US Bath & Body Works New Year Fine Fragrance Mist Haul

These are the Fragrance Mists I purchased in my B&BW New Year Haul (here).

Aside from Iced Pear Margarita (retired fragrance) which was a blind-buy, the rest were all scents that I’d previously enjoyed as Shower Gels. Also, it’s just a coincidence that most of them happen to be green lol

In the interest of full disclosure, Fragrance Mists from B&BW have notoriously bad lasting power on the skin (as with all other scents that are mostly alcohol). Aside from layering (Shower Gel -> Body Lotion -> Fragrance Mist), I like to spritz the Fragrance Mist on my clothes, to get more mileage outta’ the scent.

Fragrance Mists usually retail for $14.50 but these babies were on sale:

Toasted Praline & Pear (Fall Traditions 2019 Collection) was reduced to $3.62
Iced Pear Margarita (retired fragrance) was reduced to $3.62
Coconut Lime Breeze (retired fragrance) was reduced to $6.00
Sensual Amber (retired fragrance) was reduced to $6.00

Toasted Praline & Pear (Fall Traditions 2019 Collection)

Home-baked golden pies. Nostalgia-laced aromas scent the air. Cozy up & reconnect with the delicious fragrances of fall.

A warm, nutty treat of poached pear, toasted praline, graham cracker & tonka bean

Fall Traditions 2019 Collection:

Sugared Cranberry Cider – skipped
Wild Blackberry & Vanilla – skipped but regret it now (based on all the positive reviews)
Champagne Apple & Honey – was dying to try this (especially the Body Scrub) but nothing in this specific scent ever even made it to Kuwait!
Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin – purchased as a Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (here)
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte – purchased as a Shower Gel (here)
Toasted Praline & Pear – purchased as a Shower Gel several months ago (here)

The Fall Traditions 2019 Collection was a huge win in my eyes!

There was a nice variety of scents and even wider variety of products (Body Scrubs!) to choose from. I only wish Champagne Apple & Honey had made it to Kuwait and that I’d taken a closer look at Wild Blackberry & Vanilla when I had the chance. Again, excellent collection!

As much as I’ve been enjoying Toasted Praline & Pear as a Shower Gel, I couldn’t stop thinking about the Fragrance Mist! That yummy nutty comforting Graham Cracker note was singed into my memory!

The Shower Gel smelled great too, but sometimes there could be a few minor differences from form to form (Shower Gel to Body Lotion to Fragrance Mist and so on) in the exact same scent.

I believe I tested it out as a Fragrance Mist in-store, only that one time, but like I said, it was singed into my memory and I couldn’t forget about it. I was craving it!

So, as soon as I saw this baby pop up on the U.S. B&BW store, I quickly added it to my cart.

About the only thing the Fragrance Mist shared with the Shower Gel was the the fact that they both included that same shade of foiled lime green (granted it was only the cap and the front on the Shower Gel, while it was all over the Fragrance Mist).

As you can see, the metallic green foil was also reflective (pain to photograph) with sketches of Tonka Bean Leaves (I think) and Pears all over. It wasn’t my most favorite packaging to date, but it was interesting and the scent was what really mattered anyway. It smelled exactly the way I remembered it from all those months ago!

I could smell the Poached Pear and Toasted Praline and even the Tonka Bean, which was all very, very sweet, almost caramel-y and downright delicious, but the Graham Cracker note was the one note that straight up stole my heart!

My sister-in-law said Toasted Praline & Pear smelled like Caramel Popcorn and that while she enjoys the scent, she wouldn’t necessarily want to smell like Caramel Popcorn lol I believe she was picking up on the “Toasted” element of the scent.

As for me, I found Toasted Praline & Pear very comforting and very, very enjoyable! The wonderful scent had been singed into my memory and I just couldn’t get it off my mind, so I’m really, really, really happy that I got another chance to snag this baby!

Sensual Amber (retired fragrance)

The scent of lotus petals & golden amber surrounded by creamy sandalwood

Key notes: Golden Amber, Wild Berries, Orange Flower, Lotus Petals, Creamy Sandalwood

I couldn’t remember if it was Cashmere Glow or Sensual Amber that I’d fallen in love with, all those years ago. I just remember it smelling divine! So, I purchased both, as Shower Gels (here).

