Boots for a quickie!

They actually had a ton of new and interesting things since the last time I’d been there (around two years ago), but what with the ‘rona going around, I figured I’d keep the haulage to a minimum.

I just wanted to repurchase my favorite Black Eyeliner Pencil (the one I use was down to a nub), but while at the Bourjois Booth, I clocked a cute looking Mascara and grabbed it too (as a lil treat for going through the unpleasantness of the whole root canal thing).

Plus, Ramadan was coming up and like most local households, it was the time of the year when our entire household (parents, siblings, siblings’ children) would dress up and sit down together for a meal.

Everyone in our household usually put in a little extra effort in the way they dressed during Ramadan, meaning I’d probably be in the mood to play around with my Makeup at least a handful of days during that month. So, it was nice to know I had a fresh tube of Mascara and Eyeliner at the ready.

That said, I wasn’t going out (aside from the occasional visit to the Hospital and Sultan Center straight afterwards), which meant I definitely didn’t need to buy more Makeup, but this purchase was more… symbolic.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof 41 Black Party Pencil Liner

I love this stuff! I’m never without it and I go through it like water!

I’ve written an entire post about it ages ago (here).

It’s not too hard and not too soft. It’s juuust perfect! Think of it as the Goldilocks standard of Eyeliners lol

You can see it in action (on my lids) in these pics (here)!

It’s my absolute favorite!

Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara in the shade Deli-Cat Black

Achieve a mischievous, bewitching “cat’s-eye” look with Bourjois mascara!

The curved brush thickens and defines every lash right to the outer corner of the eye, giving a wide-eyed, irresistibly catlike look. Mrrau!

What’s more – the formula is enriched with silk proteins and gives intense volume to every lash whilst leaving them soft and silky. No clumps and optimal wear resilience guaranteed.

Try a mischievous cat’s eye look – it’s completely irresistible!

First of all, LOL at the mrrau in the description. I know that cats purr and mew or meow, but it’s my first time coming across mrrau.

Not gonna’ lie, the adorable cat ears on the letter “C” in the name Eye Catching was what sold me on this baby lol It was just so cute! Heck, even the name of the shade was 01 Deli-Cat Black!

As for the packaging, between the cute kitties on the cap and the whole double panel look of the tube itself, although a wee bit bulky, I found the packaging aesthetically appealing! Plus, the bigger the tube, the bigger the brush, right?

Supposedly, the brush on Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara was curved, which in my mind, meant a possible Maybelline The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara dupe (reviewed here).

As you can see, the brush on the Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara looked more like the brush on Maybelline One by One Mascara (reviewed here).

I mean the brush on the Bourjois Eye Catching Mascara was curved, but only from a specific angle. I used it during the last few days of Ramadan and did not enjoy the way it looked on me.

I’ll have to use it a few more times (and need a reason to wear Makeup lol) before forming a definitive opinion though, but so far, way too expensive for what it does… or rather, doesn’t do.

Bourjois Deli-Cat Black Eye Catching Mascara retails for KD 7/450

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof 41 Black Party Pencil Liner retails for KD 4/000

I hit up Sultan Center right after Boots and then headed home. I was actually on the hunt for the Parodontax Mouthwash that my dentist had prescribed for me (after I’d told him that my gums bleed all the time now), but ended up going home with KitKat Chocolate Bars and some other snackage and groceries lol

I didn’t want nor feel the need to take pictures of the food because I wasn’t in the mood and also the ‘rona was going around.

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