US Bath & Body Works New Year Hand Soap Haul

These are the Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps I purchased in my B&BW New Year Haul (here).

The Deep Cleansing ones are my favorite Hand Soaps from B&BW by far! Sadly, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find the Deep Cleansing ones, online or in-store, locally.

Also, I’ve noticed that the Deep Cleansing ones tend to finish the fastest, whereas the Gentle Foaming ones absolutely refuse to ever finish lol

Therefore, it’s not just an expression, when I say that you can never have enough Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps, because you really can’t. They’re hard to find and even if you do stock up (like myself), you end up going through them pretty quickly, regardless.

I also ordered x2 Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte, but they never arrived. The rest were all repurchases from the Fall Traditions 2019 Collection and the Nordic Noel (Holiday 2019 Collection).

Typically, Hand Soaps retail for $6.50 each, but I got them for $3.25 each.

All of them arrived sealed, as per usual (so professional).

Toasted Vanilla Chai and Fresh Sparkling Snow came as part of the 5pc Nordic Noel Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Pack (here).

While it wasn’t my usual aesthetic, I quite enjoyed the upscale packaging on these babies (foncy, foncy), particularly Fresh Sparkling Snow which looked absolutely lovely, from top to bottom! That said, I actually got these babies more for their scents.

Toasted Vanilla Chai

A cozy, inviting blend of whipped vanilla, spun sugar & winter spice

I actually purchased Toasted Vanilla Chai in the form of a Gentle Foaming Hand Soap from our local Bath & Body Works before (haulage here) and while I detested the ugly cartoon-y packaging, I really enjoyed the scent! It was warm and sweet and caramel-y!

That’s why I purchased it in the much nicer packaging and in the form of a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (my fave!) in a previous haul (here) and once it went on sale, repurchased a few more in this haul.

I have yet to use any of the Toasted Vanilla Chai Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps because I’m saving them for last.

Fresh Sparkling Snow

A cool, fruity blend of icy melon, holiday pear & falling snow

I actually picked up Fresh Sparkling Snow as a Shower Gel from the All That Glitters Collection in My 2nd U.S. Bath & Body Works Online Order (haulage here) and while I found the scent underwhelming at first, with use, I actually grew quite fond of it! To the extent that I wish I’d gotten a back-up now.

As a Hand Soap which was part of the 5pc Nordic Noel Pack (here), I didn’t have high hopes for it. Sure, it looked pretty, if not downright gorgeous, particularly the grey-blue liquid, but the scent could’ve gone either way.

Thankfully, I found the scent thoroughly enjoyable, even more so with use! It kinda’ reminded me of Aquamarine Shores (here) in the sense that they were both light and clean and soapy and fresh and just all around delightful!

So, once it went on sail, I snagged a couple more! Such a good purchase! ♥

Warm Autumn Glow

A bright, earthy blend of zesty lemon, mint leaves & thyme

I actually picked this up from our local B&BW back in November (here) purely based on the fact that it was a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap and as I’ve said, I have trouble finding those, locally.

In-store, Warm Autumn Glow smelled the nicest out of all three scents that I got from the Fall Traditions 2019 Collection. I hadn’t gotten to actually using any of them, at the time of this order, so I went ahead and repurchased a few more, once it went on sale.

Unfortunately, with use, I realized that between the Mint Leaves and Thyme that Warm Autumn Glow was actually the worst out of all three lol

Afternoon Apple Picking was the nicest (if a bit perfume-y and headache-y, first thing in the morning), while Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin barely had any scent to it. It goes without saying, but I totally regret stocking up on Warm Autumn Glow and actually blew through my stash during Ramadan, because they weren’t worth savoring lol

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