They both had kinda’ boring packaging, but I was more interested in the scent. As it turns out, Sensual Amber was the one I’d been searching for and once I found it, I vowed (dramatic much?) to purchase it in other forms, such as the Body Lotion and Fragrance Mist.

The scent on Sensual Amber was of the eye-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head variety! It was extremely warm and extremely sexy! The Amber made it smell sweet and the Sandalwood made it smell intoxicating! Basically, Sensual Amber smelled impossibly good!

I loved it just as much the second time around as a Shower Gel (here) that I just had to repurchase it as a Body Lotion (here) and a Fragrance Mist, first chance I got!

Based on the unassuming packaging (yet another reiteration of the now ubiquitous Orange Flower found on all Sensual Amber packaging) I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that this baby smelled this wonderful!

Thankfully I had more to go by, than just the packaging… and Sensual Amber smelled just as great, from form to form! In fact, I’ve already used up about 15%-20% of the Fragrance Mist!

What with all the craziness that’s been going on around the world recently, as silly as it may sound, spritzing a little bit of Sensual Amber on myself and getting random whiffs of it throughout the day, made me feel more human!

Such a wonderful scent and precisely why I repurchased both Cashmere Glow and Sensual Amber as Shower Gels (here) in search of the sublime scent, based on a vague memory from back in the day.

If the world doesn’t end, I’m definitely going to repurchase this baby at some point! Simply sublime!

Coconut Lime Breeze (retired fragrance)

Tropical with a twist!

Coconut Lime Breeze is a refreshing blend of sheer coconut water, white orange blossom & zesty lime infused with jasmine petals & island musk

I first purchased this baby as a Shower Gel (here) and enjoyed the scent enough to repurchase it as a Shower Gel (here) and also try it out as a Fragrance Mist!

Not gonna’ lie, the packaging strongly appealed to me! I loved the tropical vibe from the Palm Tree! I loved that the Palm Tree was foiled! I loved the depiction of what appeared to be the time a little after sunset (just as the world begins to darken)! Mostly, I loved all the green!

I found the packaging aesthetically appealing, as a whole! It was just so… me!

As for scent, it was equal parts creamy Coconut and mouthwatering Lime! Sometimes, I got a little more Coconut and other times, I got a little more Lime. Personally, I wish it had been heavier on the Lime, but hey ho.

That said, my dad actually complimented me (if you know my dad, you’ll know that this was nothing short of a miracle) while I was sporting Coconut Lime Breeze! I love Lime scents in general, so this baby has been a personal favorite of mine, for a minute now! Good vibes all around!

Iced Pear Margarita (retired fragrance)

Electric colors. Exotic flavors. Margaritas at noon. From Cabo to Cancun, experience a fragrance fiesta!

A beachy blend of fiesta pear, baja limon, mango flower, Mayan sugarcane & Mexican sandalwood

Based on the success of my gamble, blind-buying Coconut Lime Breeze, I decided to blind-buy Iced Pear Margarita… as a Shower Gel (here) and Body Lotion (here) and Fragrance Mist.

You can see all three, side-by-side in this post (here).

Only after I’d placed my order and taken a closer look at the packaging, did I realize it appeared to be from the Fiesta Collection (here). It’s fun and playful, but not my aesthetic.

There were no reviews at the time since they’d just added it to the list of “retired fragrances” for the semi-annual sale. That said, between the Baja Limon and Mango Flower and Sugarcane and Sandalwood, on paper this baby sounded ah-mazing!

It was only the Fiesta Pear that I was iffy about. For whatever reason, B&BW always seem to mess up the Pear Notes and Melon Notes, making the end result smell off-putting, to me.

While I found the Shower Gel version a bit too obnoxiously fruity for my taste and therefore had it banished to the outdoor pool shower, the Fragrance Mist version was surprisingly more palatable. I certainly didn’t love it, but I didn’t find it offensive either.

Bar that one icky floral note (that kept appearing randomly), the whole thing smelled kinda’ nice! It wasn’t too different from the usual fruity-floral offerings from B&BW though.

It was sweet. It was fruity. It was floral. It was… generic lol Definitely not worth repurchasing.

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